Car with Trump bumper sticker torched in Santa Maria

November 16, 2016

An arsonist allegedly set fire to a car in Santa Maria on Sunday that had a Donald Trump bumper sticker. [KCOY]

On Sunday evening, a driver parked a green Ford Mustang in a lot in front of the popular El Pueblo Mexican restaurant, as well as the John Deere complex and Walmart shopping center on Blosser Road. Around 6 p.m., flames erupted from the Mustang which had been severely vandalized, officials said.

Santa Maria Fire Battalion Chef Mike Barneich said the incident is currently under investigation as an arson, and it might have been politically charged.

Barneich said the fire started in the passenger compartment and extended into the motor area. Firefighters controlled the blaze within a few minutes.

The owner of the Mustang said he lost most of his personal belongings and irreplaceable personal items in the arson attack. He confirmed his car had a Trump bumper sticker on it but would not comment further on the incident.

Authorities have not made any arrests. There were a lot of witnesses at the scene, but none of them have spoken with authorities, Barneich said.

Surveillance cameras failed to capture any suspects in the case. It is believed that it was either too dark outside or the cameras were not working properly at the time.


Just listen to the left wing media if you are wondering why this stuff is happening. They are trying to scare the crap out of everyone over the Trump election. They have their cameras glued to the protesters. Any negative rants towards Trump is highlighted in the news. The reporters themselves are freaking out over the election. Any responsibility for damage done by angry leftest lay on the doorstep of the media and silent Democrats.

Russ J

This is why you don’t want to attend Trump rallies on the north side streets of S.M. I wonder how long it would take to end up in the E.R. while holding a Trump sign on the corner of Stowell and Broadway. Maybe I’m too skeptical. I think the left is more tolerant of dissenting opinion; I’m sure I would be safe.


If it were Trump supporters doing this violent crap I would be so ashamed and I would be out there saying stop it. I sure wouldn’t say nothing or excuse it or like some encourage more of it. Where is the president? why is he not ashamed? why does he not speak out against this anti American behavior? Hmmmmmmm ?


This kind of aggressive reaction to an election only causes the side of the angry loser to lose some more. This movement that Trump joined has been growing for 8 years. That is why in 2012 and 2014 the house and senate changed hands. Now; because of this “we know better than you and if you don’t agree I will attack you” kind of attitude is a losing proposition.

I see it here on this board…such anger. Some people just don’t know when to stop banging their heads into a wall. Bullies always lose so keep it up. Keep beating folks up and burning cars and blocking traffic and insulting people. It only helps us and makes it easier for us to make America great again….


Mr. Kettle. Your first mistake was citing Glenn Beck.


Not a mistake to call Bretbarts Steve Bannon, a white nationalist and a racist.

Any reasonable human would see this after reading some of Bannon’s opinions.

If it quacks like a duck…….


I’ll bet you never read anything by him on Breitbart or listened to him on his radio program, didja?

If you had, you’d realize that the man cares about this country and aims to stop the obaMao corruption.


You would lose that bet because I have. He cares about his vision of proper white America, that is why it is called white nationalism.

Kaiser Bill

Bannon is not a White nationalist. He worked at Goldman Sachs and Hollywood for god’s sake. He wouldn’t have lasted long in either place if he expressed White Nationalist views. Bannon is a CIVIC nationalist, like Putin of Russia.

But let’s say you’re right. Bannon is a White nationalist. So? Is Netanyahu a Jewish Nationalist? Is Jacob Zuma a black African nationalist? White people are the majority people of America. What is wrong with someone advocating for the interests of white people, like Netanyahu does in Israel for Jews?


Well DPINC, you could be right. But I doubt it. Conservative bumper stickers are just asking to be keyed… or worse. Same for yard signs. But the left feels it’s required in the name of “social justice”. So much for love, tolerance and inclusiveness.


Yes we want social justice, but the new administration is not having any of that. Keyed cars are nothing to what is going to happen. Best for the right wingers move to Arizona with the other Alt-Right’s.

““If you know Steve Bannon’s agenda and his vision of America, it’s not pretty,”Glen Beck said, falsely claiming that nobody in the media has been paying attention to the racist alt-right that Bannon has championed and insisting that is why the American people are not more alarmed by Bannon’s rise.

Beck said that Breitbart, under Bannon, was an arm of Trump’s presidential campaign from the very beginning and will now essentially become “state-run TV” that pushes the alt-right ideology on the nation.

