Professor sues Cal Poly over race, gender discrimination

September 8, 2016

Cal Poly LargeAn African American woman who has worked as a professor at Cal Poly since 2007 has sued the university, alleging discrimination over race and gender. The lawsuit also accuses university officials of failing to accommodate for her physical disabilities. [New Times]

San Rafael law firm Jaret & Jaret filed the lawsuit in San Luis Obispo Superior Court on behalf Roslyn M. Caldwell on Aug. 23. Caldwell, who arrived at Cal Poly as a tenure-track faculty member, is currently an associate professor in the department of psychology and child development.

The lawsuit states Caldwell was subjected to racist and racially insensitive comments by multiple faculty members. The comments have been ongoing since 2007, according to the suit.

Caldwell also alleges that she was harassed and retaliated against for complaining about the on campus discrimination.

In Sept. 2014, Caldwell suffered knee, leg and back injuries and requested reasonable accommodations from the university, according to the lawsuit. The suit states the request was denied, and a few months later, Caldwell suffered an injury at work that was caused by the university’s refusal to accommodate her request.

Caldwell suffered shock, embarrassment, physical distress, injury, humiliation, emotional distress and other damages due to her mistreatment at Cal Poly, according to the lawsuit. The suit accuses Cal Poly of 10 violations of the Fair Employment and Housing Act.

Cal Poly spokesman Matt Lazier said the university has yet to be served with the suit. Once served, the university will have 30 days to respond.

In addition to teaching at the university, Caldwell is the founder and director of the Bakari Mentoring Program at Cal Poly. The program offers mentoring to at-risk and under-served youth who attend San Luis Obispo County high schools.

Caldwell was named to the Tribune’s top 20 under 40 list in 2010.

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Nothing new

SOS and will continue to ruin our society

Affirmative Action should have been eliminated long ago

She can’t be to smart if she has worked at Cal Poly since 2007 and has been this unhappy. Obviously, she has issues, like some of the feminist at Santa Barbara and several other colleges around this Country. She should have looked for a a culture that was more open to her agenda unless the agenda was this to start with. I am not all that smart but if I was this unhappy going to work everyday (actually its only a couple of days a work for her $100,000 plus salary and benefits) I would have changed jobs by now.

Reading the student complains tells one all you need about this teacher and why she is not tenured. They is a path and being black is not a standard qualification.

Divide that pay by number of hours and number of days a professor work and it comes to a VERY CONSERVATIVE $114/hour of work. Not Bad!

Deep pockets lawsuit based on BS from an entitlement-mentally crybaby.

Top 20 under 40 IQ.

How to kill your Cal Poly career: say anything that makes Cal Poly look bad (it does not matter if it’s the truth or not). It’s the emperor’s new clothes all over again. I support Ms. Caldwell 100%. Time to get Mr. Lazier a new rug; it’s getting rather crowded under the one you have now.

“Caldwell suffered shock, embarrassment, physical distress, injury, humiliation, emotional distress and other damages due to her mistreatment at Cal Poly, according to the lawsuit.

I suffer the same symptoms every time I see, or hear Bruce or Adam….Can I sue the county???

Almost a professor, fully accredited con. Shock, embarrassment, physical distress, injury, humiliation, emotional distress……heck, I use to suffer all that going to work and returning home every day for 40 years.