Ruckus over Trump at Harmon’s victory party

December 11, 2016
Heidi Harmon

Heidi Harmon


During San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon’s victory party on Friday, political unrest over Trump led to an argument that included drinks being tossed across a large round banquet table.

While Harmon invited all members of the public to attend her victory party last Friday, several attendees made rude comments to a man who attended the event wearing a Trump T-shirt with a name tag that said “white privilege.” The man, who arrived early, sat at a table at the back of the Masonic Hall on Marsh Street.trump-supporter

While the Trump supporter conversed with a man sitting next to him, a woman at the table yelled at him for wearing a Trump T-shirt, and then tossed her drink across the table hitting the man in the face, multiple attendees confirmed.

With liquid dripping down his shirt, the man stood up, told the woman not to touch him and tossed the contents of his glass at her. After she left the table, a group of men approached the Trump supporter asking him what had occurred, according to a tape of the incident.

While some attendees faulted the woman for attacking the Trump supporter, others found the man at fault for attending the event while wearing a Trump T-shirt.

“For all we know he has a gun in his leg,” said one attendee, according to an audio tape of the incident. “That poor lady.”


What’s happening to the happiest place to live? Seems to be getting more and more vulgar everyday. Isn’t this growth, corruption and political antics disgusting? Unfortunately I think that the lifestyle and quality of life that many of us have known for years is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Although government will be happy as all of these problems will require government to grow to handle these problems, they will be the only winners in the long run. Bring on the high pay, benefits, perks and all the crying that more will be needed.

Rich in MB

So an El Trumpo supporter is attached by a Woman and it’s the Trump Supporters Fault?

I do fault him for throwing his drink back, howerver, a classy way would to have been to turn the other cheek, but then again…its the world we live in today.


He dressed to offend, he was trolling and bears 1/2 of the responsibility.

“its the world we live in today.” 100% cop out.

San Louie

You are wrong!

While the name tag was in poor taste, the t-shirt was not. It really is a sad day here in SLO when one cannot wear a t-shirt with the president-elect’s name on it without fear of being battered.

If that violent woman been wearing a Hillary t-shirt with “I’m no deplorable” written on her name tag and the guy had thrown a drink at her, he would have been arrested.


No, He intentionally wore the shirt, the tag and brought a attitude to a open function at a private facility where he knew people would not be fans of his display.

He trolled pure and simple, he was the bait and put himself there on purpose.

San Louie

So what if he trolled? If the person hosting the event wanted him to leave, that would have been one thing. But to lose control of one’s emotions and throw a drink on someone is simply unacceptable.

Imagine for a moment if the drink-throwing miscreant wore a HILLARY shirt to a Trump celebration party with a “I’m with her” name tag. She likely would have been ignored or possibly laughed at. No emotional imbecile would have made a comment about her possibly carrying a gun.

Interesting how members of these two communities react to such things.


You are confused, never have I defended her throwing a drink at someone.

“Imagine for a moment” Yes you are imagining something, not reality.

If you troll a crowd, you take your chances. People have died for less.

Josey Wales

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I have concerns about the judgement of SLO Mayor Heidi Harmon.

It will be necessary for ‘Mayor’ Harmon to comport herself like an’ insider’ now that she is no longer an ‘outsider’, and she literally invited the trouble to her victory party. Why doesn’t Heidi just can the party and get on with making SLO a better place to be?

The woman who threw the drink ought to be identified and arrested.

Just saying,

Mr. Josey Wales


So some ass trolls a party and now you have “concerns” about her judgement?

Perhaps you can share your real name instead of anonymously throwing shade by name?

The woman who threw the drink and the troll in the shirt ought to be identified and embarrassed.

It could be your shirt in question.

Just saying

San Louie

Actually that woman should have been arrested.


a man who attended the event wearing a Trump T-shirt with a name tag that said “white privilege.”


It’s not the Trump T-shirt that’s offensive. It’s that the guy claimed white privilege. That’s one step shy of white power which is one step shy of KKK.

Offensive anyway you look at it.

Rich in MB

HA ha ha…come on, that is a poke at the entire White Privileged Meme Myth Lie that the liberals like to spread. There is no such thing…


come on, that is a poke at the entire White Privileged Meme Myth Lie


How is that?


“at the entire White Privileged Meme Myth Lie that the conservatives like to spread about the liberals. There is no such thing…”

Fixed it for you.

Look at who is sharing the lie, you, not some other group…..

Kevin Rice

Or, perhaps you are unable to recognize sarcasm.


Or, perhaps you are unable to recognize sarcasm.


I’m pretty good at sarcasm. Where’s the sarcasm? Where’s the humor? Why would anyone find that sarcastically funny?

He may have thought he was being sarcastic but there’s nothing funny in calling yourself racist.


After all the crap that was pushed during the election, this SCENE is starting to feel like it’s staged. Too much Drama.


We love the drama – we eat it up like pig-slop. No one pushes anything on us. How hard is it to turn off 24-hour “news entertainment” or “I-like-what-I-hear” radio?


Yea good job start with the standard false flag, they did it to themselves bullshit.

No, some are trolls is the answer.


When Obama won in 2008 the very next morning I encountered someone at work with a shirt and pic of Obama. They were happy about his win and not knowing my political slant asked, isn’t it great? I told them I didn’t vote for him. They started to apologize and I asked why? I said there is nothing wrong being happy your guy won. We can agree to disagree.

This is how the woman should have handled it BUT she didn’t. I don’t care what the man’s response was after she threw the drink. She instigated it and escalated it. She should have ignored and moved on.


pre-schoolers in the sandbox; all of them. this IS where we are at. GROW UP


It’s too bad this woman felt she had to make a scene at the victory party. She was lucky that the man didn’t simply call the police at that point (hate crime).


He wore the shirt knowing it might incite someone in his direction, he bears responsibility that he is not owning up to.

Just another Troll on private property trying to incite so he can blame another for his actions.


That’s why we all learn to act as adults, especially at a function where you don’t want any trouble. As far as the Trump shirt guy, think of it this way. Do we blame the woman wearing the provocative tiny top for a sexual assault?


Citizen says:”Do we blame the woman wearing the provocative tiny top for a sexual assault?”

If she walked into a biker bar, it would be bad judgment, just like this guy this adult.

100% troll move.

Kevin Rice

If he was so scary and you think he might have a gun, then why would you verbally assail him and commit battery? Yeah, it doesn’t add up, and I’m not buying it. The woman is easily drawn out and committed a crime as a result of her juvenile insecurity. Too bad the man reciprocated. He showed his juvenile side also.


Yep. Would have been great if he hadn’t retaliated.

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