Vandal paints anti-Trump expletive on SLO veterans tank

November 23, 2016

Veterans tankThe tank situated outside the Veterans Memorial Museum in San Luis Obispo will apparently spend Thanksgiving covered in white paint and graffiti showcasing an expletive directed at President-elect Donald Trump. [KSBY]

San Luis Obispo police say a person poured white paint on the tank, drew vulgar designs and wrote an anti-Trump expletive. The tank is not expected to be cleaned until the time the museum opens after the Thanksgiving break.

Police say the vandalism occurred either Monday night or early Tuesday morning. Investigators have not identified a suspected vandal.

Museum director Harry Hoover said he has no idea who would do such a thing to disrespect veterans. The vandalism has reportedly upset and disgusted local veterans.

The tank was vandalized at least once previously. About eight years ago, anti-George W. Bush statements were written on the tank.

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This is terrible. And we can’t get anyone from the city or county to clean this up until Friday? Seriously?

Why does the City or County have to be responsible for cleaning this up? Why don’t you recruit some of your friends and neighbors and go do it yourself?

Either the perp was under 12 years old and hoping for attention, or a Trump supporter hoping to drum up resentment. The swastika is painted backwards.

Saw this before at Adam Yauch park earlier this week:


Here, let me say what president-elect trump couldn’t quite get out there with his oh-so- powerful “Now Stop it” (god, I can hardly wait for him to use that on Putin)…

This s**t isn’t right! Not from any f***ing side! I assure the douche bags that are perpetrating this un-American garbage that I will appoint a special prosecutor to hunt your asses down and prosecute the hell out of you! Put your s**t on Facebook and Twitter where it seems to be relative, not on a memorial to those who served our country!

Then again? He’d probably walk back on that one too….

“you can get off of the holy high horse because both sides have assholes, like people who were hanging Obama in effigy”

Okay I need a link for that accusation…..

This angers me so much. My husband served in Iraq. I have multiple family members who served. My husband’s uncle was killed in Vietnam. The idiots who hate Trump need to remember those BRAVER and more HONORABLE than they could ever be and NOT DEFACE memorabilia that gives acknowledgment if their service.

Ya, Jesus supports war too! He loves tanks, and mustard gas, and nukes and freedom!

Because honor is blind faith and ask no questions just like the Nuremberg trials? Follow orders?

I don’t know if I believe in Jesus, but I believe you LOVE the freedom to speak your mind, even if it is ignorance that comes out.

If you think Freedom is a joke, I invite you to take a trip to Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, rural Pakistan near the Afghan border and try speaking your mind freely.

People take for granted that we have the freedom to say whatever we want. For those who think defending our “freedom” is a joke, think about Pearl Harbor, think about Nazi Germany, think about the World Trade Center.

No, Jesus wasn’t there. Americans were.

Just more incentive to never ever turn the nation back over to these people. They had their shot for 8 years and blew it. Now they want to tear the nation apart. Do not let them.

Ya bro, i hate school too!

Anti Bush eight years ago. Anti Trump now. No Anti Obama or Clinton.

Gee, I wonder who is doing this?

“No Anti Obama or Clinton” where have you been? Just google Anti Obama Anti Clinton to see tons of racist, misogynist hate from the right.

Don’t get me wrong, graffiti sucks but you can get off of the holy high horse because both sides have assholes, like people who were hanging Obama in effigy.

How does that tank, and what it represents, have anything to do with the elections??? Whether Trump or Obama? Anybody graffiti Clinton’s property? As a draftee/veteran, I’m appalled by what is happening. I was around when tanks like that one were being used, never saw or heard of Trump driving one. The M-60 saved a lot of lives. Somebody’s parents must really be proud

Yeah, I guess these people didn’t get the memo that Obama has been one of the bigger war presidents in recent history. Wars didn’t stop under Obama.. in fact, new theaters opened up.. Obama also supported the “rebels” (mercenaries) in Syria who killed thousands, supported the Libya invasion, continued Iraq and Afghanistan intervention.

2,300 Humvees conveniently “Lost” in Mosul to ISIS (read gifted to ISIS).

So far, looks like Trump wants to be a peace president- At least, not wanting to start WWIII with Russia seems like a good start. Let them fight ISIS and the FSA.

It’s amazing that Obama was given the Nobel Peace prize, when he has been as bellicose as any war-hawk president in recent history.

Not Jesus, that is for sure!