“Nobody is looking into it. Nobody really cares,” Beck said. “When people really understand what the alt-right is, this neo-nationalist, neo-Nazi, white supremacy idea that Bannon is pushing hard; I hope they wake up because, if not, we are racist. If that’s what we accept and we know it, then we are racist. I contend people don’t know what the alt-right is yet.””


“Yes we want social justice, but the new administration is not having any of that. Keyed cars are nothing to what is going to happen. Best for the right wingers move to Arizona with the other Alt-Right’s”

Why would that be best? what are you saying? and Alt right? give me a break. We are just patriotic people that know this nation could and should be run better. We don’t want to live in a socialistic country and we love our sovereignty. I truly do not understand why that angers some people so much. I think some folks watch too much TV news. Alt right lmao.


Rambunctious says: Go ahead…AZ is looking better everyday.

Rambunctious says: Is it just me or is everyone going crazy ?…


That’s right…AZ is beautiful and some folks are going crazy.


Beck is a mentally unstable wingnut that cant seem to make up his mind as to what to think. People do care and this racist crap needs to stop, its getting old and is BS. Its simple why Trump won and its because we are sick of over taxed, socialist programs that give away to those who abuse everything they are given and offer nothing to those who pay for it, that being the middle class working man & woman. I’ll use Ca for a prime example of what has become the most costly to live,overtaxed poorly maintained state in the union. Youi live in a bubble here and are clueless to the rest of the real world. Look at a map of 2012 that shows the red and blue states.You will see 2016 is far more red than before, wonder why? it time to step out of Oprah’s most happy place in America and look at the real America and what the Dems have done to it.


Hahahah that explains it! Glen Beck the cheeto man.

Get real.

Kaiser Bill

You are citing Glenn Beck, who is certifiably insane.

6 years ago, Beck was saying Obama was another Hitler with his chalkboard.

Now, Beck is saying Obama made him a better man and he was wrong about everything. After Beck made millions selling suckers tubs of survival food on his radio show because he said Obama would cause WWIII.

There is a reason why the Alt Right is successful and people like Glenn Beck have been reduced to basket cases, and that reason is an understanding of reality and human nature.


Could be that it was set a fire by a passenger , easy way to get rid of that car payment and get some extra x-mas dough . Saw a honda pilot in parking lot that a crank smoker said he was just in it smoking a cigarette on his break time okee dokee it burned to the ground .

Jorge Estrada

It could have been some red headed, pale faced Irishman that torch the car to make the illegal Scandinavians look bad. Trump might say, “the heat just got hotter for illegals”.

More of this behavior will make for a landslide victory on his bid for a second term. Viva Donaldo!


Typical. The car owner’s mistake was publicly voicing his opinion. This is why the media and the left (same animal) don’t understand why they’ve lost… and lost big. They are intolerant of any opinion they don’t share… and as a result, they never saw this silent revolution coming. Now deal with it.


Typical. The right always jumping to paranoid conclusion’s. A car burned with a Trump sticker on it…ifso facto–proof positive of an intolerant left and colluding press.

Ever heard of Occam’s razor? Of competing theories; it is the one that is less complex that is the likelier outcome.

I’ll go with the owner most likely had someone with a real grudge against him, than a disaffected liberal voter-motivated by biased media, combing the streets of Santa Maria for revenge. He probably cut someone off on the way there. It is a simpler, and thus more likely, explanation for this event.

BTW–You can’t lose the popular vote for an election and claim you won ” big”. Narrow win–narrow loss–depending on your perspective. No mandate to claim, just the win.



I’m not certain, but it sounds more likely that the car owner’s mistake was parking a nice sports car with a Trump sticker on it in front of a Mexican restaurant in Santa Maria.


“Now deal with it.”

We are and you will have to “deal with it”


Uh, no. The President – elect and his constituents haven’t even gotten started yet.

I took 8 years of misery under that fool Obama without making a foolish, childish ass of myself because i didn’t like him.

Now sit back and watch how the adults handle things now.


Adults? Wow! WOW!!!!!!! Have you found one in Trump? Really? So, we should redefine what the American version of adult means to encompass, racist, misogamist, sexual predator, homophobic, liar, thief and bigot? Yea, we’re well on our way to “Making America Great Again”…. WOW!!!!!

Kaiser Bill

Lots of buzzwords in there that mean nothing. Thanks for overusing them, we’re winning and you’re losing because people like you always called us racist, misogynistic, homophobic, bigoted.