California voters oppose gas tax hike

June 11, 2017

California voters are overwhelming opposed to the gas tax hike that is set to take effect later this year, according a poll released by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS).

The results of the poll indicate 58 percent of California voters oppose SB 1, the gas tax law, while only 35 percent of voters support it. Additionally, 39 percent of voters strongly oppose the gas tax law, while only 14 percent strongly support it, according to the IGS poll.

Both large majorities of Republican and independent voters oppose the gas tax hike, according to the poll. Strongly liberal voters make up the only group in which a large majority supports the tax hike. Also, all major regions of the state, with the exception of the Bay Area, oppose SB 1.

SB 1 increases gas taxes and vehicle registration fees in order to raise $5.2 billion annually, or $52 billion over the next decade, for road repairs and maintenance and other transportation-related projects. Starting in November, the tax on gas will increase 12 cents from 18 cents per gallon to 30 cents per gallon.

Taxes on diesel will increase even more. The excise tax on diesel will go up 20 cents from 16 cents a gallon to 36 cents per gallon, and the diesel sales tax will rise from 1.75 percent to 5.75 percent.

The legislation also creates a new vehicle registration fee ranging from $25 a year to $175 annually.

Last month, Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) filed an initiative calling for the repeal of SB 1. Allen is striving to place the initiative on the Nov. 2018 ballot. Backers of his initiative have 150 days to gather 365,880 signatures from registered California voters.

Although California voters overwhelmingly oppose the gas tax hike, they remain supportive of Governor Jerry Brown, according to the IGS poll. Brown’s job approval remains high at 59 percent. Only 41 percent of voters disapprove of Brown. Voter approval of the Legislature is declining, though.

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Just check and see what cities and states that are controlled by the sociocrats are corrupt and broke. Who keeps putting them in office the unions and freeloaders .

Lets see KANSAS, aka Brownbackistan, oops, the KANSAS state legislature just approved raising taxes there, and have overridden Gov Sam Brownback(R-KAN).

Who are these idiots that support the gas tax that will not be spent for what’s it’s intended just as the gas tax’s before. This should be put on a ballot for the people to decide not the money spending politicians who don’t give a damn about us. Also you say Brown has 59% approval rating but everyone I talk to says he is worthless so where are the 59%? They are spending all kinds of money making off ramps look pretty while my car keeps hitting the chuckholes and people are getting killed on the blood highway to the valley. These politicians are the same ones who want to have communists in the government so that should tell you that they want to completely control the people and keep them just above water so they can still bleed them but not enough to drown them. The in debt Calif. needs to get rid of these uncaring non people serving politicians before we do fall off into the ocean as it’s not far away.

They are the same people who don’t want Transportation money to be spent on other than Transportation, there will be a Constitutional Amendment on the June 2018 Ballot to lock Transportation money away from the General Fund, permanently, that’s who.

I also don’t whine about paying My share, like a baby.

ACA 5 (Resolution Chapter 30, statutes of 2017), Frazier. Motor vehicle fees and taxes: restriction on expenditures: appropriations limit.(PDF)

To show I am telling the truth, here is the Secretary of State website:

Don’t believe Me?

Go and look for yourself, don’t take My or anyones word for granted, think for yourself…

Oh and I did a search for this phantom poll on Bing and on Google, I found nothing, it must be a military secret, sounds BS to Me.

Lets see Polls are done on landlines, which is largely confined to older people who don’t have cell phones, the Poll is BS.

But it got you to react angrily, California is a Deep Blue State, if Travis Allen and the lame CAGOP thinks they can flip California Red, go ahead, it ain’t happening, the GOP/Republican Party is filling up graveyards with former members.

All of them are DEAD, from old age and possibly cancer or even like Reagan, Alzheimers…

I’ve never been called by a Poll on My cell phone, not once.

California at one time was a Red State, but that has been declining since at least 1978…

Oh and I’m almost 57, and Alzheimers runs in families, Mine has never had that, My cousin who is 83, married a woman who does though, poor guy, I feel for Him.

The only reason that the tax increase is at the new level is because that is the level our Cal-Leaders believe they can get away with. Even at that level other fees and, yes, more fees are in the making to fund California’s self service cash register (budget). I wonder what good our funding Brown’s week in China, two weeks ago, did. Maybe he came back with a train package, “How To Build a Rail Road”. Yes we do complain but everyone else gets paid to squeeze us, another reason our current leadership protects invertebrates.

I don’t get paid, sure I get SSI/SSP cause I’m physically disabled, and have been since 2002, so I’m unable to work anymore, bodies do break, just like machines do, people don’t discard people, that is not right.

And I’m not getting rich, not on $895.72 a month in 2017. Which should be double or triple that amount by all that is right.

Then I need surgery on the 27th, the prostate is trying to block My kidneys, plus I have breathing problems due to part of My stomach being above My diaphragm, which makes it hard to breathe.

Red Diesel.

Its all about pensions and salaries again for the corrupt ruler class.

More BS, state government employees are not paid an exorbitant amount of money, I know one lady who is retired, she gets $300 a month from Her pension and $300 from Her Social Security when She did not work for the State of California.

Pensions that are already in force, are contracts, and can not be broken, since the state can not legally go bankrupt.

Ok I found more on State Pensions:

[Quote]A news release from Brown’s office also makes reference to a $6 billion loan he has sought from the state’s Surplus Money Investment Fund to make additional payments into the underfunded California Public Employees’ Retirement System. Brown says it will save the state $11 billion over the next two decades, but the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office cautioned the move needs further analysis, given its complexity. Brown included the item as part of the budget deal, though some of the details were still pending Tuesday and had not yet been put into print, Senate staff said at a news conference.[/Quote]


Total general fund spending: $125 billion.

