Mob beats Trump supporter, video

November 10, 2016

In a rather disturbing example of election tensions boiling over, video footage shows a mob of young black men in Chicago punching, stomping and kicking a middle-age white man whom they say voted for President-elect Donald Trump. While the mob is beating the man, bystanders are cheering on the violence and screaming, “You voted Trump” and “don’t vote Trump.”

“You gonna pay for that shit,” one woman says.

The victim is heard screaming,” Get out of my car.”

One recording of the incident shows a man getting into the victim’s car and attempting to drive away with the victim hanging onto the side of his car.

Some of the attackers are seen stealing the victim’s belongings during the beating. The video footage that shows the man hanging onto his car being dragged through the street has a “Fuck Donald Trump” rap song playing rather than the raw audio of the incident.

Youtube users are alleging the broadcasting platform has deleted footage of the incident for political reasons.

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This has been going on in our cities for as long as i can remember . The main stream media wont cover this because property values or tourism will drop . or is there some other reason ??

Snopes was once a kind of reliable site…no longer. They lie on a daily basis and this is an example of it.

Clearly there wasn’t enough birth control practiced in the 90’s

For those people who weren’t racist, these people just made a few more.

Propaganda at it’s finest

Brace yourselves. Run on hate and anger, you get hate and anger. Think 1960’s.

The thing is, I don’t think Trump won on hate and anger. I think people merely tolerated that part of Trump because of the biggest issue facing Americans today–Obamacare. I think many people denounced Trump publically and then voted for him privately because of Obamacare.

Trump won as a referendum on Obamacare. If it was just Trump, then Trump would have won and all the other Republicans would have still lost. But that didn’t happen. It was a Republican sweep across the board. The Dems lost everything. Why?

I think it’s because the Dems support Obamacare and the Republicans don’t and for voting America that was enough. So many people had their health care premiums double and triple while at the same time their coverage cut in half. Families’ health care premiums are now higher than their mortgages.

Obamacare has been the worst piece of legislation for working, voting Americans in 40 years.

And remember what Nancy said, we have to vote on it so we can see what’s in it. How can people be so partisan not to see that as the STUPIDEST thing ever said by a politician?

The hate and anger is alive and well, I see and hear it every day, the people I live around and work with, a lot of whom have health care for the first time in a long time. I don’t recall hearing any anti-Obamacare chants at rallies, but did hear probably the most vile chants in political history about a candidate, not to mention the lovely t-shirts and the face-punching of protesters. Sickening, vile hatred and anger at the other side – that is the fuel of the Right, and has been for 30 or more years. It should be interesting to see what they will try to operate without anyone one to oppose, nothing to obstruct, no one to whine about and call names. Say goodbye to your reproductive rights, women. That is, unless of course Trump does nothing he said he was going to do, in which case, he’ll fit right in with the Republicans in Washington.

Years ago I would have been shocked by this. Now? Not so much. This is the monster that has been created over the last 20 or so years.

Some people (I said some not all) now think it is o.k. to shoot cops We see good behavior as bad and bad behavior as good. We have a generation of young people with no respect for themselves, let alone others (manners). We have people holding up mediocrity in minimum wage jobs, instead of encouraging to get out of dead end jobs. We have companies (like Wells Fargo recent, and other banks in the financial crisis of 08) thinking it is o.k. to screw people and our elected officials telling us they are to big to fail.

Our fore fathers must be rolling over in their grave at the f**king mess that has been created.

It was a traffic altercation.

I find it very telling that all of this misbehavior is being acted out in large liberal cities in states currently run by dems…

Same cities being besieged by high unemployment especially, high inter city violence especially black on black, run away gun deaths despite the strictest gun laws, hosting most of the sanctuary cities with the highest rates of illegals in residence and the highest overall per capita wealths.

See any parallels?

Sad, but the there was a lot of hate involved in electing Trump, so we will see a lot of this–from both sides of the divide–during the coming years. Things are going to get worse in this Country.

Pay attention the hate is coming from the left side fueled by the media