Missing woman rescued from SLO creek

November 21, 2016


San Luis Obispo fire personnel rescued a 35-year-old woman on Sunday who was sitting in a creek with a relatively strong current. The woman had been reported missing about a week prior to her rescue.

At about 4 p.m., Fire crews found the woman in the creek behind Central Coast Brewing on Higuera Street. Rescue workers then laid down a ladder, which one firefighter used to hoist the woman out of the water.

The woman’s pants appeared to be dangling from one of her feet. When she stood up to climb the ladder, the pants appeared to flow downstream.

Fire personnel took about 15 minutes to complete the rescue. An ambulance transported the woman to Sierra Vista Regional Hospital, where she was treated for hypothermia.

It is unclear why the woman was in the creek and for how long she was sitting there.

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She was at a creek without a paddle or pants.

if you look at the facts presented here it will reveal that the type of people who frequent the creek area are known drug users. there are also many mentally ill people who live down there. our county does not have adequate services for helping the mentally ill. if you want to be proactive then write to Judy Vick at SLO County Mental Services and ask her why she is making 6 figures and not making things better.

“rescued a 35-year-old woman”.

no, I only saw them move her. She did not appear to be in peril, unless a 35 y.o. woman sitting in a creek is somehow illegal or dangerous.

this is one of her’s.

….do this What would your thoughts be if you reported your mother missing and the first responders called you the following day and told you, “We found your mother sitting in a stream. She was not responsive so we left her there. Please contact our office if you are interested in where she’s at”

IMO It was a rescue!

Talk about waste of emergency resources…

Question, what is an adult doing sitting in a cold creek in the winter time?

Let’s add up the facts and give you ample time to figure this one out: She has been missing for a week. That means someone reported her missing. This would be either a spouse or parents. Why would she have gone missing? Well….if she is domestically abused–she could have experienced a fugue state. Or, she likely had parents who are guardians because she is not functioning properly for either mental of physical reasons. Thank heaven for people who still have compassion….and smarts.

“Thank heaven for people who still have compassion….and smarts.”

You mean like the LEO and fire fighters who risked their lives in order to pull a person out of a flooded creek and search for said missing person.

We are going to have to face the reality of the mentally ill needing assistance more and more, as well as misbehavior by these souls who do not grasp the possible severity of their actions. Both to themselves and to those who are selflessly trying to help them…

My point was clearly missed on some folks here, why did this devolve to this level after more than a week? Possibly because the victim did not want to be found, did not wish to be helped and possibly wished to harm themselves in a permanent fashion?

Hold a neighborhood party.


Wrong article, but still, a nice thought. Homecoming party?