California suffers ‘first casualty of the Trump presidency’

January 21, 2017

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California is tabling its plan to allow illegal immigrants to buy health insurance from the exchange created by the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. Though congressional Republicans have launched an effort to repeal Obamacare, a California lawmaker is citing Trump’s purported mass deportation plan as reason to drop the health insurance registration effort.

Obamacare prohibits illegal immigrants from buying health insurance through state exchanges. Last June, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill authored by state Sen. Ricardo Lara into law.

The bill directed the state exchange Covered California to apply for a waiver that would allow illegal immigrants to access Obamacare. Peter Lee, the executive director of Covered California then submitted the waiver application on Sept. 30.

On Wednesday, state Sen. Ricardo Lara announced he decided to withdraw the waiver application after learning the ruling would be delayed until President Donald Trump took office.

“Had to make a tough decision tonight,” Lara wrote on Twitter. “Protecting our immigrants’ info is paramount.”

Lara released a statement further explaining his decision.

“I am withdrawing the Health4All waiver request because I don’t trust the Trump Administration to do what’s best for California to implement the waiver in a way that protects people’s privacy and health,” Lara said. “The Health4All waiver is the first California casualty of the Trump presidency. I take Trump at his words that anyone is subject to deportation at any time, and California will not be part of a wasteful and inhumane campaign against immigrants who are working hard and playing by the rules.”

California’s application stated, if the waiver is granted, illegal immigrants would not be eligible for federal subsidies, and they would have to pay the full cost of coverage. A University of California Berkeley team estimates approximately 17,000 undocumented immigrants would get health coverage through the state exchange as a result of the waiver.

If the United States Department of Health and Human Services had issued the waiver, California would have become the first state to offer Obamacare to illegal immigrants, something President Barack Obama vowed would not occur.

It is currently unclear to what extent the Republican-controlled Congress plans to repeal Obamacare.


Ben Daho:

It’s not a bullshit answer. Words either they have meaning or they don’t. Illegal means you violated a law theough commision or ommission, period. It doesn’t matter if it is a traffic law, an environmental law or an immigration law; you break it you have committed an illegal act.

In 1956 President Eisenhower sent Federal troops to Little Rock, Arkansas to enforce the Federal court order to desegregate the schools when Governor Orville Faubus refused to do so.

President Eisenhower told his biographer, Stephen Ambrose that although he did not agree with the ruling it was his duty to carry out the order of the court. Eisenhower then said, “When the day comes where we only comply with the laws we personally agree with the end of the American system of government will be at hand.”

As for your assertion only illegal immigrants will do certain work, I call bullshit. Go to places like Wyoming and you find Americans doing all the jobs because they are the only ones available.


A foreigner who enters the U.S. without an entry or immigrant visa, especially a person who crosses the border by avoiding inspection or who overstays the period of time allowed as a visitor, tourist, or businessperson. Compare resident alien. Expand. Also called illegal immigrant will not be eligible for the ACA.

Why is California government so hell bent on being and taking actions that are in opposition with the law of the land?

Kaiser Bill

Because we have one party rule under the Democrats, who cater their policies towards Hispanic illegals.

Look at what happened in South Africa after Apartheid under African National Congress, the same ineptitude from a left wing dominant party with no opposition is happening here in California.


Then, Kaiser, it is time for a change…Agreed?


California is being introduced to Indiana. Take a hard look at Mike Pence. He may be your next President. Be afraid.


Hit the nail on the head there ‘oboy! Right on the f***in’ head! I’m not much of a conspiracy guy but I think something is afoul here…

Kaiser Bill

I hope Pence isn’t the successor to Trum, because he’s a weak conservative unlike Trump’s strong nationalism! But Pence will be better than Obama. Hopefully someone like Kris Kobach succeeds Trump in 2024.


No, not the first causality. No, that would be the Presidency.


Wait, let me get this straight… by NOT giving free stuff to people here that are breaking our laws, that is a CASUALTY of Trump’s presidency? Wow. Reach much?

On a side note, a VERY-pro-Obama / pro-Obamacare family I know was just burned because they owned a house (they’re retired) so they do not qualify for all that cheap (free) healthcare they were promised. It only took them 8 years to realize it was a load of shit. I guess better late than never.

It is sad when having a job or making payments on a house precludes one from any assistance. How dare people try to claw their way out of the holes government likes to put them in.


Freedom doesn’t ring so loud when the bank or some other financial institution owns what little you think you have or when a job expects more production from less workers to their financial benefit while not paying you or I what we are worth. Don’t you think? Or do you think?

It is sad that your ability to make house payments precludes you from any assistance, but you demand it from others so why shouldn’t it apply to you. Beside your post attests to the fact that you looked into getting the same “free stuff”, right? So I guess it became wrong only when you were turned down?

Most of those who receive SNAP benefits are working people, some of those make house payments, so why not you? Maybe you’ve let yourself live beyond your means and are in need of some self discipline rather than assistance. I was a home owner that got SNAP benefits and assistance from the government to augment my employer co-paid health care, to feed and keep my wife and child healthy I had to.

The poster who pointed out the obvious downfall of not providing benefits to those “termed” illegal has a valid point, one folks like you don’t get when all caught up in your MAGA. I’d rather have them in a system that they partially pay for, the insurance company pays for while not having the debt we all absorb from the outrageous cost of emergency room visits.


I like Hispanics. I like folk from Asia. Frankly, I like them much more than people from Northern Europe or typical Americans. BUT have you ever been to Latin America or Monsoon Asia? Masses of poor people. Masses … You want that here? You want to compete against their wages? You want to line up with their healthcare? You want to live in their ‘hoods?


Or run with their “possies”, or hang with their “homies”, or live in their “ghettos”, or whatever other disparaging term you can use to show your intolerance for something you don’t have a clue about.

