Ruckus over Trump at Harmon’s victory party

December 11, 2016
Heidi Harmon

Heidi Harmon


During San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon’s victory party on Friday, political unrest over Trump led to an argument that included drinks being tossed across a large round banquet table.

While Harmon invited all members of the public to attend her victory party last Friday, several attendees made rude comments to a man who attended the event wearing a Trump T-shirt with a name tag that said “white privilege.” The man, who arrived early, sat at a table at the back of the Masonic Hall on Marsh Street.trump-supporter

While the Trump supporter conversed with a man sitting next to him, a woman at the table yelled at him for wearing a Trump T-shirt, and then tossed her drink across the table hitting the man in the face, multiple attendees confirmed.

With liquid dripping down his shirt, the man stood up, told the woman not to touch him and tossed the contents of his glass at her. After she left the table, a group of men approached the Trump supporter asking him what had occurred, according to a tape of the incident.

While some attendees faulted the woman for attacking the Trump supporter, others found the man at fault for attending the event while wearing a Trump T-shirt.

“For all we know he has a gun in his leg,” said one attendee, according to an audio tape of the incident. “That poor lady.”


The way this article reads, it sounds as if this woman struck this guy in the face with her glass, cup or whatever the beverage was served in along with the beverage, where upon he retaliated by just tossing the contents of his minus the container. Her actions were way over the line while his (although inappropriate) were restrained in comparison.Then remarks are made insinuating that because he is a Trump supporter he probably has a gun strapped to his leg. The reality of that is because we live in ” Commiefornia” the odds of him carrying a gun are pretty low. I don’t agree with the message on the T-shirt, but he has the right to wear it. The liberal hypocrisy on display here is an example of the reason why I for one have shifted farther to the right.

Jorge Estrada

Violent women should always be avoided and violent men should go to jail. Kudos to the gentleman for his restraint.


Shouldn’t that read all violent people should go to jail? In a trully equal society that would be the case, right?

Yes I agree, kudos to the gentlemen for showing restraint, something the person he supports shows little of.

Jorge Estrada

In a truly equal society it is an eye for an eye, something that Trump avoids because he has a destination that does not afford stupid detours.


And what destination would that be? Another woman’s crotch? Or another teenage beauty contests changing room or to the cesspool he’s refilling the swamp from? Maybe just to the store to pick-up tic-tacs?




Purgatory? Maybe, but only if there’s any room left after all the christians who voted for the trump have checked in….

A little remionder to the afore mentioned CINO’s (christian in name only)…

“I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.”

“So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” Revelations 3:15&16

I’m just sayin’ y’all


So, if ms harmon is such a great choice to lead the city of SLO, her first bit of official business should be to quell this BS. What does any of this have to do with running the city?


Was it Marx who tossed the first drink?????


What time was this “Party”? If it was at night they probably used artificial lighting! Don’t they know that uses energy? And creates more Global Warming? Why didn’t they have it outside in the sunshine? They probably all drove there too! Hippocrates!!! Planet killers!!!


There is guy around town up here that wears a “Jail Hillary” t-shirt every frickin’ day! And when it gets cold, which is every day now, he wears a sweatshirt that is emblazened with the same crap! It’s probably the first time in his life he’s felt relivent and won’t give it up for a minute.

Mixin’ alcohol with politics, especially after the farse of an election we’ve just experienced, isn’t a good mix; combine that with an obvious (buzz word alert) racially charged “name tag” and you’ll get this type of behavour.

I’m gonna get a t-shirt that declares the love that trump has for our children, especially those young teenage girls he walked in on in his Miss Teen USA Beauty Contest and gawked at when they were in many forms of undress. The minority has spoken and their true values have been voiced….


Now, do we know if this was a literally un-serious t-shirt? Or a figuratively serious t-shirt? Remember that we now have our first figuratively-elected president that (almost, but actually less than half of) the country takes seriously. Ain’t tribalism swell?


Lololololol. Omfg. Really? San Luis Obispo, the only place I know where this would or could possibly happen. Lololololol.

Welcome to the machine Heidi.

San Louie

While that name tag was in bad taste, the shirt was not. It’s a sad day in SLO when anyone needs to be cautious about wearing a shirt with the president-election of the USA’s name on it. That’s nuts.

The intolerant miscreant who threw her drink because her feelings were offended should have been arrested. I really hope her behavior in no way reflects the temperament of Heidi Harmon.