Man and woman found passed out with drugs in stolen car

February 9, 2017
Amy Northcote and Ryan Alton

Amy Northcote and Ryan Alton

A pair of alleged thieves conked out in a stolen car Sunday afternoon in the 3000 block of Broad Street in San Luis Obispo, according to the city’s police department.

Around 2 p.m., a caller reported to police that a man and woman were slumped over in a small white sedan. Officers determined the vehicle had been stolen, and they arrested Los Osos man Ryan Alton, 32, and Arroyo Grande woman Amy Northcote, 41, without facing any resistance.

Police searched the car and found drugs, as well as numerous items related to forgery and identity theft. Investigators are sorting the stolen goods that were recovered, identifying the rightful owners and returning the property.

Officers booked Alton and Northcote in San Luis Obispo County Jail for vehicle theft, possession of drugs for sale and probation violations. Both suspects remain in custody, as of Thursday morning, according to the county sheriff’s office website. Alton’s bail is set at $20,000, and Northcote is being held with her bail set at $50,000.

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Such a good looking couple, lets hope they have a lot of kids….

Bad hombres!

Didn’t she work for the county? Is the same woman CalCoast spoke about on KVEC about 6-9 months ago?

If you Google Amy Northcote, you’ll find a previous article about her doing the same thing!!!

Arroyo Grande Couple Arrested in String of Car Thefts | Local News

Aug 9, 2013 – Zachary Hamlin, 33, and his girlfriend, Amy Northcote, 39, both of Arroyo Grande, were arrested at 11 a.m. Thursday.

Soccer Mom get’s the drug habit, very sad:(

two more WORTHLESS humans off the street, lock them away for 10 years

I didn’t know they could bail themselves out for $2000 or $5000 when they are violating their probation. At what point DO they remain in jail? Guess catch and release isn’t just for illegal anymore.

Her bail is 2 1/2 times the bail for the cop whose dog killed a person!