3,000 gallons of sewage spilled in SLO

February 18, 2017

The San Luis Obispo County Health Department is asking people to avoid Garden Creek in SLO after 3,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled Friday into the creek.

Shortly before 4 p.m., storm water drainage caused a manhole on the 300 block of Ramona Drive to spill sewage. As of late Friday evening, the spill was ongoing.

San Luis Obispo utilities staff continue to monitor the spill.

County officials are asking people to avoid contact with creek and ocean waters during and after storm events because of increased bacteria levels.


This continues to be a sickening issue. SLO is a Joke when it comes to protecting our environment. How does it make any sense? You can’t even have a Drive-Thru, but you can allow Raw Sewage to Dump Often All over this County!!! IS this why the Board refused the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary? Can you imagine the fines?

With all of these Toxic Spills, why has SLO ignored the problem?

From the SLO County page….

“A beach closure has been issued for Avila Beach between the creek and the pier due to a sewage release. “Release?? Almost sounds purposeful, what happened to “Spill”?

I would like to see a full list of ALL “SPILLS” or “Releases” over the past few years.

How many Gallons?

Here are just a few, I know this is no where near complete…..

6/8/15 – 500 gallons

7/7/15 – 2000 gallons Oceano

12/19/15 – 85,000 gallons Camp Slo

12/23/15 – CMC 72,000 gallons

2/1/16 – 13,500 gallons

1/15/17 – 2,000 gallons CMC

1/23/17 – 42,000 gallons

same date, 36,.000 gallons

And Let us NOT forget back in 2010 the 160,000 tp 18,0000 gallons of Raw Sewage from Oceano.


Someone voted me down??? LOL for what? You don’t mind Raw Sewage in our creeks and Ocean? You know it carries disease right? LOL Not that I need to be :touted”, just help me understand your downplay point…..?

JB Bronson

Re: Homeless living in the creek under SLO. What happened to CAP-SLO and Dee Torres arguing they had all the solutions for the homeless? Did federal funding dry up?

What does Laurel Weir do? Did we just create another County position called County Homeless Services Coordinator?


Any possibility that SLO needs to update its sewage system? These sewage spills happen every time it rains.

Jorge Estrada

Will they fix the problem and stop the cash flow from the rate payers to the regulatory agencies? I think not, instead the proposed Marine Sanctuary will be waiting for some of the penalty fee cash flow too.


Taken a hike down San Luis Creek lately? The creek is filled with homeless camps where the occupants regularly wash their clothes, dump used empty fuel containers for cook stoves and toss depleted car batteries into the creek when they’re no longer any good. They also appear to be using it as their own sanitation system. So while 3,000 gallons of waste from the sewage plant is indeed troubling, far more troubling is the normal condition we find the creek in year-round. All of this water, weather contaminated by homeless people or the city sewage plant flows right into Avila Beach where thousands of people frolic in the Surfline every year.


Lately? I think lately most of the homeless camps by the creek probably got washed away by the high levels of storm water raging down the creek!

But yes, I agree that the situation these poor homeless campers find themselves in is troubling. Public restrooms are all closed at night, and most dumpsters are now being locked to prevent dumpster diving, so there is not a lot of options for them to dispose of trash and relieve themselves.

Still, the average human produces just 2.6 gallons of urine a week, so unless there are over a thousand homeless people living in these camps, a spill of 3,000 gallons of concentrated sewage is a much much bigger issue.

Also, I doubt homeless campers are the ones dumping car batteries in the creek – how many of them own cars? More likely it is lazy people not wanting to dispose of them properly.


Human waste (the industry calls it discharge) is extremely toxic. It contains, viruses, disease carrying pathogens, endocrine disruptors, nitrates (extreme carcinogens), pharmaceuticals, etc., etc.

Even the waste water treatment plants do NOT remove these pollutants, rather they remove solids then pump the pollutants into the creeks and ocean, which seep into our drinking water aquifers.

The Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendment of 1972, Section 2, Subsections 306 (National Goal is zero “0” discharge) and Subsection 307 (must use the “Best Available Demonstrated Control Technology”) to “pretreat” and remove pollutants from our toxic discharge at every “point source” i.e. building, structure, etc. that produces a discharge, BEFORE in enters a Publicly Owned Treatment Works (sewer). The underground pipes, crack, break, corrode and leak raw sewage into our drinking water.

A permit to ” discharge” is nothing more than a permit to POISON! 1,500 people in the US die every single day from cancer. That’s 40,000 people per month, talk about genocide! I personally believe our toxic waters play a large roll in the cancer rate in this country.

Image if we all used the technology, that has existed for decades, to remove 100% of all our pollutants as it left our homes and buildings, then captured and recycled that water for our 100% beneficial reuse. No more toxic waste in our water. No more drought. Fewer people dying from cancer.

If we all did this, there wouldn’t be a deadly “sewer spill”. There has been significant advances in all other technology for other industries, WHY are we not using what exists to remove the cancer causing agents from our water? WHY are we pumping this toxic waste miles underground in old faulty pipes that leak? You might want to just think about that…why aren’t we complying with the Clean Water Act, The Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendment of 1972, which Congress called “A mandate of the highest priority” and that was back in 1972! Ask your regulatory authorities and let’s purify, recycle and reclaim our water while helping prevent 40,000 people dying monthly from cancer. Just an idea worth thinking about…..


Are Bruce and Adam missing?


I am sure Heidi got right on it…


Hmmmmm! Is the swamp beginning to drain?


Sewage has spilled into this little creek at least 3 times in the last month. Lichtig thinks it’s more important to chum up to the Chamber than tend to public health threats. Lichtig must go.