Anger erupts after California speaker dumps single-payer bill

June 29, 2017

California progressives are furious with Democratic Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, who last week halted the the single-payer health care bill that had passed the state Senate. Rendon and his critics are now trading blows as progressives lobby for the speaker to change his mind.

On Friday, Rendon released a statement saying SB 562 was “woefully incomplete.” The bill did not address serious issues, like financing, delivery of care, cost controls and necessary support from the Trump Administration, Rendon said.

On Sunday, the California Nurses Association, the leading proponent of the bill, fired back by circulating an image of Rendon stabbing the state of California in the back. The image shows a knife with the name “Rendon” on it lodged in the back of a bear on a mock California flag.

RoseAnn DeMoro, the executive director of National Nurses United and the California Nurses Association, posted the image on Twitter with phones numbers for contacting Rendon. The tweet instructed people to tell Rendon to “pull the knife out.”

On Wednesday, a single-payer rally outside the Capitol featured a demonstrator sticking a fake knife with “Rendon” on it in the back of a person in a bear costume. [Mercury News]

Rendon has responded by saying he is receiving death threats. One such threat, which was posted on Twitter, suggested that someone check Rendon’s “baseball practice schedule,” referencing the recent Washington, D.C. shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

Worse yet, Rendon received a comment accusing him of “killing” someone’s ill son, he said.

“That was our last hope for our uninsurable son who is facing a heart transplant. He will be uninsurable once TrumpCare passes,” the message stated. “You just killed my son.”

In turn, Rendon is accusing backers of the single-payer bill of exploiting those who are suffering.

“It is shameful how the proponents of SB 562 have provided false hope to people who are suffering,” Rendon stated.

Prior to Rendon stopping the bill, SB 562 passed the Senate on a 23-14 vote. On Friday, Rendon announced the bill was not dead, but it would remain in the Assembly Rules Committee until further notice.

If adopted, SB 562 would replace private insurers with a state agency that would reimburse doctors and hospitals for treatment. Under the plan, all California residents would receive coverage through the state system.

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Jeez… finally a democrat looks at the consequences of “regressive” ideology and gets religion. Consequence? Death threats. When are we going to purge these assholes out?

Have the “progressives” become our new terrorists determined to wreak havoc and bankrupt California?

Where have you been, they have been at it for years in junction with the Mexican Cartel. Take a look at who is running Sacramento, starting with Moonbean!

Progressives remind me of some neighbors (Progressives) I had years ago, rolled their car leases into a new car every year, took out loans for vacations, maxed out their credit cards, refinanced their house several times in order to take money out, eventually their creditors (VOTERS) grew wise that they could never pay any of it back and they were out on the street…

Everyone, read EVERYONE on this thread who uses the terms right, left, dem, rep, lib, con, is indeed part of the problem for thinking there is a difference. That’s where they get you by the short hair.

I don’t get the argument. Single Payer costs more than twice the state budget … so, we can afford half of what Sping Payer will cost and nothing else. If we put 100% of the budget toward health care how do we afford anything else that the government provides like police, fire, courts, streets, water infrastructure, etc.

Actually, this proposal was asking the Federal government for your Medicare money, Medi-Cal money and individuals and businesses who buy private insurance including government workers and Medicare Supplements would be diverted over to the State solely and then the State would create ANOTHER BUREAUCRATIC Department that would cover all Californians regardless of your legal status and would then management your medical care. We already have a doctor shortage in this State and how long do you think these doctors, and all the other professionals will last without becoming a State employee and then you really want to talk about a pension liability to the taxpayers.


I challenge any person to tell me one thing this State (or maybe government as a whole) manages or performs well! Government is too corrupt and evil to seriously get involved with anything as serious as healthcare. They have already messed up everything else including our current healthcare and California thinks it can make it better. What a joke!

LMAO at the commentary on this one.

CLEARLY….the lunatics are running the asylum!

California needs to go bankrupt so we can dissolve the bond between us taxpayers and those voracious crooks in the Nurses union, or any public employee union for that matter. Those unions are a cancer on California!

He pulled it because it lacked “necessary support from the Trump Administration!” Now what’s the likelihood of that ever being available?