Pedestrian struck and killed on Highway 101 in SLO

November 23, 2016

ambulance 4A car struck and killed a person who was walking on Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo Tuesday night. A CHP report states it appears the pedestrian was trying to get hit by a vehicle. [KSBY]

Around 8:30 p.m., the pedestrian was reportedly crossing the freeway under an overpass between Madonna Road and Los Osos Valley Road . The victim was heading from the shoulder to the center divide when the impact occurred.

Medics responded to the scene and tried to resuscitate the victim but did not succeed. The CHP closed one lane of the highway as it investigated the crash.

The identity of the victim is unclear.

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This report is very thin on information. What time did this happen? Was the victim transported to the hospital?

Where was mobile crisis? Another reason to write to SLO County Mental Health’s Judy Vick and ask her what she is doing about making things better while making 6 figures???

How does one do mobile crisis on a dead body?

You sure jumped to some major conclusions with very little facts. How do you know anything about this situation and how it pertains to this Judy Vick? What does Ms. Vick need to do differently to earn this 6 figure salary? What is she doing wrong? What are your qualificatins to judge Ms. Vick? Answer those questions and I will jump with you.

There is no Hwy 101 overpass between Madonna Road and Los Osos Valley Rd, unless they quickly built the dreamed about Prado Road overpass while I wais out of town.