California State University system raises tuition

March 24, 2017

Much to the chagrin of students clamoring for the state to ease the financial burden of attending college, the California State University Board of Trustees approved a tuition hike this week.

Starting in the upcoming fall term, annual student tuition will increase by $270 to $5,742 for undergraduate students. Cal Poly undergraduates currently pay $9,075 a year because of extra fees tacked on to the CSU tuition. The upcoming tuition increase will apply to Cal Poly students as well.

The tuition hike, which is the first in six years, is expected to generate $77.5 million in net revenue, according to a CSU press release. CSU officials say the increased revenue is intended to bolster student success initiatives, like a plan to double four-year graduation rates and eliminate all equity gaps for low-income and under-served students.

“The university faces a critical juncture where additional revenue is needed if we are to continue the trajectory that has seen campuses reach all-time highs in graduation rates,” said Steve Relyea, the CSU’s executive vice chancellor and chief financial officer. “If our advocacy efforts do not result in adequately funding the trustees’ budget request, the revenue generated by this increase will allow us to add faculty, courses, advisors and other resources to improve students’ opportunities for success. This is not a course of action that is taken lightly. Through the university’s robust financial aid program we will ensure that students who require the most financial assistance will not face any additional burden associated with the tuition increase.”

Currently, 80 percent of CSU students receive some type of student aid, the press release states. More than 60 percent of all CSU undergraduate students receive grants or waivers to cover the full cost of tuition. Thus, more than 255,000 students are not paying tuition.

The state Legislature is currently considering a plan to dramatically hike student aid in order to eradicate student loans for nearly 400,000 students in the CSU and UC systems, as well as to cover the cost of tuition and living expenses. The proposal is estimated to cost $1.6 billion a year when fully implemented.

Last year, students at Cal Poly participated in a mock funeral, or “die in,” to protest the then-planned tuition hike. The mock funeral was meant to symbolize the death of the CSU system, which the protesters said is being privatized.

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If you noticed, we now live in a California that is no longer a Land of Milk and Honey. Our systems are crumbling and the ones to blame are the socialist progressive Democrats. They do not have to account to anyone, including the media. No one is really shining a light on that corrupt place called the State Capitol. Sad to say the Golden State is tarnished beyond recognition!

If not already, I think that in due time it will be known as the Brown State. Both in honor of the governor and others. There will be no green left as I think there will be an exodus of the providers leaving the state.

Wait a second I am a bit confused with your position. We are no longer the land of milk and honey you say?

Are you calling for a return to the days when tuition was much cheaper, and our educational system was the envy of the rest of the country?

When we built aqueducts as far as the eye could see—into places no one thought could grow a darn thing?

Where we created the world’s 4th or 5th largest economy?

Yeah we can thank the socialist democrats for BROWNing California. It was the the governors’ BROWN who laid the foundation for the state’s growth.

Arnold–Pete-The Duke–not so much…Reagan? Hmmm… I don’t know…can’t recall great any great accomplishments during his time.

I don’t remember the free market building those piece’s of infrastructure that we’ve relied on for our growth over the year’s.

Oh and the predicted exodus of business to Texas–hasn’t happened either.

Blame social liberals? You should thank us!!!

Whats harming education is the insistence by some that all is well.

The left who runs the asylum has to say all is well since they are the ones running it.

Much like the Russians had to tell their citizens that all was ok and life was horrible outside the wall.

Ahhhh….. proficiency in gender studies, environmental law and Beonce’….. and zero in common sense, self reliance and critical thinking. What a bargain!

Someone has to pay for the safe zones and classes on self loathing for white males.

Seriously though, The cost of the college undergraduate education is beginning to or has already exceeded its value. Parents are asking themselves, why spend the $100k on a liberal arts degree. The money would be better spent investing in a business for the kid to run.

In 1970 when I attended Cal Poly, the “tuition” consisted of what was known as a reg registration) card $59.00 per quarter and an ASB card for the whole year….about $25.00. Parking was $9.00 per quarter. The only other costs were books,and any lab fees.

Basically, my education was free…back when the Golden State was truly GOLDEN.

What a shame is has come to this…these enormous fees simply to educate ourselves.

It’s sad.

The shame and public embarrassment of being a college professor or administrator now-a-days must bother those who still have some semblance of conscious… right? If only…

Educators should never be entrusted with taxpayer money. Have you ever seen any education system that has ever come close to being a financial success? That is because no one is ever held responsible for their incompetence when handling finances. The SLO superintendent of schools can’t even do it and has to get financial assistance in order to buy a home when he makes around $200,000 a year. They all consider us stupid and maybe we are for allowing this happen.

Keep in mind that administrators are not educators. The educators are the teachers and not typically the ones making money decisions. Note that your post called out an administrator, not someone who actually works with students.

Most administrators started in the classrooms and have elevated to administrators.Many thru the good old boy club. I don’t believe that most of them would ever survive in the real business world where administrators are held responsible for financial success.

Looks like Armstrong and his staff needs another raise.

Someone had gotta pay for Big Education’s Perks and Pensions folks…so lets stick it to the kids to put them further into Student Loan Debt. But rest assured, you will be able to pick your own gender on the College Application.