Protect Prop 13, vote for Jordan Cunningham

October 1, 2016
Fred C. Hoey

Fred C. Hoey


The outcome of the 35th Assembly District election this year is critical to the future wellbeing of all Californians. In January 2017, the State Senate will undoubtedly return to a Democratic super majority when the one vacant seat is filled, and a net gain of two seats in the Assembly for the Democrats would produce a super majority in that chamber as well.

Why is it important to prevent two super majorities from becoming a reality in the Legislature?

First, two super majorities will allow the majority party to pass legislation without any consideration for the minority party. This essentially disenfranchises all minority party voters whose voices are silenced as part of the legislative process.

Second, with super majorities there would be no countervailing opposition to the imposition of new or higher taxes on our citizens, there would be the danger of new limitations on our individual liberties, including speech, through new laws, and there would likely be the imposition of new burdensome regulations on California businesses, resulting in adverse impacts on jobs and economic growth.

However, one of the most harmful threats, should super majorities emerge, is the risk of changes to Proposition 13, which was passed overwhelmingly by California voters in 1978. It is likely that super majorities in both chambers would pass modifications to Proposition 13 to the long term detriment of our economy and to all California citizens, whether homeowners, renters, or businesses owners.

Voters who are too young to know the history of Proposition 13 need to understand that prior to 1978 real property taxes were on a continuous upward trajectory at a rate greater than inflation, with homeowners having no assurance that property tax increases would not ultimately price them out of their homes. Many retired people on fixed incomes were, in fact, forced to sell their homes due solely to property tax increases.  Likewise renters faced rising rents due to rising taxes on landlords.

If Proposition 13 protections are removed from commercial properties, from which many small business owners operate, many of those business owners will face uncertainty as to the future viability of their businesses.

It is likely that the first changes to Proposition 13 would be to split the tax rolls between owner-occupied residential properties versus commercial properties and non-owner occupied properties. But once the bridge is crossed modifying Proposition 13 it will not stop there.

Public unions and liberal politicians will keep up the pressure for more modifications and in time damage will be done to the detriment of every property owner regardless of the type of property. Eventually it will be 1978 all over again because the appetite for revenue is always growing.

The risk to free speech is always present; just ask a college professor or student with unpopular views or opinions.

Jordan Cunningham

Jordan Cunningham

One near term risk is the imposition of the disclosure of the names of citizens who provide financial support for organizations who champion positions in opposition to liberal orthodoxy. While disclosure may sound appealing, the reality is that it would have a chilling effect on citizens who support opposing viewpoints.

We need to encourage debate on the merits of the issue not suppress views that may be in the minority or unpopular. Any actions by government that suppress speech are antithetical to the concepts of individual freedom and liberty upon which America was founded.

Our founding fathers did not contemplate one party rule, which does not work well in the long run regardless of party, as evidenced by their creation of a system of governance incorporating the separation of powers. For those of us on the central coast one way we can help guard against the risk of a super majority in the State Assembly is to vote for Jordan Cunningham.

Jordan is an individual of sound judgment and moderation as evidenced by the wide range of endorsements he has attracted.  With his election we can ensure that we will all have an articulate moderating voice in Sacramento whose mission will be the protection of our interests including our liberties.

Fred C. Hoey is a retired bank executive who lives in Creston.

Rich in MB

Just listen to Dr Will Powers who appears on Dave’s radio show periodically to promote the demise of Proprietary 13. The lefts has an insatiable lust for tax dollars…those pension and Government worker perks cost money! Pay up middle class!!

just the facts

Right on Fred! If the Democrats get the super majorities in the Senate and the Assembly come November 8th, they will move to strike down Proposition 13 in 2017.

Jordan Cunningham, as past president of the Central Coast Taxpayers Association, has fought to protect Proposition 13 at the local and the state level. We need him in the Assembly to represent the Forgotten Taxpayer!

Jordan Cunningham is also a supporter of NO ON J!…the proposed countywide 1/2% sales tax measure for roads. Dawn Ortiz Legg is a supporter of YES ON J! I say, who needs another ‘taxer’ in Sacramento!

Vote Jordan Cunningham for Assembly!

just the facts

Right on Fred! If the Democrats get the super majorities in the Senate and the Assembly come November 8th, they will move to strike down Proposition 13 in 2017

Jordan Cunningham, as past president of the Central Coast Taxpayers Association, fought to protect Proposition 13 both at the local and the state level. He must be elected to the State Assembly!

