Grover Beach needs new leadership

September 1, 2016

Elizabeth Doukas


Last week, the California Fair Political Practices Commission levied fines against Grover Beach Mayor John Shoals because of campaign violations that could have swayed the voting public.

Mayor Shoals responded in the Tribune saying, “I paid the fine, and I’m looking to close this chapter…” The chapter that really needs to be opened and exposed are the many other ways in which votes can be garnered in the form of political favors.

During Shoals’ political-favor mayorship, many disenfranchised citizens complained of unfair, inequitable and downright unjust treatment of citizens who have nothing to offer in the form of returned favors, money, power or influence. Over the years, how have past Grover Beach Mayor races been influenced by special interests?

Thank goodness we have a choice this year in who can lead Grover Beach into fiscal responsibility.

We need a mayor who will stop wasting tax dollars and increasing debt for its citizens. Transparency in city government is also desperately needed for equitable treatment and equitable enforcement of our laws, rules and ordinances. This needs to occur regardless of long-standing favoritisms, for the health, safety and welfare of all Grover Beach citizens.

Elizabeth Doukas is a concerned citizen and 16 year resident of Grover Beach

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What “Grover Beach needs new leadership” The entire United States of American needs leadership.


John Shoals is corrupt, and shame on PG&E for being associated with this corrupt politician.

John Shoals is corrupt, fire him.

Caren Ray is corrupt, do not hire her.

Kristian Barneich is corrupt, fire her.

Adam Hill is corrupt, fire him.

Just saying,


And the other candidates name is…Ron Arnoldsen (former Grover Beach Mayor and City Councilman).