Why does the Tribune cover for Adam Hill?

November 5, 2016
Kevin Rice

Kevin Rice


An open letter to the San Luis Obispo Tribune:

It is newly disappointing that the Tribune is now openly providing cover for an abusive public official. I am shocked the Tribune is also abusing reporter Cynthia Lambert in this sham. She is a good journalist and you are sullying her fine reputation and name by forcing her to write false and shoddy stories on behalf of Supervisor Adam Hill. I know Cynthia’s work, and this is not hers.

Instead of sunlight, the Tribune is fabricating cover and joining in Supervisor Adam Hill’s abuse of respected women in our community. Your acts have revictimized these women.

SLO Tribune has failed our community for years, but recently has become openly blatant with respect to disregard of the public interest. Subscriptions are flailing at your hands.

I advise all election candidates not to participate in Tribune editorial interviews, as endorsements are not based on any substance other than the interest of the local entrenched cadre.

I can’t imagine whether the Tribune merely lacks courage to bring sunshine or is outright on the take in some manner with our county supervisor.


Sandra Duerr

Sandra Duerr

Sandra Duerr, the executive editor at The Tribune, responded to Rice’s letter:

We take exception to your assumption that we are “abusing” reporter Cynthia Lambert. We agree that she is an excellent journalist — and in fact, she is the one who suggested fact-checking the robocall.

We did try to seek comment from the small business person involved, Julie Tizzano, to find out what happened, but she did not respond to Cynthia’s calls or email.

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Folks…this ain’t rocket science.

The “journalists” at the Tribune are part of the Leftist Establishment, the elite smarter than “you” types that feel it is there job to not just report the news, but to shape the public agenda and public policy. To that end, they view Adam Hill as a fellow leftist and feel compelled to root and cover for their team. It’s that simple and it’s that disgusting!

Without Cal Coast News, where would this community be without investigative journalism that holds our feudal lords accountable?

In fact, that reminds me…it’s time to make another Donation to CCN as a show or support and I encourage others to do the same.

I actually believe Ms. Deurr. I believe that Ms. Lambert proposed the story. There are only two ways for a young journalist to get ahead. You either break a major story and then become known for daring journalism, or you tow the line of your editor and write what she or he will print.

Since there are few stories that CCN doesn’t get the scoop on, the hapless Trib is left with printing Ms. Deurr’s pet projects, as there is no way in hell she will allow an anti D story on her anointed. Cynthia knows which side of the bread gets buttered.

This is the paper that endorsed Dawn Ortiz-Legg for the sole purpose of her being a Democrat in a Democrat assembly. That is the intellectual level of the editorial board of the Tribune, led by their editor. High school level journalism.

It has become difficult bringing truth in news to the readers, and those who attempt to do so, such as CCN suffer for their efforts, as evidenced by some of the issues that have lately come to light.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term “embedded Journalist”, please allow me in attempt to enlightening you.

First, what is the responsibility of a true journalist?

In my uneducated opinion it is first and above all to tell the truth, not to embellish a story for one’s personal gain, or to withhold information because of embarrassment to anyone, or is a journalist to use their trusted position to damage another or construct a story in such a manner to favor positions for wealth and elbe gotten gain.

In days be gone it was noted that a true news person was a “watchdog for the people”. not the lap poppies were witnessing today, those embedded Journalist who sit in the master’s lap, kissing checks for perks and treats, gaining favor for well positioned seats.

“Embedded Journalist” are those who follow their marching orders and do what their told by the powers that be. For those who are independent that march to a different drumbeat and are willing to step out of line so the truth can be told, the price they pay often gos unnoticed, and the punishment suffered is far greater than any rewards received.

With that being said, know for a fact, rewards are not something the true newsperson looks for, nor are they seeking recognition for the work they do, only to be left to do the job their calling called them to answer to and nothing more.

“Sad, but I have known the embedded Journalist who’ve’ sold out to the powers to be, for them as respected they wish to be, will never be fully rewarded, even in light of fame they may seem to have gained, inwardly, they know their own shame, and with that they will have to live with.

To wear the Badge of Honor begs a heavy price to be paid. So, wear it proudly and know there are those who do so appreciate what you do.

You Can’t Be All You Can Be If You Be Beholden To The Bee.

Probably because they had a choice between Hill and Carpenter and they chose Hill. BFD. I’m for Carpenter but the problem with this election cycle is that backers of one person or the next is aggressive in thinking they are so right. I dont see The Tribune picking on CCN for backing Carpenter to deal with it.

Hope the readers of Tribune and CCN takes the high road and gets behind whoever wins. If Hill wins CCN will continue to be on his ass. If Carpenter wins, hope they cover him the same way they cover Hill.

I truly wonder why McClatchy who owns the Tribune continues to allow it to be such a biased and low quality paper? It must be hurting sales?

I can’t help but think that McClatchy would make more money with the Tribune if it was “cleaned-up.” If the quality of the Tribune was restored to its former level?

On the other hand might I be wrong? Could the terribly slanted voice of the Tribune actually be helping its overall sales? That’s hard to believe, but could it be so?

When I get past the frustration and anger captured in these comments, I find myself feeling very sad and removed from the likes of Adam Hill, the Tribune, et. all.

Too bad for us having to deal with them.

Too bad for them to be so self-deceived.