Cal Poly dorm evacuated because of shifting soil

February 19, 2017

Cal Poly evacuated Fremont Hall North Wing on Saturday because of shifting soil and unstable trees on a nearby hillside.

Officials ordered nearly 300 people in building 109 to evacuate. Campus housing staff is providing temporary rooms and help with moving.

Last week, staff constructed a barrier wall to protect the building. However, shifting soil has already reached the top of the barrier wall.

Crew are currently removing and trimming trees that threaten the dorms.

With more rain predicted through Wednesday, there are no estimates on when students can return to their dorm rooms.

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Isn’t Cal Poly one of the best Architectural School as well as the Engineering School. The first thing that should be done on a hill site is soil testing and then design and then the engineering to make it happen. Have to love the facts that all government agencies are required to pay double/triple the price to design and build is because the unions are the best. Really! I have to assume union employment was used on this project because they are the best. How many homes, businesses are built on slopes, hills, etc. and there are no problems. But, government hires the best and and they last 20 and need upgrading and in 30 years need replacing (Animal Services – $14 million dollar facility for animals without the overruns and the County woman’s jail is now up to $44 for 198 clients – $4 million overruns to date and not finished). Are priorities in this County are nuts!

The students should have been evacuated immediately.

Perhaps some soil science got through to the admins that loss of money is not more important than loss of life.

That hillside is clay and most certainly would swallow than dorm whole if it came down.