Search is on for couple last spotted at Ragged Point

January 3, 2017
Olivia Hannah Gonzalez and Brian Fernandez

Olivia Hannah Gonzalez and Brian Fernandez

A North Hollywood couple was due to return home from a trip to Big Sur in time for Christmas, yet the man and woman are still missing. The couple’s path has been tracked to San Luis Obispo County’s North Coast. [KSBY]

The last credit card purchase attributed to Brian Fernandez, 21, and Olivia Hannah Gonzalez, 20, shows the couple stopped at the Old Cambria Market Place on Main street on Dec. 23. Also, a Cambria woman reported seeing the couple at Ragged Point.

On Saturday morning, the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office deployed a fixed wing airplane to scan the coast and try to locate the couple’s car. The search was not successful.

Sheriff’s officials said there had been heavy rain and rockslides in the area. The Monterey sheriff’s office planned to continue searching, weather permitting.

Fernandez and Gonzalez were driving a tan 2002 four-door Honda Civic with a California license numbered 5VUD295. The couple was traveling with two large dogs.

Gonzalez’s sister, Vanessa Guzman, said she contacted Apple in attempt to locate her sister’s phone. That effort was reportedly plagued by Guzman not knowing her sister’s password.

Nonetheless, Guzman is maintaining hope. She says there are still presents waiting under the Christmas tree.

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I’ve spent a lot of time up there; from Ragged Point to Gorda. Beautiful but can be awfully dangerous as well. The folks working and living at Gorda know that area better than anyone, maybe they can be of some help…

I hope they’re okay…

Looks like they’re dead, see the comment below

Yea, I know…

I can’t imagine what their folks are goin’ through right now. Young, good lookin’ couple with the world ahead of them…

Makes ya wonder…

Tan car found 300+’ over the side neat Ragged Point late this afternoon. I body anda dead dog have been spotted by the vehicle. The rearch/recovery continues.

What a tragic event, a young couple missing:(

I don’t think wild speculation is appropriate at this time!

Prayers for the missing couple and their distraught family’s!!!

Now is the time for sheriff Parkinson’s to redeem his pricy ego boat. His department should be searching the coast line in the notoriously dangerous big sur cliffs area instead of doing nothing but racking up tax payers maintenance fees while he waits for his next photo op. Odds are the vehicle went over cliffs. I’m not sure about jurisdiction rules but they should be searching by boat and roadway in those treacherous areas.

What are your qualifications to dictate how a search and rescue/recovery should be conducted?

WTF? Wrong page buddy. How do sex traffickers cause Rain and rockslides?

This is tragic. People aren’t fully aware these days–and are not dialed into reality. In reality, there are more sex slave traffickers than ever, and they almost always have a smooth and convincing story. There are also sites that will tell you how many sociopathic predators are suspected to be active at any given time-in any given area. People think when they travel some place that it out of the city that it is safer–but that is not always the case.

Now negative, not knowing the facts! First, has the car been found? If the car is missing maybe they went somewhere else at the end of their trip. Maybe they got lost! Sex Slave Trafficers (yes, it is a problem) does not jump to the top of my list of “maybe’s” for this couple.

I do hope they find this couple well but the car should be the big lead on this case!

“People aren’t fully aware these days–and are not dialed into reality. ” Yes, on the internet even.

“more sex slave traffickers than ever” Ragged point? really?

woah, apparently your sanity is circling the drain. How did your crazy train leap from this to sex trafficing?