Big Sky Cafe closes for ‘Day Without Immigrants’

February 16, 2017

As part of a nationwide protest against United States President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, Big Sky Cafe in downtown San Luis Obispo is keeping its doors closed Thursday.

Greg Holt, co-owner of the restaurant, released a statement Wednesday saying it is necessary for his business to take part in the “Day Without Immigrants.” Holt said his staff is largely comprised of immigrants, and he has to do what he feels is right.

“In support of my largely immigrant staff at Big Sky Cafe, I have chosen to close tomorrow, February 16th, in support of ‘A day without immigrants. My people are just too important. As my wife reminded me, One Big Sky covers us all equally, we feel that staying open undermines that motto and everything Big Sky stands for,” Holt said in the statement. “We are nothing without our people.

“I know that a lot of people might not support this decision, my bankers and creditor included, but we just have to do what we feel is right. We apologize to all of our guests for any and all inconvenience. We will open again on Friday at 7:00 a.m. and hope we see you all there.”

Many business nationwide are remaining closed Thursday, while some others are contributing part of their proceeds from the day to pro-immigration groups. Likewise, many employees are skipping work and students are skipping class. Marches and other demonstrations are taking place, as well.

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Whats wrong with people following our Laws , Be Here Legally.. What the hells wrong with these people … You can not sneak into Mexico .. You’ll be in Jail if they catch you..Mexico, has Very high standards Laws for you to stay in Mexico… Check out “FM 3 ” Look it up ..

Most Folks Came to this country From another Land , Your welcome to come Just go by the Laws.. Whats hard about that..

I know I’m way late to this party but whatever happened to “E-verify”? I thought years ago employers were supposed to verify people as citizens before hiring them?

Gus’s, Just down the street, WAY better!

Well it would appear that ICE now knows where to have lunch in SLO , I always thought it amusing that the SLO office for the Border Patrol was located in a farm field surrounded by illegal farm workers , just north of what used to be kimball chevrolet between madonna and los osos valley exits on 101 . There are people living all over the world drawing social security who were never citizens , some receiving benefits from people who died 20 years ago , because those people died while back in their home country . social security does not check age when sending out the money let alone citizenship . or even if they are alive !!! there are hundreds of scams being ran to receive free money from USA going on related to immigration . Why not come here apply for numerous grants, scholarships , student loans bank loans , mortgages etc . then take the money back home to another country . and live the good life ! I know of a few guys who used college loans to become rich , one bought 4 apartment complexes the rents paid his college fees he sold them a few years after college at a big profit ,,, it goes on and on ,, another re-loaned the money out at a higher rate the 18 percent interest made him alot of money he retired at 34 lives in mexico