Ex-veterans officer alleges SLO County is sabotaging his job hunt

February 6, 2017

slo county signFormer veterans services officer Dana Cummings has sued San Luis Obispo County, claiming top executive Dan Buckshi and other officials are sabotaging his search for new work.

Cummings, who ran SLO County’s veterans services department from Sept. 2011 to Sept. 2015, is a disabled Marine Corps veteran who served combat tours as part of operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Cummings resigned from his managerial position weeks before the release of a county auditor’s report that found serious lapses in the financial oversight of the veterans services department, as well as inconsistencies in how it handled cash and checks.

Cummings performed all functions pertaining to collecting and depositing cash and reconciling the department’s receipts, according to the Oct. 2015 internal report. County policy requires that those duties be separated among different employees.

County auditors also found some checks for salaries, supplies and programs were deposited days late, and the department office did not provide receipts for cash or check transactions.

Cummings responded to the allegations by saying much of the report was “simply not true.” Cummings also said he tried for three years to hire an accounting staff, but he was told on several occasions that the veterans services department would not receive that type of support.

While cutting ties, Cummings and SLO County signed a non disparagement agreement with one another. Cummings now alleges the county has violated the agreement.

The lawsuits filed Friday says that in March 2016, Stanislaus County offered Cummings a job as its veterans services officer. The offer was then revoked because Buckshi spoke with his counterpart in Stanislaus County and recommended against hiring Cummings, the suit alleges.

Cummings had several successful job interviews, according to the lawsuit. Yet, he mysteriously failed to receive job offers once the potential employers began checking references.

Cummings’ suit alleges breach of contract, breach of fair dealing and intentional interference with prospective economic relations. Cummings is seeking unspecified damages and reimbursement for legal fees.

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Sounds like the MO of a certain supervisor…any guesses ?

AH, I’m not sure who you could mean.

It’s the one who thinks no good deed should go unpunished…you know, Medallion Man…

Slower than a county decision. Weaker than a wet noodle Able to get re-elected by some miracle…..

(“Look! Up in the sky!” “It’s a bird!” “It’s a plane!” “It’s Medallion Man”)

Yes, it’s medallion Man… strange visitor from another planet, who came to SLO with powers and abilities far below those of mortal men! Medallion Man… who tries to change the course of friends projects , Threaten opponents, and who, disguised as Adam, nut ball supervisor for a central coast county, fights a never-ending battle for lies, justice, and HIS way.

It is common practice to separate the accounting from the bookkeeping (cash handling), it’s basic GAAP stuff, really. However, if the county did not allow for the staffing to accommodate this basic principle, then one has to wonder why, and furthermore, how many other departments have the same person handling cash as filing the reports and ledgers? One would think there would be a structure within the county to handle the accounting for smaller offices that cannot afford to maintain proper separation of duties.

I’m disheartened at this whole thing; both the marine suing and the county potentially violating their agreement with him…

It looks like corruption extends beyond Hill and Gibson.

Dana is the best VETERANS SERVICE OFFICER that i have ever had help myself and my son on there claims, he was a asset to the slo office, with all the hoops you have to jump thru in the VA today to get any help , he made it work , sorry it had to come to this , but dana will survive , hes a great MARINE and will bounce back bigger and better



Thank you for your service Dana…