Gay man reportedly assaulted by Trump supporters

November 21, 2016



San Luis Obispo police are treating the assault of a 47-year-old gay man near the Frog & Peach Pub on Hiquera Street as a hate crime, said Capt. Chris Staley.

On Nov. 10 at about 9:30 a.m., Alan Estes of Morro Bay parked his SUV on Hiquera Street with plans to take his dog for a walk. After Estes walked around to the passenger side door to retrieve his jacket, he heard a couple men talking about the two stick figure men and a dog on the SUV’s back window.

One of the men then hit Estes in the back of the head while yelling, “Trump hates fags.” Estes turned around to see both men running down Hiquera Street, Estes said.

“I’ve never had problems in SLO before,” Estes said. “This nasty election and this happens. I just don’t feel safe.”

Alan Estes and Ruben Garcia

Alan Estes and Ruben Garcia

While Estes did not see his attacker’s faces, he said both men appeared fit, had shortly cropped hair and were wearing jeans and matching green shirts.

Because he did not need medical care, Estes said he headed home. But later in the afternoon, Estes’ husband Ruben Garcia stood by while Estes reported the incident to police.

On Friday afternoon, an officer called Estes to gather more information and to say that the department planned to review video tapes from businesses in the area of the assault, Estes said.

Staley said the department plans to follow up on the report it had taken on Nov. 10.

“We did take a report and it will be followed up on and treated as a hate crime,” Staley said.

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This doesn’t meet the smell test.

Trump supporters? Do you really think people like this even vote?

To everyone who supports unlimited growth, and especially to those entrepreneurs who donated hundreds of thousands dollars to Measure J to support growth for their personal financial gain, this is part of the growth that you will be bringing to our communities while you are filling your pocket books with financial gain. As of today, Measure J is failing and we still have an opportunity for the silent majority to save our lifestyle as we know it today.

“Umm video you say captain? Well heck, I wasn’t hurt and I can’t identify them except for their exact clothing and appearance so let’s just let it go!” – Here it comes!

Lets see the Video. Then lets see if this alleged crime in fact happened. Let us also see if crimes against Trump supporters are investigated as hate crimes.

The County and Cities in Slo County better be very careful about reports like this and how they react!

Fishy. Trump is pro gay and always has been. However there’s lots of crazies running around SLO. Hope the pd gets them off the streets.

“There can be no discrimination against gays. I’m against gay marriage.” – Donald Trump

Why does this story have my BS alarm ringing at 100 decibels? Because it is so unlikely and far-fetched, like most of the stories like this that are later found to be lies. I sincerely doubt anything like this ever happened to this guy. When the video tapes show nothing, will he be charged, like that Muslim woman, with filing a false police report?

You are entitled to your suspicion and you may be right. But lets give the investigators a chance to find the truth before jumping to conclusions. I know that you would want the same if a cop was accused of lying about an incident.

CC tv would help put and end to this type of crime or at least reduce crime in general. As happy as SLO is CC tv would make it happier.

Witnesses to this hate crime? Almost all of these KKK, hate, Muslim ‘attacks’ have proven to be Lies told by Leftists who just can’t get over the election they had paid so much to win. Besides the quote from Trump saying gay marriage is ‘settled law’ and he won’t be changing that and he open backs gays…

Do please cite your sources for “proven Lies”… Something more than hate radio, please.

“Almost all of these KKK, hate, Muslim ‘attacks’ have proven to be Lies told by Leftists who just can’t get over the election”

Fake news much? Facebook your go to source for reality?