Ruckus over Trump at Harmon’s victory party

December 11, 2016
Heidi Harmon

Heidi Harmon


During San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon’s victory party on Friday, political unrest over Trump led to an argument that included drinks being tossed across a large round banquet table.

While Harmon invited all members of the public to attend her victory party last Friday, several attendees made rude comments to a man who attended the event wearing a Trump T-shirt with a name tag that said “white privilege.” The man, who arrived early, sat at a table at the back of the Masonic Hall on Marsh Street.trump-supporter

While the Trump supporter conversed with a man sitting next to him, a woman at the table yelled at him for wearing a Trump T-shirt, and then tossed her drink across the table hitting the man in the face, multiple attendees confirmed.

With liquid dripping down his shirt, the man stood up, told the woman not to touch him and tossed the contents of his glass at her. After she left the table, a group of men approached the Trump supporter asking him what had occurred, according to a tape of the incident.

While some attendees faulted the woman for attacking the Trump supporter, others found the man at fault for attending the event while wearing a Trump T-shirt.

“For all we know he has a gun in his leg,” said one attendee, according to an audio tape of the incident. “That poor lady.”


If his Tshirt was a bumper sticker on his car, it would be “keyed”. The Alt Left has tolerance for their own…. but no one else.

Ben Daho

wow, Really? Can you give us specifics? I want to follow up on that. Was it YOUR car that got keyed? or, did you hear about it on fox News? (I’ll wait for a reply,)

Russ J

Didn’t this turn out to be insurance fraud and it was proven he ruined his car at the dunes, and then damaged it more to cover it up? It reeked of fraud. People were even posting pic from the dunes the previous weekend of the vehicle very damaged. Then suddenly his post disappeared.


Can’t find anything on the insurance fraud. Where did you find your information?

Ben Daho

So, you caught me. I don’t get out much. Weird, i didn’t see this “out” it was here “IN” and there is no evidence of “Alt Left” Involvement.


You all would really like the free America we once had, you really would and it had an extra added advantage,,,your skin got thicker.


Good to hear that some local politico decided to take the high road and throw a drink at another local politico who was demonstrating juvenile behavior… and what a shocker, the juvenile person threw a drink back at the instigator, harsh words were exchanged and feelings hurt!

Oh, the safe spaces that must have been violated that evening!


Had this lowlife felt like tossing a drink my DIRECTION I’d have laughed as my wife pounded her ass and mopped up the drink with her big mouth. Make no mistake, my wife’s a lady at all times but, she’d make an exception for this idiot.

On the other hand, I don’t wear many stupid shirts these days!


I once engaged in the process of voting. But then, I realized it is highly likely that the president is groomed and then picked way in advance, and voting is a rather counterproductive process. That said–it is an amazingly effective tool for controlling group behavior. Emotional manipulation is a rather subtle form of psychological manipulation. I picture people at the ‘top of the political food chain’ reading things like this and getting a huge laugh out of it. Pitting people against one another and demonstrating they can be sore losers as well as regressing quite a bit–is just good fun for certain higher ups. And, it beats a lowly cock fight.


Not sure what the heck you’re trying to get at here. All I seem to gather is that you’re attempting to rationalize you’re own apathy with smugness and superiority.

And a recent observation of our election should have been proof enough that grooming and handpicking had not taken place. Your worldview thesis blown up by your own words…

So your disdain for the “engaged” is more than a bit misplaced.

You can pretend to stay above the fray and are superior for it, but that just makes you part of the problem. Those of us in the “cock-fight”, on either side, are the difference makers.

I guess that lady’s response wasn’t politically correct, so the drink tossing should have made his day—that was the great wish for our society was it not.?


To: Josey Wales, did I read your comment correctly? Are you blaming the ill behavior of two “drinking” children on the mayor? Why would you draw such a conclusion? Also, Cal Coast, you are normally right on with your reporting. This is just gossip. Not serious journalism for a thinking populace. And, to all those who didn’t vote for Mayor Harmon, get over it. The public spoke and we ended with a new face in charge. Give her time. I predict she will be a great mayor if the sour grapes crowd will give her a chance, they will see a great listener and communicator. Go Mayor Harmon!

Josey Wales

Mr. Magoot,

With all due respect, I feel that the new Mayor, Heidi Harmon ought to get on with governing and extradite herself from these publicly embarrassing events. Heidi Harmon ought to know that the key to being a progressive is making progress, and this is a step back.

I also disagree with your criticism of CCN’s on reporting this issue. They told the news exactly as they understood it, and I see nor valid criticism of their actions. I do, however, question your judgement if you take every comment as an insult, and I certainly hope Mayor Harmon comports herself professionally and with dignity. To your comment of’ lets give her a chance’, I completely agree and am waiting for her leadership.

Leadership is on the dais, not at a BBQ.

Just saying,

Mr. Josey Wales

Ben Daho

How the hell can you blame ANYONE other than the people throwing drinks? I’m embarrassed for you.


To be clear any one bearing a trump shirt at an assembly of left leaning voters is trolling.

Same if you have a white power shirt at a blm meeting.

Same if you have a build a wall shirt at a pro immigration rally.

Same if you have a anti gun shirt at a pro gun rally.

He was a troll trying to incite action so he can blame someone or everyone for what he was inciting.

Just because the general public was invited to a private function (not a government meeting) does not mean you can be a asshole, then try and wrap yourself in the Constitution.

With freedom comes responsibly.


Come on now! We aren’t talkin’ ’bout THE Constitution, nah! What we got now is an abridged version co-authored by trump and his gang of alt-rights and embraced by all those who couldn’t identfy the right or left of center if they had a map with pop-ups and GPS!

This guy that showed up to the rally with the trump t-shirt on has probably never felt this relivant in his life. Combine that with how trump emolden people with his “I’d kick the shit out of him” or “You can go f*** yourself” or the hundred’s of other trully endearing comments he made and, still makes, I’m absolutely amazed it didn’t escalate to something really ugly.

Look! If you think this type of crap is going to be over anytiome soon, well, you’d be wrong. Some of those 65+ million (and counting) who voted the other way are pissed, and rightly so, and I’m sure some of those will act out in not so good ways (we all can’t be the ever respectful and charming equivilante to the republican party, right?) So, some troll walks by with some dumb ass loud “I Love The trump” t-shirt on, he may get the wrong reaction with some.

Besides, it’s over, right? He back-doored his way in, he’s got the job, so why is it neccessary to keep at it? It AIN’T pride, it can’t be, right? If it is? Well, that’s another discussion all together… Nah! It’s just “boys being boys” and rubbin’ shit all in the faces of the majority.

My advise to those who continue this in your face crap… Hope for the best but expect the worst.

San Louie

“Some of those 65+ million (and counting) who voted the other way are pissed, and rightly so.”

How so? because they backed the wrong horse? They need to get over their childish “outrage.”


This pasty creep is an ass obviously looking for the trouble he got. He deserved that and more.




“For all we know he has a gun in his leg,” said one attendee, according to an audio tape of the incident. “That poor lady.”

Really? That’s the statement that you used? Dramatic much?

Also, ever heard of she started it? Sounds juvenile to say but that’s what this behavior is. Wearing the shirt and the tag to that event was juvenile. But the “poor lady” should never have thrown a drink on anyone, even if he did make the poor decision to wear that name tag. And he could he only exacerbated the problem by stooping down to her level.

They should both be ashamed.