7 arrested following Atascadero home invasion robbery

February 11, 2017

Atascadero home invasion

Seven men, masquerading as police officers, entered a home on the 8400 block of San Gregorio in Atascadero Saturday and restrained and robbed the people inside, police said.

Early Saturday morning, the suspects held the victims at gunpoint while they restrained them. The suspects, all from out of San Luis Obispo County, then stole a large amount of cash and other property.

At about 2:30 a.m., after the robbers left the scene, one of the victims was able to free himself from his restraints and call 911.

Officers, on the scene within minutes, located two vehicles leaving the area. Inside the vehicles, officers found the victim’s stolen property and a store of firearms, one of which was reported stolen.

Police believe the suspects specifically targeted the residence. Sources tell CalCoastNews the robbers also snatched 100 pounds of medical marijuana.

The investigation is ongoing and the suspects are facing additional charges, police said.

Police arrested the suspects for first degree robbery and booked them into the San Luis Obispo County Jail, each with a $100,000 bail.


Carnell Bowden, 34 years old, from San Bernadino
Tamone Thompson, 37 years old, from Hayward
Michael Bowden, 31 years old, from Long Beach
Joseph Perry, 35 years old, from Antioch
John Cichosz, 36 years old, from Oakley
Daniel Gonzalez, 47 years old, from Antioch
Treaveon Falls, 26 years old, from Long Beach


Get ready for the new normal..

The only good thing about the ongoing proliferation of weed is that the California prices are going to fall like never before, which “might” reduce the frequency of these types of incidents as the profit goes out the window.


New plan for Saturday night: prison.


So the guy was a Medical Marijuana Dispensary owner that seemed to be targeted by a group of suspected gang bangers from outside of the area!!!

They steal $100,000 in cash and load up as much Marijuana as would fit(left much more behind) in their cars and leave the scene.

The victim McGivered himself loose, calls 911 in time for Atascadero PD to intercept the perpetrators!!!

The scary part is that the cop’s were out-manned and out gunned, luckily no one was killed in this debacle.

Thank god for the for the well being of the officers involved:)




bail was way too low


Yeah, what was with that? All you need for bail is 10% right? These guys broke into an occupied home with guns! They shouldn’t get any bail at all! Let them rot in jail until their trial!

Russ J

These a the poster boys of Jerry Brown’s forgiving government. This crime may not even qualify in the “violent offender” category. When Andrew Luster, the Max Factor trust fund baby of Santa Barbara, can drug, video record and rape several women, then potentially qualify as a non-violent criminal under prop 57 then something has gone terribly wrong. Why aren’t the pink pussy capped women marching on Sacramento to protest against Kevin Deleon and his cronies who believe lawlessness is O.K?


AND as you can see WEED was the reason that this went down 100 pounds of med weed give me a friggin break, there is going to be a lot more of this happening , weed and money brings on the worst , lock and load folks protect yourselfs


Weed not being fully legalized and regulated is the problem. This home invasion is on par with the same sort of nonsense that went on during alcohol prohibition. You don’t see people trying to knockoff vineyards or stills anymore.


Last night on our street in grover beach our neighbors had someone try and kick in their front door. After the incident the neighbors and police came over to see if we captured anthing on our cameras. We did! A dark four door toyota civic turned around and slowed at each house. They stopped the car and ran up to the house and kicked the front door! All of this took place at 8:30pm and with porch lights on! Very scary! Luckely they didnt gain entry! Load your guns and be safe all!


This should have been on the news.

Rich in MB

The Happiest Place seems to be having a lot more of these Unhappy Crimes.

When will California start taking crime seriously again rather than coddling the criminals and letting them out early? People are getting killed, robbed and raped by these repeat thugs and all the left tells us is that they want California to be a Sanctuary State. What about the safety of the Citizens? California is turning into Mexico in more ways than one folks…when will people wake up?


It’s to late.


Brown is letting criminals out early to save money so the money can be used for . . . . . Pensions and Benefits for State employees. It is a downward spiral that was kept afloat temporarily. It is a matter of time before it collapses.


We MAY be having more of these type of crimes locally but I want to see some reliable statistics before I believe it. Nationally, most violent crime rates have been going down for over 2 decades but you would not believe it because the media coverage of every incident is so much more intense. This is also why there is such hysteria over gun control. (There has been a slight increase in mass shootings but a bigger decrease in other ones.)

Do some criminals get “coddled”? Probably so. Are light sentences and early release policies part of the problem? Maybe in some cases. Are illegal immigrants part of the problem? Not proportionately. (Look at the names and the apparent ethnicities of the group in this article.) Long jail sentences do not, by themselves, deter crime once the sentence is done. The only reason that can justify them is keeping someone who is not reformable out of society for as long as possible.

We pay a HUGE price in keeping masses of people behind bars — far more proportionately than almost every other country on earth. It costs more to house an inmate in this state than I earn in a year. (The fact that we have made bad political decisions about spending money in other areas doesn’t mean that we need to blow it here instead.) If we were to make intelligent choices about how we deal with low-level crime both in prosecuting and sentencing — rather than to over-respond to every mistake in judgment made by anyone — maybe we could afford to lock up the big problem makers longer and do a better job of rehabilitating those with shorter sentences.

Rich in MB

Go sell that soft on crime pap to the mothers and fathers of the Dead…