SLO County medical examiner accused of misconduct

April 14, 2017

Gary Walter


The California Attorney General’s Office is seeking to revoke or suspend the license of San Luis Obispo County’s medical examiner, Dr. Gary Walter. Walter stands accused of committed a crime that substantially impacts his ability to properly perform his job, according to an accusation filed on April 10.

On March 9, 2016, Walter was involved in a hit and run while on his way to perform an autopsy. Shortly before 8 a.m., Walter was spotted speeding down Broad Street near Orcutt Road with a blown front tire and steam pouring from the front end of his Cadillac Escalade truck, according to the police report.

By the time San Luis Obispo police officers arrived, Walter had pulled his truck over near Tank Farm Road, just a half of a mile from the county medical examination facility, the police report says.

Officers then transported Walter to French Hospital Medical Center for a blood test that showed an alcohol concentration of .19.

Even so, he was not prosecuted for the hit and run “and the parties stipulated to a blood alcohol content of .08 for purposes of resolution,” according to the accusation.

After a physician is convicted of a crime, the California Medical Board launches an investigation. If the investigation finds evidence that the physician has violated the Medical Practice Act and the violation warrants disciplinary action, the case is forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office.

Walter has until April 25 to dispute the charges in the allegation and ask for a hearing. If Walter does not dispute the allegations, the board may decide to revoke or suspend his medical license.

On Jan. 25, Walter conducted an autopsy on Andrew Holland, a 36-year-old man who died at the county jail after being strapped in a restraint chair for more than 36 hours. Walter concluded that Holland died from a 5-cenimeter-long blood clot that moved from his leg to his lung after he was released from the restraints.

The county coroner then ruled Holland’s death as natural.

Dr. Gary Walter Discipline by CalCoastNews on Scribd


Dr. Walter is part of the privileged class, in that he is called upon to render opinions that allow our illustrious, glorious, all wise, all good and loving Law ENFORCEMENT Officers and prosecutors…… (worship the badge and costume, bowing and scraping, begging for mercy at this time)……..

to gain convictions of and seize assets from the filthy, mundane, unworthy citizens. (that’s you and me.)

DA Dow is also part of the privileged class. They protect their own.

Whether it’s protecting Officer Geiger (guy whose dog killed one neighbor and injured another in Grover Beach) or protecting Sheriff Parkinson and his tireless, loving, dedicated and wise crew at the jail from any and all harm, protecting drunk drivers who have badges, drunk coroners who lie on autopsies, or giving false statements to the Cipolla guy to share with the lapdog Tribune and KSBY…..they protect and serve themselves and forcibly fleece the citizens.

We’re the cattle. They are the ranchers. They do to us…..we do not do unto them, unless we want to die at their hands.

Does this sound over the top and alarmist? Perhaps to some. But it’s spot on and truthful. This is law enforcement. This is the law. This is how THEY feel and think about US.

Laws are designed to protect THEM from us. Laws are designed to allow cops to carry guns, assault people, strap them into chairs until they die, keep vicious dogs who kill neighbors, drive drunk, give false testimony on autopsies, violently drag people off of airplanes and much more.

And nearly all of this is just in SLO county! Imagine the power and glory of the LAPD, or the NYPD!!!

The solution to this is simple:

1. If you’re a cop. Quit in protest.

2. Do not become a cop.

3. Do not donate money to cops

4. Do not talk to them, befriend them or render any aid or assistance to them.

5. Do not call them or expect them to help

6. Vote against their power every chance you get

7. Do not vote for any law or statute that gives cops power, even over drug dealers. They just abuse that power and abuse good citizens

It’s going to get much, much worse! This is Police state America.

I hope Holland’s family sues for tens of millions. Parkinson and the crew he manages at the jail, and the officers who cover for eachother’s drunken escapades should have to pay….but they just laugh knowing you and I will be the ones to pay.

How long do we put up with this? Forever? Are we all just impotent cowards now?

Yes, we are. Shame on us.


High class citizen.


Oh no. More events that i cant change, but only complain about on the internet.


Lack of Federal oversight. Another prime example of downsizing that which successfully protected us from this type of communism for years. Good job baby boomers. Watching it all fall down around their ears is almost sad, if it were not for the pure evil that the young communist league is and will always be.


At the risk of being considered sympathetic, if I had that job I would drink a lot too. Let the facts be determined, including the stress points that may have contributed to the incident.


Why in the hell did DA Dan Dow allow this man to plead to a .08 for purpose of resolution? Do most people involved in a hit and run accident when their blood alcohol is a .19 get the luxury of a reduction to a .08. Very disappointing. Dan Dow has some explaining to do here?


Under the influence is under the influence, whether it’s 0.08 or 0.19. Not sure what difference it makes…


It would have been additional charges for the level of alcohol, which should have been added to the felony hit and run DUI.


Probably so he can keep his medical license. He will have to do AA and be on medical board probation.


This guy has issues …and for Sheriff Parkinson to have allowed him continue to conduct medical exams on deceased people, particularly in suspicious deaths is unacceptable. Parkinson is UNETHICAL !!!!

Perhaps this explains why the most recent custody death had to be sent to the medical examiner in Santa Cruz.

How many other autopsies have been botched Ian?

Parkinson is more interested in walking the annual Madonna Inn cat walk than properly overseeing the county coroners office.



My bet is he’ll receive nothing more than a slap on the wrist, that is what happens to you when you break the law and work in the public sector, if you worked in the private sector you’d be in jail.


Further proof that all pigs are equal, but some are more equal than others!!