Santa Maria taxi driver caught with loaded gun, drugs

February 16, 2017

Juan Francisco Roman

After conducting an early morning traffic stop on a taxi, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies learned the driver was a felon who was carrying drugs and a loaded gun.

At about 1 a.m. on Monday, a sheriff’s deputy stopped a taxi cab for a traffic violation in the area of Tanglewood Drive and Driftwood Drive outside of Santa Maria. Deputies contacted the driver, 42-year-old Juan Francisco Roman, of Santa Maria, and conducted a search of the vehicle.

The deputies found a loaded 9mm firearm next to the driver’s seat, as well as a usable amount of methamphetamine and heroin, according to the sheriff’s office. While investigating, deputies learned Roman was a convicted felon who had multiple prior arrests for weapons violations.

Deputies took Roman into custody without incident and booked him in Santa Barbara County Jail on a variety of charges. Authorities set Roman’s bail at $50,000.

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Felon with a gun and meth and his bail is only $50,000?

In his defense… Sometimes when I drive around Santa Maria (which is as little as possible) I wish I had a little 9mm protection.

Anytime you drive around Santa Maria you need a 9mm for protection with you. It is like living in Mexico with their drugs, gangs, guns and corrupt politicians. The only partially safe people are those living in gated communities and why anyone else would ever go to Santa Maria is beyond me except a friend recently took me to a great gun shop on Broadway to buy a gun before January 1st and it was a great shop and an interesting experience. I did feel very safe while in the shop …

Was he driving a taxi for a local company or was it his personal business/taxi?

Kudos to the deputies who stopped this goon and got him off the streets.

Well done.

Another point for Uber.