Ventura County firefighter killed in crash en route to Vandenberg

September 21, 2016

14359211_10154515404309890_8495087503366408409_nA Ventura County fire engineer died Wednesday morning in a vehicle crash while en route to the Canyon Fire at Vandenberg Air Force base. The crash occurred at a roundabout where Highway 246 meets Purisima Road in rural Lompoc.

The Ventura County Fire Department has identified the deceased engineer as Ryan Osler. Fire officials have not disclosed Osler’s age.

Osler was travelling in a water tanker, which rolled over, according to the Santa Barbara County Fire Department. A second firefighter suffered minor injuries in the accident and was transported to a local hospital.

It is unclear what caused the crash, though there may have been fog in the area at the time. The Canyon Fire has now burned more than 12,000 acres and is approximately 50 percent contained.

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Been through the roundabouts 4x since installed. First time was a little of a surprise, something different, something European, something stupid, and pointless, as drivers badly navigated them and changed lanes in confusing fashion. The all-way stop signs in place for decades, wait your turn, make your turn, as per the vehicle code, worked fine, thank you. I think there were only 3 of them. No big deal. Too many state employees with too much time doing nothing thinking up this s**t.

I agree. I believe Cannon Associates has a template for roundabouts that they try to push on various governmental bodies. I am thankful that they failed in Paso Robles at Niblick Rd & Spring Street. Of course our city failed when they caved in on the ruination of 12th and 21st Streets. Cute vs commute.

My heart goes out to the family of Ryan Osler. So unnecessary.



We can all be sad at the death of this person who was serving all of us.

The press has left unanswered the question of why he was ejected from the vehicle.

Was he wearing his seat belt?

Just wondering,


Yea one walks off with minor injuries and the other is dead? Makes you wonder. Figure with all the in and out that they probably do related to fire, he may have not had on belt.

Thank you for your dedication and service…may you rest in peace.

Condolences to your family and loved ones.