Paso Robles police arrest suspected serial robber

November 24, 2016
Ian Mike Robbins

Ian Mike Robbins

Paso Robles police arrested an alleged robber who is suspected in at least four recent robberies in San Luis Obispo County. Officers also arrested a woman who is believed to be the man’s getaway driver.

Around 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, a man with a pistol robbed DK’s Donuts, which is located at 1740 Spring Street in Paso Robles. The crime marked the seventh armed robbery at a North County business in a span of less than a month.

Hours later, Paso Robles officers arrested Ian Mike Robbins, 42, and Victoria Renee Trujillo, 46. Robbins and Trujillo were taken into custody shortly after midnight on Wednesday, according to a police department news release.

Detectives managed to identify Robbins as the doughnut shop robber using leads generated from a robbery last week at La Miramar Music Y Mas. In that robbery, Robbins allegedly held up a clerk at gunpoint and escaped with cash and a pair of cowboy boots.

Victoria Renee Trujillo

Victoria Renee Trujillo

It appeared Trujillo acted as the getaway driver in both the DK’s Donuts and La Miramar robberies, Paso Robles police say.

Paso Robles investigators are working with other county law enforcement agencies to determine if Robbins and Trujillo are responsible for other recent robberies.

KSBY reports the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office says Robbins and Trujillo are linked to the Nov. 6 robbery of a Chevron gas station in San Miguel. Likewise, San Luis Obispo police say Robbins is suspected in the Nov. 9 robbery of the Batch ice cream shop in downtown SLO.

Robins was reportedly paroled one year ago after spending time behind bars for setting a house on fire in San Bernardino County. He was on parole at the time of his arrest Wednesday morning.

The suspected robber also served a two-year sentence for a 1996 grand theft conviction, as well as a sentence of one year and four months for a 2001 grand theft auto conviction. Both of those case were in Los Angeles County.

SLO County’s string of recent robberies began on Oct. 28 when two men robbed the Chevron station on Morro Road in Atascadero. Three days later, a man robbed the Mobile station on Golden Hill Road in Paso Robles. Following the Nov. 6 San Miguel Chevron robbery, a man robbed Fatte’s Pizza in Atascadero on Nov. 10. And prior to the La Miramar and DK’s Donuts robberies, two masked men robbed a Paso Robles liquor store on Nov. 12.

In six of the seven North County robberies, the primary suspect was described as a white man between 6 feet and 6 feet two inches tall and weighing 180 to 200 pounds. The two men who robbed Wayside Liquor in Paso Robles were said to both be 5 foot 8 inches to 5 foot 10 inches tall with thin builds.

Robbins, who is currently in San Luis Obispo County Jail, is listed on the sheriff’s office website as being 6 foot 3 inches tall and weighing 200 pounds.

The alleged robber is currently facing robbery and conspiracy charges that have been filed by Paso Robles police, San Luis Obispo police and the sheriff’s office. Robbins is also charged with violating parole. His bail is set at $290,000.

Trujillo is also in the county jail with her bail set at $180,000. Paso Robles police and the sheriff’s office have filed robbery and conspiracy charges against her.

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Interesting to note that this is commonplace in San Luis Obispo county. Perhaps if there were any actual jobs in San Luis Obispo there would be less of this. Of course what the hell do I know, I was only born in Paso Robles and have yet to see any actual production jobs ( non winery ) in 40 plus years of life. I can imagine a better life, a life with food and clothes, a life with affordable rent and maybe even a car, if only I could get a halfway decent job that paid better than minimum wage and did not have to share an apartment with freeking slobs. It must be nice to have a job that has benefits that are worth a $#!%. Dental benefits, I wonder what that is like. Its Christmas again. Santa, please bring me giant factories to work at with all the trimmings and a health care program that doesnt suck. Santa please replace those worthless wineries with actual jobs. I wonder if the guy robbing the county blind was thinking something similair? Na, probably not, he was probably already conscious that this pipe dream I live in is unhealthy. I choose to live in my pipe dream world with my legal marijuana ( even though I dont smoke that garbage ), to me it is better than going to jail at least. Factories from heaven would be nice though. I can even hear the pitter patter of little forklift motors in my dreams.

Sorry, no room at “the inn”. These are “non-violent” crimes. Prop 47 kicks these people straight back into county jail and Prop 57 puts them back on the street. They know it, the cops know it, time for you to know it. “There are too many people in jail” is the liberal whine. If the sales tax needs to be increased by 10% to lock up EVERYBODY that cannot learn to behave count me in.,

Another repeat offender out on probation! What a waste of taxpayer funding for the actions of these low life’s. At least we can be thankful that they did not harm anyone in their unlawful behavior. Such a good looking Bonnie Clyde couple! Such a price to pay for your drug fix…

They should be thanking their lucky stars nobody got seriously hurt or injured in this hooplah. Robbing at gunpoint for donut money. Idiotic and desperate.

Congratulations to the PRPD, all other PD’s involved and the SLO Sheriffs! Excellent good old fashioned police work! Let’s hope they lock these things up long enough for them to get over the urge to steal…the gun enhancement charges should add a lot of time.

Enjoy your jail turkey casserole with all the trimmings…you certainly deserve them.