Violent crime rising faster in California than in U.S.

October 13, 2016

fbiDuring a year in which violent crime rose in the United States, California more than doubled the nationwide increase, according to recently released FBI statistics.

Following two years of declines, the violent crime rate in the U.S. rose by 3.1 percent in 2015. In California, the violent crime rate increased by 7.6 percent.

An estimated total of 166,883 violent crimes took place in California last year. The total equates to 426.3 violent crimes per 100,000.

The murder rate in California increased by 8.5 percent in 2015, and the rape rate rose by 9.7 percent.

Among all 50 states, California had the 13th largest increase in its violent crime rate. Hawaii, which had a 24 percent jump in violent crimes, had the largest increase in the nation.

California’s increase in violent crimes has come as state lawmakers and voters have chosen to reduce punishments for certain crimes. This November, voters will decide on Proposition 57, an initiative backed by Gov. Jerry Brown, which would give felons convicted of non-violent crimes stronger chances of receiving parole. The measure would also give non-violent felons more opportunities to earn credits for good behavior.


Where have you people been. There is no ten day wait to pick up a weapon from a licensed dealer. Try thirty days plus a heafty fee for background check. You can not legally carry a weapon and ammo out of a store at the same time. This goes for LE also.


Bottom line, folks, obscured by sensationalist headlines about “crime increases” is violent crime is way down from what it was 25-30 years ago. In other words, all the whipping boys cited above are probably irrelevant explanations for the long-term decline, and the slight upswing today.


And they said gold can not rust The Golden State has not only rusted, it is rotting in a most repugnant way. What a shame.


We can thank Proposition 47 directly for the increase of crime in CA. It declassified many felonies as misdemeanors which allowed career criminals to swiftly be out the streets over and over again with no real consequences. So basically people can commit a plethora of crimes as many times as they want and they know it.


Why do people commit crimes?


You tell me. Why do we allow them to keep committing them? If you’re reaching to say that we need to rehabilitate and help drug addicts who typically commit these crime-fine. However, that is not what Prop. 47 has done.

Russ J

Let all your repeat offender drug addicts out of jail and this is what you get.


Why do people generally go to jail and or have drug abuse problems?



Indy thinker

Why does a state with more gun laws than any other state in the union lead in crime?

I am for background checks and waiting 10 days but that is where I draw the line.

Bring back the good ol’ western days of a pistol on each hip. The criminals are armed, why not law abiding citizens?


Just look at Chicago and you will understand what works and what does not. Liberal policies, restrictive gun laws and Progressive Liberal Democrat leadership have lead to one of the worst and dangerous cities in America and no matter how much they try and control the crimes, Raul Emmanuel (President Obama’s right hand buddy who never wanted to miss an opportunity during a crisis, and, whose’s brother, Ezekiel Emmanuel wrote the Affordable Health Care Bill) can not solve the gang problems. To be fair, the gun violence in Chicago has been concentrated on the South and West sides that have lost population over the years as other areas have grown because of the violent crimes caused mostly by gangs. There have been 579 homicides in Chicago this year. According to reports from the FBI with the biggest problem being drugs and gangs.

Cities like Milwaukee and Washington, D.C – both much smaller than Chicago in population – also saw homicide spikes that they haven’t experienced in more than two decades.

In California, Prop 47 – Reduced Penalties for Some Crimes Initiative passed in 2014 by the informed voters has lead to our increased crimes.

Again, this election cycle we will be asked to vote for Prop 57 – The California Parole for Non-Violent Criminals and Juvenile Court Trial Requirements Initiative which is a sham if anyone were to read it. We will see how are informed voters will vote for this one! I have noticed that most (not all, just most) arrests made in our County you will see where the arrestee is wanted for parole violation, pending other charges, on parole, etc. Governor Brown is using the last of his treasure chest to get this passes. Pretty soon we can put a fence around California because the criminals will be running this State, oh wait, they are already!

Aug. 2016: Chicago’s Bloodiest Month in Two Decades – ABC News…Cities


I am all for background checks, if fact they should be improved with a better Federal crime database, the 10 day wait for a first gun I can see, but what’s the point for your second gun? If I own multiple guns and want to buy another, the wait is pointless.


Too bad it doesn’t matter where you draw the line. When Hillary gets to put in her Supreme Court Justices, guns will be illegal for you to possess. As she said in the debate. She wants Justices who have life experiences.

As opposed to Justices who will follow the Constitution.


The heart of that problem is career-politicians who reward criminals and punish their victims.

Gun Control enables criminals and disarms their victims.


Finally, logic!

Jorge Estrada

I would like to know how California rates based on the ethnicity of violent crimes. Sure no one wants to hear that idea but as a Californian, I object on that profile. Yes California is in trouble so why don’t we pin the tail on the donkey instead of blaming the elephant that wants to avoid trouble.