No new oil drilling on the Central Coast

November 20, 2016

off shore oilThe Obama Administration announced Friday that there will be no new oil drilling leases on the Central Coast of California for at least five years. [KCBX]

The federal government’s new oil and gas leasing program for offshore federal waters through 2022 has 60 days before it becomes final. Under the plan, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management will not sell leases to oil companies that involve drilling off the coasts of Washington, Oregon and California, including Central Coast waters from Hearst Castle to Point Conception.

Not included in the plan are East Coast waters and Alaska’s Arctic seas.

The five-year program, becomes final on Jan. 13, shortly before President-elect Donald Trump takes office. Under federal guidelines, the incoming administration is not permitted to change the program or initiate any new leases until it starts the planning process all over again, which takes a minimum of two years.

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As soon as they have a battery-powered plane to take off, transporting real weight, electric will remain a fantasy. That does not mean we cannot have hybrids… real, internal-combustion or rocket/jet engines for the serious work, electric/solar for the light, cruising modes.

I’d believe in solar power more if it did not require MASSIVE government subsidies, redistributing our wealth as a bribe for contractors and customers.

Have you ever checked into the massive subsidies (direct and indirect) that the government has given to the fossil fuel and nuclear power industries? I am not saying that such subsidies are necessarily good but fair is fair. If the government is going to subsidize one type of energy production, it should subsidize all viable ones to the same extent.

This is good news. Hope this moratorium survives the impending all out assault on the earth and it’s resources.

As far as Elon musk our african born entrepreneur is milking his investors till they are in the poor house. The battery idea is okay for homes off the grid , but as buyers discover it is a pain plugging your car in everywhere you stop is a big pain ,13 miles with out using a/c heater, windows , stereo etc on a 20 minute charge is a joke . A 74 amp service is required at home to charge , that is like 4 electric dryers running at the same time the electric wires will be glowing . Dont go up any hills dont sit in traffic, constantly checking power levels The need for new electric plants and much more oil production, so the vehicles building the electric plants can get there . As of jan 17 no more free charging tesla stands and waiting in line to plug in your car for 4 hours ,,,, mean while supposed to be at work to pay for electric car makes no sense


There is already a glut and oil and prices are down, it may take 5 years or never for the demand to fund new oil exploration. For those who have never taken a drive out Hwy 58, turn right at Hwy 33 and then take Hwy 166 back to 101. This will open your eyes about oil, where it is and the economic rollercoaster in that industry. On a hot summer day you can see oil oozing out of the ground and running down the south should of the road near 58 and 33.

So after nearly 8 years obama is taking a stand.

In California this type of insanity is why no new power plants built(clean or otherwise), no new reliable drinking water storage, no new infrastructure improvements have been proposed nor built for decades let alone 8 years…

Well…this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into”

So, no off on shore. No rail, no pipeline, no offshore tankering, no wind farms, no solar, an no nukes. Hmm….anybody got two sticks I can rub together? OH wait…that might create smoke, which could pollute the air.


Guess you haven’t been up the delta by the bay area and take a look at the wind farms, or the solar farms out in the plains. Elon Musk is also really bad right?

Musk has built the largest battery factory in the world in Nevada. I am all in favor of new technology and new products, but the world runs on oil. We continue to buy oil from the world’s depots who openly hate America and we should do all we can to cut that tie and make America self reliant…

So, how has this been going for the last 40 or 50 years in California? Not good…

You better get your wish list completed the best you can Obama… Trump is gonna change it.

I think an Executive Order by President Trump could rescind that order the minute the ink dries…