California suffers ‘first casualty of the Trump presidency’

January 21, 2017

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California is tabling its plan to allow illegal immigrants to buy health insurance from the exchange created by the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. Though congressional Republicans have launched an effort to repeal Obamacare, a California lawmaker is citing Trump’s purported mass deportation plan as reason to drop the health insurance registration effort.

Obamacare prohibits illegal immigrants from buying health insurance through state exchanges. Last June, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill authored by state Sen. Ricardo Lara into law.

The bill directed the state exchange Covered California to apply for a waiver that would allow illegal immigrants to access Obamacare. Peter Lee, the executive director of Covered California then submitted the waiver application on Sept. 30.

On Wednesday, state Sen. Ricardo Lara announced he decided to withdraw the waiver application after learning the ruling would be delayed until President Donald Trump took office.

“Had to make a tough decision tonight,” Lara wrote on Twitter. “Protecting our immigrants’ info is paramount.”

Lara released a statement further explaining his decision.

“I am withdrawing the Health4All waiver request because I don’t trust the Trump Administration to do what’s best for California to implement the waiver in a way that protects people’s privacy and health,” Lara said. “The Health4All waiver is the first California casualty of the Trump presidency. I take Trump at his words that anyone is subject to deportation at any time, and California will not be part of a wasteful and inhumane campaign against immigrants who are working hard and playing by the rules.”

California’s application stated, if the waiver is granted, illegal immigrants would not be eligible for federal subsidies, and they would have to pay the full cost of coverage. A University of California Berkeley team estimates approximately 17,000 undocumented immigrants would get health coverage through the state exchange as a result of the waiver.

If the United States Department of Health and Human Services had issued the waiver, California would have become the first state to offer Obamacare to illegal immigrants, something President Barack Obama vowed would not occur.

It is currently unclear to what extent the Republican-controlled Congress plans to repeal Obamacare.


Take all of the illegals make Gandy dancers out them to build Timker Bells high speed rail road to nowhere. If you don’t know what a Gandy dancer is that is the old term for rail layers.

Ben Daho

so, the First guy wants them to NOT buy into our system because a paperwork issue. YOU want them to take jobs? You two ought to have a cup of coffee and get your stories straight


Yea, they use to call rail layers “chinks”, “paddy’s” and many other warm and tender things as well.


How nice that a bunch of white illegal immigrants (your ancestors came here uninvited and without any permit, killed the locals and stole this land) are pointing their fat greedy fingers at those fleeing violence and poverty to work hard for a better life. It is costly, time consuming and difficult to immigrate here (legally or illegally), especially if not white and broke.

We have become a mean nation, and meanness is now national policy from the billionaires who will rob all of us, especially those on the bottom who voted for them.

Can’t wait to see all the partisan down votes from the trolls in our midst.

Kaiser Bill

This wasn’t a country before white people came here. So White people didn’t “steal the land,” more like they created a nation where warring tribes existed.

If White people are so mean and racist as you claim, then why are Mexican trying so hard to immigrate to a majority white country? Why can’t Mexicans improve their own country? Much of Europe, Japan and South Korea were wastelands after WWII, yet those countries aren’t poor anymore.

Some European nations couldn’t really start rebuilding until the fall of Communism in 1990, which I’m sure caused you to shed a tear when the Hammer and Sickle flag was lowered forever at the Kremlin. Why can’t Mexico improve itself as other nations have done?


And what a country we have created. We took it from warring nations and made it into one warring nation. A step up I guess for those who’s moniker is that of an “emperor”…


So I assume you’ve opened your home to illegal immigrants to live in then. Why don’t you publicly provide your address so they know where to go? No? Then you’re a hypocrite.

This is our home that we built with our sweat and blood. We have every right to set rules on who is invited here.

California Care is simply health insurance welfare and you advocate giving that welfare to people who are not citizens, didn’t earn it and have broken our laws being here. And by “giving” you mean forcing other people to pay for it because I doubt you are. Funny how you claim the high moral ground giving away other peoples earnings, something that is not yours to give. You are simply trying to imposing your envy and greed on others while claiming to do good at others expense.


Your sweat and blood doesn’t cover the sweat and blood lost by my People in your “Manifest Destiny” theft of this Land. It is not your country by legal definition that is now the law of the land! You stole it at the point of a gun which today would equate to armed robbery. You killed those that got in your way, which today would equate to murder. You laid in wait and planned those murders, which equates in your world to earning the death penalty! You tried to kill all of the People, which today would equate to genocide!

And please don’t fool yourself that because it isn’t your generation that perpetrated this theft, these murders or the attempted genocide of the People you’re not responsible, you are just as responsible as a person convicted of complicity after the fact!

We have become a mean nation but who could expect anything else. It was built on theft and murder so why is it we get our panties in a bunch when someone suggests such things?

