Sea lion grabs young girl off wharf

May 21, 2017

A seal lion grabbed a young girl by her dress Saturday afternoon and pulled her into the water off Steveston Fisherman’s wharf in Richmond, British Columbia.

In a YouTube video by Michael Fujiwara, the California sea lion swims up to the wharf as people throw pieces of bread. After the young girl sits on the railing, the sea lion jumps up and pulls her into the water.

A bystander then jumps in and rescues the girl. No one was injured in the incident.

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I aalute the man that jumped in and pulled her out

Can you say law suit?

The seals have become a dangerous attractive nuisance and this was going to happen sooner or later.

I am just glad the young was not injured or killed…

So is she going to sue the seal??

No her parents will be suing the city of frisco and the owners of pier 39…

Actually, i doubt any kind of lawsuit will be filed.and if one is, it won’t amount to much. Canadians don’t litigate at the drop of a hat as do Americans, nor does the government allow for unreasonable, often outrageous settlements of any kind.

My guess is, an apology will be issued, Canadians love to say they are sorry, and a bit of advice will be given to the victims family….DON’T FEED THE WILDLIFE eh!

Easy Money…..just curious here…. did you even read the article or just watch the clip?

Steveston Fisherman’s wharf in Richmond, British Columbia.

your comment:

‘No her parents will be suing the city of frisco and the owners of pier 39…’

The first footage of the new movie, Attack Of The Warf Seal.

Well, the white cottony clothing does look like white bread after all. That seal just got greedy.

He wanted to play!

Mamma always said..stupid is as stupid does….don’t feed the wildlife!

I always thought the “Don’t feed the wildlife” was because then they could not survive in the wild by themselves… now it is because they bite the hand that feeds them?

That’s why they are called W I L D life.

Yeah, what I meant to say was, “…because if people do the work of feeding the wildlife, the wildlife will get lazy and forget how to scavenge for themselves, over-breed, and generally become dependent upon people feeding them…”

But as I was writing it, I did not want people thinking I was going off on some anti-socialism rant, though it would seem apropos…

send this to the children’s pool in La Jolla