Not only is Jordan Cunningham a staunch supporter of Proposition 13, he also is a supporter of NO ON J….the new sales tax measure for roads! May I remind all that Dawn Ortiz Legg is a supporter YES ON J! She didn’t even get elected and supporting more taxes. Enough!

Vote for Jordan Cunningham for State Assembly!


Thanks for an intelligent and reasonable defense of Prop 13. I have long questioned whether or not its application to businesses was either necessary or fair. You have made a case worthy of consideration where most defenders of Prop 13 just react as if it was the Holy Gospel and not to be questioned. That kind of “rationale” makes me question both the argument itself and the intelligence and/or integrity of those who spout it.


Knowing how New Age Democrats have ruined families lives throughout California, I would never vote for Debra Ortiz-Legg. First, her job advocating for solar farms that kill Raptors and Birds of Prey amid failed Green Renewable Schemes that steal taxpayer funds to benefit Chinese firms, is a huge red flag that Ortiz-Legg doesn’t value environmental stewardship and sustainability. I value habitat preservation over wind and solar farms that kill Apex birds.

Next, SB375 Sustainable Communities Strategies displaces Middle Class families to benefit Illegal Aliens because it allocates AB32 Cap+Trade funds for the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Ag programs based on poverty and not real housing need. While California Billionaires and Illegal Aliens benefit from new TOD housing stock, California’s jobless Middle Class foots the bill. Jordan Cunningham has the intelligence and sense of community to ensure ALL SLO residents are factored in implementing California’s Climate Laws, including more share of the AB32 revenue collected from the carbon offset market to benefit ranchers and farmers by expanding and fully funding the Sustainable Ag program Smart Growth Council manages.

The carbon offset market is complex. California’s already missed its 2020 ghg emission target reduction goals with the Porter Ranch methane leak. Jordan Cunningham has the aptitude to drive solutions and bring revenue to SLO County with our massive ability to sequester carbon. Farmers, ranchers and the power of nature.


The only families the Democrats have ruined are the “taxpaying” families, if your not one of those your doing just fine.


Sustainable industrial ag; no such thing bud. New Age Democrats, lord, what the heck do you even mean by that…? Illegal aliens…oh gosh? We had border patrol in this county. Farmers got fined for breaking the law, made an interest group, expelled them to now continue to hire illegals. We use herbicides, pesticides, fertilizer in this county. Solar hurting birds; show me proof, where is the link to peer reviewed journal?…wow.. Do you know how hard it is to get a work visa as an immigrant..not easy bud. The only sustainable farms here, are small scale poly-face you see at the farmers markets, anyone else doing any industrial ag is a serious threat to nature. Cunningham was also defending a major coke dealer too? ethics? If you don’t know what a poly-face farm is, maybe you can look it up. And bud, there is no middle class.

Heres some links to journals on how our ag causes autism, cancer, etc:


Prop 13 is vital because it protects California’s shrinking middle class from losing their homes to bankruptcy. Why? Most remaining Middle Class Californians, those who have held amid our stagnant, jobless economy that’s seen more than 9000 businesses and California’s working age (18-44) college educated professionals flee to Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado – you know, where there’s housing affordability – those Middle Class Californians can pay grandfathered property tax for their homes. These people are not corporations. Most have survived despite stagnant wages for overy a decade. If Prop 13 was ever eliminated, California’s fixed income retirees and struggling Middle Class would be forced to pay property tax at values never seen before as driven by Foreigners and Hedge Funds buying into California.

Can you compete with Chinese Billionaires parking their cash in California’s property market? If not, Vote Jordan Cunningham for Assembly. You need Prop 13.


Protect private donors to aid campaigns to stop leftits agenda? Said the psycho banker. I’m voting no.


No Ortiz-Legg

No Adam Hill

No John Shoals

No Caren Ray or Kristin Barneich. If their own Police Department won’t support them why should residents?

Just say NO


And NO on

Measure J

Prop 63

Prop 57


This is just another reason to vote for Jordan Cunningham. The first is that he’s and honorable family man who has chosen to give back to the area where he was raised. His service on that Atascadero School Board was enough to convince the California Teacher’s Union to endorse him. He has also received the endorsement of all the law enforcement groups in the county. He’s the only choice for this Assembly District. His wife and children are an integral part of who he is. We’re lucky to have someone with his qualifications and character to be running for office. I’m voting for Cunningham.