Drug motive suspected in Paso Robles shooting

December 2, 2016
Jaquan Jabriel Burns

Jaquan Jabriel Burns

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s detectives suspect a drug-related motive in the rural Paso Robles gun battle that left three people wounded Wednesday night. As of Thursday afternoon, the reported victim in the shooting remains in the intensive care unit at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.

Authorities have placed two suspects, both of whom are from Virginia, under arrest for attempted murder. Both of the suspects were wounded in the shooting. One of the suspects has been cleared from the hospital and booked into jail, while the other has been transferred from intensive care to a less critical unit.

Around 9:05 p.m. on Wednesday, deputies responded to reports of gunshots in the 4100 block of Whispering Oak Way. When they arrived, they found the reported victim, who was then transported to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. Authorities have not released the identity of the victim.

Sheriff’s officials have identified the shooting suspects as 23-year-old Virginia residents Jaquan Jabriel Burns and Karheem Graham-Lutchman. It is believed Burns and Lutchman transported themselves to the hospital.

Detectives believe Burns and Graham-Lutchman showed up uninvited Wednesday night at a gathering at a house on Whispering Oak Way. When the victim opened the door, a fight ensued and then there was an exchange of gunfire, a sheriff’s office press release states.

At the hospital, Graham-Lutchman falsely identified himself as Fred Allen Cooper III, according to the sheriff’s office. Detectives later determined his real identity. Deputies arrested Graham-Lutchman and booked him in jail in absentia on an attempted murder charge.

Deputies booked Burns into the San Luis Obispo County Jail after he was treated for a bullet wound to his leg. Burns remains in custody on charges of attempted murder and having outstanding warrants. His bail is set at $500,000.

Detectives do not believe the shooting was gang related. Investigators believe it was an isolated incident. An investigation is ongoing.

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No one else noticed that in a county where it is almost impossible to have a legal gun, the victim had a gun? Hmmm. There just happened to be a shootout? No drama led up to this incident. No? Bullhonky. These two were there to collect. In fact I am betting that these two probably fronted something, which then did not get paid, and bang bang occured. Paso. Typical.

How did two guys from Virginia end up at a party on Whispering Oaks? And in an earlier case, two people who claimed to be residents of Paso end up burglarizing the city.

Somehow we are attracting criminals to our city. I’d like to know why. Drugs?. Early release of criminals from prison and their friends?

Drug motive in Paso?!?! Shocking.

So darling Jaquan and Karheem “transported themselves to the hospital”. How convenient. I’m sure their Covered California is current. And of course California has strict gun control laws, so their wounds can’t possibly involve bullets. Oh wait…. they’re from Virginia.