California drops communist worker bill, lawmaker issues apology

May 18, 2017

A California lawmaker has rescinded his bill that would have made it easier for members of the Communist Party and their sympathizers to work for government agencies in California. Though the bill was advancing through the Democrat-controlled state Legislature, it was causing uproar in California’s sizeable Vietnamese-American community.

AB 22, introduced by Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Oakland), would have eliminated a provision of a Red Scare-era law that allows government agencies to fire public employees for being member of the Communist Party or advocating on its behalf. The aim of the Red Scare-era law was to prevent the overthrow of the state or federal government by communists or other subversive groups.

Last week, AB 22 passed the Assembly on a 41-30 vote. But, the bill drew fierce opposition, particularly from Vietnamese-Americans and veterans.

On Wednesday, Bonta announced he would withdraw the bill as a result of his conversations with constituents and members of the public. Bonta stated in a press release that AB 22 was a “technical cleanup bill,” but it brought up real pain from some people.

“Many expressed these concerns to me,” Bonta said. “Through my conversations with veterans and members of the Vietnamese-American community, I heard compelling stories of how AB 22 caused real distress and hurt for proud and honorable people. For that, I am sorry.”

The Red Scare-era law that Bonta sought to alter also allows local agencies, the state Legislature and the United States Congress to subpoena public employees to answer questions under oath about their ties to the Communist Party.

Bonta’s proposed amendments would have eliminated provisions mentioning communism, the communist movement and the Communist Party. Under Bonta’s proposal, advocating the violent overthrow of the state or federal government would have remained a fireable offense for public employees in California.

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It’s simply been quietly replaced with the refugee bill which essentially does the same thing…more smoke and mirrors.

I would rather see the 10’s of millions spent on these programs redirected to address the out of control opioid epidemic that is ravaging our state and destroying lives and families seeming unabated. Unfortunately, in the interest of pain management, medical professionals too often prescribed these drugs not knowing the addictive properties and now we have a generation hopeless addicted to drugs that in many cases will kill them…very sad indeed.

DPINC, I figured I’d get this kind of response. How am I truly going to understand the reasons WHY they are upset with this legislation if the article does not state it? People will surprise you if you listen and I think it’s the responsibility of news outlets to do just that.

I’m not sure how old you are, but a majority of US citizens were born AFTER 1975 (the close of the Vietnam War), myself included. If you would like those of us who did not live through it to understand it as you do then you need to explain yourself.

When I read the first story about this bill I thought it sounded reasonable to clear this law. Communism has been proven not to be a viable socio-economic system. I know how the label of “Communist” ruined lives of innocent American citizens during the McCarthy era and even though I did not live through it I can see this law being used for similar purposes.

So you know about the “McCarthy” era but nothing about the Vietnam War???? You say the Vietnam War ended in 1975 and that you were born after that as a reason to not know about its details, I got news for you the McCarthy era was 1947 to 1956, even longer ago but somehow you know about that time???

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What would prompt this jerk to promote this bill in the first place? I just don’t get it. Why the hell would we even consider supporting anything communist? This is insane. And any “down vote” should go to hell. Really. We don’t need this crap.