It is not your Land! It is not mine! The Land belongs to itself and 4.5 billions years of this Land’s existence proves that fact out! So get over yourself there DB as this Land would be far better off without out any of us, period!


L.A.RamsFan “It is not your Land! It is not mine! ”

What ethnic are you per say ?

If Indian, then you should know that it was the Mexicans who first conquered California from the Indians.

After that, the American Forces conquered California from the Mexicans.

FYI, for as long as humans have been on the earth…The LAND hasn’t belonged to itself.


I’m of mixed decent with about 25% being of Native American decent and the other 75% a mixed bag of English, Welsh, Irish and French. As I have said before the two surnames I came from are two of the oldest on the continent with one that is one of the first European sir names to marry into the Peoples.

I think that I have learned that it was the Spaniards who first conquered the western Peoples, those Spaniards being of European decent. Mexico came later after their split with Spain, correct? And the Land taken included Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Oregon and Washington along with California, correct? If I’m wrong please correct me. American forces used Mexicans and sympathetic Native Americans as surrogates in their ultimate demise of western Peoples, correct?

You’re right about the Land and I stand corrected. Thank you.


a democrat is to be blamed for the loss of CA, AZ, NV, UT to the US. looks like we paid for and and assumed debt as well.


Semantics. –The Republicans became the Democrats and the Democrats became the Republicans–

Silly ass semantics!


Actually ‘we’ built this land largely on the sweat and blood of native Americans, imported Chinese workers and black slaves we had stolen from their homes in Africa. Columbus and many subsequent ‘liberators’ were vicious butchers.

Actually I HAVE provided shelter to ‘illegal’ immigrants, and it made me feel proud. I’m not consumed with greed and smug self righteousness like my dear friends in the tea party.

It is our way of life, as it is in most nations, to share in the costs of conducting society. Sometimes we put in more than we get out, sometimes the other way around. There is NO way to determine the details without resorting to anarchy-is that what you propose?

Did I answer your silly accusations OK for you?

I can tell you know how to read since you must have read my post before so why don’t you read up on these things in some books, you might be surprised.


Typical leftest dogma.

You really believe this county is wealthy because of slavery or Chinese cheap labor?

How stupid are you?

This country is wealthy because we invented and produced things like no other country before starting with a heritage built on European science and technology. The US added individual liberty and protection of individual property including intellectual property inspiring people to come here legally and create things like never before. Henry Ford made cars available to the average man through manufacturing innovation. A process that spread over the world raising everyone’s standard of living. Thomas Edison gave us the electric light bulb, the phonograph and many other things that changed the world. Ever hear of the transistor, the integrated circuit or the microprocessor? The basis of nearly everything electronic today? Last I heard slaves didn’t invent or produce any of those things. The list is long of US innovation – none of which was created by slaves or cheap labor.

If slave labor was the source of wealth, parts of Africa would be very wealthy by now because slavery still goes on there.

And by the way, you have no business scolding anyone about being self-righteous. Go look in the mirror. You were the one lecturing everyone on your twisted morality.


“You really believe this county is wealthy because of slavery or Chinese cheap labor?”

Yep, I do! If not because of it, it surely was built upon it. And without the infrastructure there is no invention(s).

Henry Ford was an innovator but he was also a big, big, big fan of the Nazi Party. Thomas Edison stole most of his ideas from those who worked for him and if push came to shove Tesla was far more innovative than him (you can thank Tesla for Alternating Current as an example, and the radio [no, not Marconi])

There are parts of Africa that ARE very wealthy today because of their slavery past and present. Do a little reading and you’ll see. But mostly it’s countries like ours who still benefit from that ongoing slavery.

No, slaves didn’t invent much, that’s true. I would venture a guess that would probably be due to the slavery thing rather than a lack of intelligence, right? Your post would indicate it would HAVE to be lack of intelligence because slavery would even hamper the most intelligent white guy out there to come up with anything other than what would keep him or her alive, right?!!!

Kaiser Bill

This country wasn’t built by black slaves. Without slavery, we’d probably be like Canada, which never had much slavery. Canada is doing fine and the lack of slavery was a positive trend, as it didn’t leave a legacy of an imported underclass.

There were many white slaves throughout history, including in the United States. Slavery hasn’t existed in America for over 150 years, so blaming any lack of success on slavery for black people is a lame argument.

Rich in MB


Well that pretty much says it all now don’t it.


Well a good number of “pacifists” and leftest were enamored with Hitler and Stalin at the time. They were mostly Democrats – like Henry Ford.

Ever hear of Godwin’s Law?

Regarding Tesla, you are making my point – he was an American.

And this may come as a surprise to you but when you employ people to invent things, the employer owns those inventions.

Have you actually employed anyone with a payroll? Are you saying that your employees owned what they were paid to do for you?

