Some Americans are deplorable

September 15, 2016
Allan Cooper

Allan Cooper


I woke up this morning thinking about Donald’s slogan and Hillary’s use of the word “deplorable.” Permit me to share with you what I was thinking.

Let’s make America great again! Let’s return to the times when we were flushing raw sewage into creeks, let’s return to the time when there were so many bear we could hunt them into extinction, let’s return to the day when Native Americans were regarded as godless, ignorant savages and our solution was to indenture or exterminate them.

Let’s make America great again! Let’s return to the time when only males were allowed to own property, run companies, be educated or govern, let’s return to the time when public hangings were a form of public entertainment, war was considered a great and noble undertaking and let’s return to the times when your wealth was a function of how many slaves you owned. Yes, let’s make America great again!

David Brooks on Meet The Press the other night described Hillary’s use of the word “deplorable” as evidence that she has a “dark side.” He accused Hillary of believing that some people were irredeemable and further suggested that her use of this word was un-Christian-like.

For Hillary, being accused of being un-Christian is a low blow. Of course Hillary was describing the deplorable “behavior” of these Trump supporters. I don’t believe she was commenting on their “souls.” But the slogan “let’s make America great again!” truly does have a dark side and those who embrace that dark side are, in my opinion, deplorable.

Alan Cooper, a long-time San Luis Obispo resident, is the secretary of Save Our Downtown.

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Let’s see if I can manage to irritate all of you.

You are all the problem, and none of you have a solution. All you can do is hate – BOTH sides. Go back and read what you have written.

If you want to know why politics in this country is so polarized, so broken, so despised, so gridlocked — go in the bathroom and look in the mirror.

…so… blaming strangers will help solve the polarization problem?

On the one hand, I can see why you appear to be upset and frustrated with “everyone;” however, I do not think it is so easy as just “it’s all your fault” – not only does that come off as sophomoric and presumptuous, but it tends to be on the rude side. Granted, it’s an internet comment section of a local (only) news website, but all the same…

What I believe is the at the root of the polarization, broken and gridlocked problems is laziness through institutionalization. Whether it’s a “visual” two-party system (i.e. there only appears to be two parties) or an unbiased press (hint: it’s not), these long-standing institutions have become so morally bankrupt and devoid of any substance, that (I believe) the instant someone or something shows up to either point this out or attempt to change it in any small way, it is immediately excoriated and demonized. In short: DO NOT ROCK THEIR BOAT.

Anyone who has ever had to suffer through government services (especially administrative) or academic (again, especially administrative) will likely know exactly of what I speak. Still, I do understand this is also similar to your pointing finger accusation, I think instead of pointing at everyone, I feel better pointing at the weakest links in our society: academia and government (both becoming harder to distinguish from one another, at their cores).

When I woke up this morning and read this #@&* the first thing that went through my mind was why was it even published. Engaging readers in meaningful discussions can be good. Unfortunately the media has been willing and much to able to throw readers into a deplorable mud pit for the sake of maintaining readership numbers. Is that our fault or do we expect to much?

I agree with you ODX! I’ve been waiting for a “meaningful” response – aka your “meaningful discussion” – from Trump supporters, justifying the elimination of the EPA, submitting all emigrants to a “religious test”, criminalizing all abortions, using torture as an effective interrogation technique and rewarding the upper one percent with generous tax cuts. I haven’t heard one yet!

If you have seen some of the unfiltered rallies that have been held by Trump, Ms. Clinton’s description fits them perfectly.

This is the second time Trump has referred to doing harm to Mrs. Clinton. Why doesn’t he go without his bodyguards and ‘let’s see what happens’.?

Trump has been given a pass by all the networks up until now. It is time that they ALL stop glossing over his lies.

Hillary, and folks like you Allen have handed the election tooTrump. We deplorable’s thank you for that.

Anyone who would call half the nation out as deplorable is without a doubt a small man. It apparent in your photo, and your words. Berkley?

