Prosecutor sworn in as new San Luis Obispo judge

August 1, 2016

CaliforniaCourtsFormer San Luis Obispo County prosecutor Craig Van Rooyen was sworn in Friday as a SLO County Superior Court judge. Gov. Jerry Brown appointed Van Rooyen to the bench in late June.

Van Rooyen had served as a deputy district attorney in SLO County since 2007. From 1996 to 2000, he served as a deputy district attorney in Riverside County.

In between his stints as prosecutors, Van Rooyen worked for the law firm Bingham, McCutchen LLP. Van Rooyen has a law degree from UCLA, and he is a registered Democrat.

The former prosecutor will fill a vacancy created by the conversion of a court commissioner position last November. Van Rooyen will receive an annual compensation of $189,041.

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This is a proud moment for our Courts, this is a man of the utmost ethics and integrity, he served well in the DA’s office and is going to bring a good balance to the local judicial system.

Congratulations Your Honor


Thanks Gov. Moonbeam for rewarding this political hack, Craig Van Rooyen, who loved to waste taxpayer money prosecuting medical marijuana cases.