When party planning goes bad

December 29, 2016
The site of the Chesterfield "mansion party" murders. Photo courtesy of WTVR.

The site of the Chesterfield “mansion party” murders. Photo courtesy of WTVR.


After hosting a deadly “mansion party” in Virginia, the party planner fled to Paso Robles where he allegedly shot a man at a gathering. Earlier this week, Karheem Graham-Lutchman pleaded not guilty to a San Luis Obispo County attempted murder charge.

Before heading to the Central Coast, Karheem Graham-Lutchman allegedly advertised his “mansion party” on Instagram. In Virginia, gang members break into homes under construction, advertise their “mansion party” on social media, and then often charge admission, Chesterfield police said.

Graham-Lutchman’s Instagram advertisement went viral, and on Sept. 4, over 300 people showed up to the “mansion party” at a home still under construction in the upscale community of Chesdin Landing. During the drug fueled event, more than 70 shots were fired from seven guns leaving two men dead and a third man injured, police said.

Karheem Graham-Luthhman

Karheem Graham-Luthhman

Chesterfield police have arrested seven “gang members” between the ages of 18 and 21 who are suspected of shooting guns during the “mansion party.” Of those arrested, six are charged with second-degree murder and one is charged with shooting into an occupied dwelling.

Chesterfield police plan to interview Graham-Lutchman about the “mansion party” murders, said Beth Ford, a secretary for the Chesterfield Police Department. However, their interview will have to wait while Graham-Lutchman faces charges of attempted murder in San Luis Obispo County.

On Nov. 30, Graham-Lutchman and Jaquan Jabriel Burns, also from Virginia, attempted to crash a gathering on Whispering Oak Way in rural Paso Robles. When a man opened the door, a fight ensued and there was an exchange of gunfire. Burns, Graham-Lutchman and the man who opened the door suffered gun shot wounds.

Authorities have not released the identity of the victim or more information about his condition, though they have said the shooting appears to be drug related.

Following the gun battle, Graham-Lutchman and Burns transported themselves to a local hospital where Graham-Lutchman falsely identified himself as Fred Allen Cooper III, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department. At the hospital, Burns was treated for a gunshot wound to his leg and Graham-Lutchman was treated for five gunshot wounds to his legs and arms.

After they were treated for their injuries, deputies booked Graham-Lutchman and Burns into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on attempted murder charges with their bails set at $500,000 each. Both men pleaded not guilty and are scheduled to return to court for an evidentiary hearing on Jan. 17.

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These is no question that communities through out our Nation are changing to the likes of our new citizens. You only need to look at Chicago, the current Mall events, etc. to accept the fact that gangs are having a major impact in the American way of life. Yes, we have always had gangs and some of have pretty nasty characters, but for the most part, they have keep their activities between gangs and its members. Now, they are coming out to anyone, anywhere, anytime and have become dangerous to all of us. You only need to look at the 61 shootings and 11 deaths in Chicago on Christmas weekend or the mass invasions and attacks in several Malls nationwide after Christmas as well as continued attacks on law enforcement, etc. to know that America is changing and not for the better.

We have seen in the past several months young people of our own local community perform a home invasion following a party and threaten, rob and attack their follow friends and acquaintances using guns, perform major arson act on a classroom at a local high school because they were angry at a teacher and then we now have the scum listed in this article come to our community after their incident in Virginia.

I think it is safe to say no one is safe and all our life’s are changing and certainly not for the better as our local and State government want to talk about talking away our guns, impose restrictions on water bottles, encouraging more homelessness into our communities, give more rights and benefits to illegals, lower the penalties and consequences for the crimes being committed and think sanctuary cities are the answers to combating our wave of evil. Good luck and my prayers for the law enforcement and legal system who are getting the blunt impact of all this craziness! We should all be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this to happy in our communities and this Nation…

This is a complete load of B.S. This is the kind of fear-driven thinking that leads to policies which just make problems worse. FACTS are important, and the FACTS shows that Americans are safer now than they have been since the late 1960s. Perceptions and impressions that are just based on media events are the source of ignorance.

Your comment is full of random nonsense that has no bearing on this article. This guy isn’t going around shooting random people. This guy was a gang member who hosted an illegal party in a mansion he broke into that was attended by other gang members. And do you think it was a random residence in Paso he tried to enter? Do you think he barged into a social gathering of local church ladies sipping on tea? Yeah right. It was no doubt also hosted by gang members who he knew.

So… if you don’t want to get shot, don’t go to illegal mansion parties attended by gang members! And don’t grow/sell pot in your home (the other cause of 95% of the home invasions in this county.)

It has nothing to do with taking water bottles or guns away from people. Do you really think the outcome would have been any different if MORE people at these house parties had guns??

If we outlaw mansions only gangs will have mansions.

So they’re both going to live?


These are high-class citizens. We need more of these folks around. Truly a contribution to society.

I think they may have come to the Central Coast to go wine tasting, beer drinking or cidering at the Happiest Place to be. This is what it’s coming to be.

Thanks for the information. Everyone has been wondering why two men with guns from Virginia show up at the front door of someone living in Whitley Gardens. Now we know something about one of the men.

@Citizen Try updating your Google Maps. Whispering Oaks has been moved from Whitley Gardens to the Jardine Area. Oh, Wait. It was never in Whitley Gardens!