Care to point out what “infrastructure” the slaves built here? Since slavery was essentially only in the south east you ought to be able to find it there somewhere…

Regarding intelligence, as usual you jump to conclusions not in evidence by any of my comments. No human slave feels compelled to invent for others period. That should be self evident. Slaves are not particularly productive either. Slavery is simply evil and counter productive as a whole.

I notice you keep on bringing up skin color. Why is that? That’s what racist do.

You’ve clearly shown you are incapable of factual discussion. There’s no point in arguing made of facts as there’s no end to it.


The last sentence should have been:

There’s no point in arguing made up facts as there’s no end to it.


Enough about each other.


Actually I HAVE provided shelter to ‘illegal’ immigrants…

U didn’t say that you invited illegals into your home…hum

What shelter did you provide ?


Unfortunately all I can see here is that all of legals in California are probably going to be burdened further with higher taxes to pay for the illegals. Da, is anyone one ever going to get it?


That was going to happen anyway if the waiver was approved. American working class cannot afford the premiums and high deductibles, so who do you think was going to subsidize the illegal insurance premiums. Where do you think our State money is going now? Schools, after school care, buses, babies, housing, food stamps, etc. are costing us millions as we continue to get taxed to death, our roads, water supplies, schools, teacher pensions, prisons, etc are costing us a fortune. Hell, we can’t even put all these illegals in jail because there is no room so we catch and release and the crime escalates. Welcome to the New America!


Sounds fair to me as California didn’t elect Trump anyway!! I expect more problems for this this state in the future. Let’s try to balance our budget before more giveaways….get a life!!


Well Ricky Ricardo Lara, if they were playing by the rules they would be in this country to begin with. What a stupid statement made by a dumbass. They are illegal for God’s sake. Send them back because they are not “playing by the rules”.

Rich in MB

Day Two and he’s already helping to Make America Great Again by throwing Obamacare under the bus…bumb…bump…

Happy Days folks…happy days.


Because millions of uninsured people will save everyone so much money when the emergency room becomes their doctor’s office right?

Kaiser Bill

Whether you’re for Obamacare or not, why the hell should illegal aliens get subsidized health care from the American taxpayers?

Rich in MB

No…the illegalstrainer will be deported.’s easy


They are not simply “uninsured”. They are not citizens and are here illegally. Securing the border means they are not using our emergency rooms and doctors and then the problem is solved.


Then you will finally get that coveted job picking vegetables or cleaning offices at night for minimum wage or less right? You can choose to live in fantasy land if you like, I prefer a more pragmatic approach


You do know there’s a legal process for seasonal workers to enter and exit the country right? Or do you just assume that everyone working out in a field is an illegal? Many of them would be insulted by your ignorant assumptions.

And that has nothing to do with the wholesale violation of our borders.


Your concern for the feelings of others is so genuine and heartwarming! LOL.


Your stereotyping of people who work in the fields and clean offices isn’t heart warming. It is demeaning.


OOPS! My bad. I forgot the majority of people here illegally were doctors and lawyers. Your false sense of outrage is laughable. You may have a job waiting for you in the new administration or at least on the O’Reilly show. Take a walk get some fresh air. You’ll feel better.


FEAR, shame on you! I don’t believe he ended Obamacare he halted any changes being made until further review. You can still go ahead buy Obamacare, pay a high premium, high deductible and then find someone to take it and finally wait forever to get in to see someone. Unless you get it free (yes, there are exceptions and some good parts, two to be exactly, pre-existing and age 26) this program is a mess!


Yabutt..Obama care made so many jobs and profits for somebody. I can say its not me or any of my coworkers as our health care is up 30% and rising. When are us working folk gonna get some handouts Mr.politician man?

Rich in MB

Help is on the way….



MAGA! Built on Twitter posts, locker room talk and a pension for Putin? Wow! I can hardly wait!

MAGA is now the slogan for those who would drag us back to cronyism, keep us stuck in gerrymandering, line the pockets of the 1%er’s and corporations, keep the best medical care for only those who can afford it, put our women in the hands of back alley coat hanger abortionists, put the church in control of our moral compass, stigmatize anyone not white, continue a war on drugs that is and has been an abysmal failure and have a government not only not by or of the people but not for the people as well.

Divide is to conquer and it is happening and all under the guise of MAGA…

Now, IT’S TIME FOR SOME FOOTBALL! Now that’s what makes America Great, don’t ya know?!!!


I find it interesting that we blame everyone, anyone other than the insurance companies for the increase in health care costs. They’ve succeeded in their campaign of taught ignorance and are getting richer by the moment….


If you are illegal you are not playing by the rules! Thank God Trump is having an affect on runaway Calif. I hope the sanctuary cities and absurd 2nd amendment restrictions are next to go along with moonbeam.


Sounds like progress to me!


And this is a problem?

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