No, we don’t want “that” here (masses of poor people) but at the same time when you spout our life style supremacy over theirs what the f*** do you expect. I’ve never been to those places you’ve mentioned but I’ve been pretty well far south of the U.S. border and the one thing that has always caught my attention is the fact that America permeates those peoples lives far more than their own cultures do. Explain that one to me! Then we go in and try and force our form of “democracy” on them and when that fails they run to us! What the f***!


America is a business, not a soup kitchen. Take care of those who are incapable, not the lazy who wont. Create jobs, work hard, live better free of Gov intervention. What more can one need?


A business can be a soup kitchen if ran properly, look at the for profit publicly traded (UK) corporation called “The Salvation Army”… I agree with your post though, I do. Here read this and see what you think and how it could have possibly achieved that goal:

Big business doesn’t want those things, not at all…


So, come to America, get free stuff. Or better yet skip years of Government red tape from people from all around the world who are migrating here legally and think you are special because you haven’t been caught? Amazing how the Left sees enforcing laws meant to keeping immigration ‘fair’ as somehow worthy of ignoring in the name of being ‘fair.’ Also amazing that other countries enforce border laws with harsh punishment but somehow that little fact is never mentioned by the ‘everyone’s welcome here’ crowd. It’s criminal that American’s are homeless while illegal immigrants overwhelm our ERs.



My former wife and myself went through the years of red tape of getting her here legally. I went through the cost and effort doing it the right way and getting treated like I wasn’t every f***in’ time we were in one of those offices. I travelled over 500 miles each way on two separate occasions only to be turned away because of an item of paperwork they omitted from their list faxed to me. Could I come back later that day or could I get an appointment for the next, NO! I had to go back home and make an appointment then (the INS Office in the area I was in did not take by mail applications). We got through that with the help of a pissed off California Congresswoman… That’s not it though…

Try the INS Office in Miami if you ever want to see the true effects of smaller government has! We spent 13 hours there (they were so over worked and understaffed that if you were in the waiting area with an appointment and hadn’t been seen by closing they closed the doors to any “new customers” but you stayed and saw someone) to only get greeted and serviced by some poor woman who couldn’t see past her glasses from exhaustion! She was so tired that she had a hard time comprehending why we were there as we had a son born here which pretty much exclude his mother from deportation anyway! Then she proceeded to neglect giving my sons mother any of her paperwork back, including her passport, I9 docs’ and her restricted Social Security Card. She was TRULLY ILLEGAL now! Again, we sorted it out and yes with the help of a very pissed off Illinois Congressman…

My former wife now tells people from her country wanting to come here legally that it might not be worth the effort…Not just because of the shit we went through but because, well, it might not be worth it…



They are here illegally. Either we are a nation of laws or we are not. Those who want gun control laws, environmental laws and hate crime laws better pick a lane.

The word illegal either means “contrary to or forbidden by law” or it doesn’t.

If the word is meaningless then I will submit it is meaningless in all other applications and uses. In which case Mr. Resnick might as well fire up his catepillars and clear the rest of the oaks on his land so he can grow more grapes..

I am sorry they broke our laws to come here looking for a better life, but there is a legal mechanism in place to immigrate legally; they made a choice not to follow our laws and now there will be consequences, as there are for all actions.

Ben Daho

that’s a bullshit answer. The ONLY law Republicans are concerned with is one with Brown skinned people. Period.

they were NOT wanting Free healthcare like they;ll get by showing up to the emergency room, this was a chance for them to SPEND MONEY into the healthcare system reducing the risk pool. People complain that they pay for health insurance and don;t use it. Now we have people willing to buy into the system reducing the overall financial burden by spreading the risk and you cherry pick ONE law.

Have you ever looked at any building code violations? when was the last time you were driving over the speed limit and someone passed you? did you care that they were breaking the law in “This nation of laws?” We’ve seen your ilk for the last 25 years.

We have allegedly 12 Million Illegal immigrants. That means 97% of the people in AMERICA are here legally. MOST illegal aliens are those that overstayed their Visa’s and they are NOT all Mexicans.

If you want that job that they took from you cleaning the filthy motel 6 upset stomach splattered sheets and toilets put in an application like everyone else. You don’t get no free stuff, right? Get your butt in gear and wipe down the mirros with the dried toothpaste and wear gloves because these Cal poly kids think it’s hilarious to leave used condoms all over the T.V,, Lamp, Remote control under pillows and on door handles but, you must know that. you’re ONLY concerned because it was a law they broke.

We’re tired of the racist bullshit.

Rich in MB

Ben, elections have consequences.

As a Obama told the loses, we won, you lost.

Paybacks a Bitch ain’t it.


It is only you and Pete talking about skin color and yet you call everyone else racists. For racists it is all about skin color, that’s all they see. Why is it that’s all you seem to see?


It’s a form of profiling. Remember though that we are not suppose to do that. Of course it’s ok if you can use it for whatever endeavor you may want.


Racist, Ben? Hardly. The Obama Administration, in effect, said “no” by passing this along to the Trump administration. Why? Because the ACA excludes people here illegally, and the Obama administration didn’t want to thwart a law passed by Democrats.

California wanted the waiver for 17,000 rich illegal immigrants who could afford to pay the full price of an Obamacare policy, and to start a slew of waivers which would eventually allow illegal immigrants to get full policies with taxpayer subsidies.


“We’re tired of the racist bullshit.”

Is that so? A great many Mexican nationals are “white.” You’re aware of that right?

You know what I’m tired of? People that scream racism or a host of other judgements when they personally disagree about something.

I’m also tired of people that break the laws of the country they physically reside in. Most of all I’m tired of a POS country that’s so corrupt that many of its citizens need to sneak north to make a living.