Mike –

If in your estimation it takes a “Donald”, full of hubris and self-adulation, to be the “big man”, then YES by that standard I would proudly describe myself as a “small man”. As for “half the nation” being on the wrong side of history: the signature of your hero’s quest for power has been comprised of calling out the handicapped, the Mexicans,the Muslims and women as deplorable. You support this candidate? Then you own all of this…no “high road” for you buster.

Typical liberal rhetoric…shameless; vulgar in its twisted form; out of context sheep dip, pure non-sense. The words of a small minded passive aggressive.

Tell me just what do you hope to accomplish with open borders, and making excuses for ISIS?

Make your points without the insults.

Everyone, enough about each other.

And if you think his talk doesn’t carry over to his sheeple – the very vulnerable-minded in this society, think again. I live and work around these people every day and the things I hear coming out of their mouths is very poisonous, violent stuff – directed toward Ms. Clinton. It’s not enough just enough to disapprove of her or not want her to be president – it is much more graphic and twisted than that. Very adolescent vitriol coming from the mouths of grown adults.

What three people down-voted an observation like this? It exposes everything you need to know about these hateful cowards.

Trust me, it is like that on both sides. However, most ideologues only want to hear what they want to hear, or believe what they want to believe.

I don’t hate or like either candidate, but I do have to say, it is 100% Hillary Clinton that is causing me to likely vote for Trump. Period. Nothing he said or did convinced me he is the right candidate, but almost everything in her entire public life has pushed me towards voting for Trump.

Like that or not, I know I am nowhere near alone in this, either. I also suspect, somehow there are opposites, people who will vote for Hillary because they recently discovered how much they dislike Trump (or maybe they’ve been stalking him, back when he was a huge Clinton supporter and didn’t like him then, either).

All I know is, I have to rationalize my decision, yet again, for president based SOLELY on the LESS OF TWO EVILS. I cannot remember the last time I voted for someone because I liked them as a candidate more than disliked their opponent. I fully believe elections are engineered this way, at the larger levels.

That said, I am voting for Dan Carpenter, as he has broken the pattern for me: I like him as a candidate (I also dislike Adam Hill, but that’s a no-brainer). So, on the smaller, local levels, it is still possible (AG mayor Jim Hill is another example). Rare, but happens. On a State or National level? Forget it.

So… THANK YOU, HILLARY, for giving us TRUMP. Failure of the democrat party (or what’s left of it, slightly more than what is left of the republican party) to even have someone who’s not a terrible candidate.

neither deserves your vote. lets make a third party viable. Johnson/Weld. Things need to change, the ruling class needs a kick in the a$$. There is NO difference in the two parties. Say anything to get elected – and keep us bickering among ourselves so we take our eye off the ball. WAKE UP PEOPLE!


I would be more interested in getting a look at one of these countless studies you haven’t the time to name, frankly, than in debating someone with so little regard for his audience as to require them to learn some pidgin dialect on the fly in order to do so.

And yes, grammar. That’s all I got.

It ain’t much, but it beats prevarication in defense of illiteracy. Thanks for your ironically eloquent help making the point.

51 days and counting, Trumpeteers, what are you gonna do, you country-first patriots?

Wave Hillary and her minions into retirement (along with her millions of foundation dollars), we’ll know where she is by the hacking…

Hate first! Country second! … Hate first! Country second! …

What are you some kind of reverend? Hate is a natural response that protects us from future attacks by our enemies. You sir are about to see the saving grace of hate.

TRUMP 2016

Hate is? No I hadn’t heard that. That actually sounds like what drives our enemies. No, I would submit that it’s bravery, you know, as in “home of the brave”? Bravery and hatred are two very different things – one is the response of rational adults, the latter the emotional tantrum of impulsive cowards. Amen.

Wheres the bravery in using a moniker? Anonymous comments by nature are non-comments. With no face, or name to back your comments they are rendered to the nothingness of that of an empty paper bag.

Yet you continue to respond to them, Mike Morgan, if that is your REAL NAME.

The saving grace of hate . Vote Trump. Make us hate again.

Make Hate Great Again?

That worked so good last time.

And we thought these people weren’t in touch with their feelings.

The Orwellian double speak false equivalent grace of hate

They’re all a ‘disaster’. ‘Believe me.’