K-12 education, community colleges: A funding increase of more than $3 billion — about $1 billion more than Gov. Jerry Brown proposed spending in January.

Higher education: The state general fund would spend $14.5 billion on UC and CSU. California State University would receive an increase in $20.5 million to increase enrollment. UC, which has already promised to increase in-state enrollment, would get $5 million to enroll 500 more graduate students.

Health care: One of the big battles this year was how to spend the more than $1 billion the state expects to get each year from the new tobacco tax California voters approved in November. Brown originally proposed using the money to cover increases in Medi-Cal spending, rather than to increase Medi-Cal reimbursement rates, but the Legislature pushed back. The deal would use $465 million of the total to raise rates for doctors and dentists and another $81 million for other providers, including those in women’s health.

Flood prevention: Prompted by the scare at Oroville Dam, which forced the evacuation of 200,000 residents in February, the deal would spend $111 million on Proposition 1 water bond funds to improve dam safety evaluations, emergency action plans and flood maps.

Transportation: The state will take the $2.8 billion it expects to collect through the increases in the gas tax and vehicle registration fees — which take effect in November and January, respectively — and spend it on road repairs, transit and other transportation infrastructure projects.

Tax credit: California would expand a new state tax credit for low-wage workers so that a single parent of two with an income of up to $22,300 — roughly full-time, minimum-wage earnings — would qualify, possibly adding as many as a million households to the program. The self-employed would also now be eligible.



Too bad the crackpots in Sacto don’t spend our money for the reason they steal it.

No one steals anything in the State Legislature, though the GOP/Republican Party in DC is trying to steal your health care, by repealing the ACA, aka: Obamacare…

Your statement is BS.

talk about smoke and mirrors; how in the heck is anyone supposed to understand who supports and who is in favor. Seems like you should have a registered vehicle in the before you can support or oppose. As usual numbers are skewed to confuse people. It’s all a matter of statistics about who understands what they are voting for or against. Bull picked, nice there are ways around corruption. Keep on trying libtards, won’t be long before we’re gone.

Car or no car everyone will pay dearly. Whether you walk or ride a bike you will still pay. Almost every commodity is transported by diesel truck and/or gas truck. Simply put that will result in operating costs by businesses that will have to pass that onto the consumer for everything that is purchased. Then you have the hidden agenda that due to the increase in these costs there will also be an increase in sales tax revenue. So if you have kept up to speed with California politics I ask who do you trust with your tax money? The same people who have been collecting and spending it on their needs and ignoring the needs of the people? If you like it that way then I guess you will support the tax increases.

Homerun rukidding…

Do our elected legislators know what fuel do all products coming to us use in shipping(both tractor/trailers and railroad deliveries)? Diesel…

The total cost for this boondoggle will be born by all who eat, wear clothes, use any consumables across the nation not just here in Kalifornia.

And the way this has been maneuvered by moonbeam is questionable to say the least, aren’t all tax/fee increases by government supposed to pass muster via a 218 vote?

Prop 218 is aimed a t local only, the State Legislature is governed by Prop13 of 1978, which requires a 2/3rds vote.

Prop 218:

Prop 13:

So it’s not illegal, you are being lied to by Travis Allen for political gain, a rich Republican from Huntington Beach CA. My car is worthless than $7,000, so My fees will go up by $25.00 anyone should be able to afford that, and gas taxes? Please in 2010, prices were at $4.00 a gallon then, no one objected then, I can afford $0.12 a gallon, and I’m sure not rich, and I’ve lived in cities and in rural areas.

No law states that all actions to raise taxes by the State Legislature must go before the voters, though like in Prop 30, if the author of a Bill so wishes, it can be done. Currently only Constitutional Amendments like Prop13 or Pro30 or Prop218 go before the voters, these are just a few examples.


[Quote=SB-1 Transportation 2017-2018]

11052. (a) The annual amount of the transportation improvement fee shall be based on the market value of the vehicle, as determined by the department pursuant to Sections 10753, 10753.2, and 10753.5, using the following schedule:

(1) Vehicles with a vehicle market value range between zero dollars ($0) and four thousand nine hundred ninety-nine dollars ($4,999), a fee of twenty-five dollars ($25).

(2) Vehicles with a vehicle market value range between five thousand dollars ($5,000) and twenty-four thousand nine hundred ninety-nine dollars ($24,999), a fee of fifty dollars ($50).

(3) Vehicles with a vehicle market value range between twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) and thirty-four thousand nine hundred ninety-nine dollars ($34,999), a fee of one hundred dollars ($100).

(4) Vehicles with a vehicle market value range between thirty-five thousand dollars ($35,000) and fifty-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine dollars ($59,999), a fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150).

(5) Vehicles with a vehicle market value range of sixty thousand dollars ($60,000) and higher, a fee of one hundred seventy-five dollars ($175).

(b) On January 1, 2020, and every January 1 thereafter, the department shall adjust the transportation improvement fee imposed under subdivision (a) by increasing the fee for each vehicle market range in an amount equal to the increase in the California Consumer Price Index for the prior year, except the first adjustment shall cover the prior two years, as calculated by the Department of Finance, with amounts equal to or greater than fifty cents ($0.50) rounded to the highest whole dollar. The incremental change shall be added to the associated fee rate for that year.

(c) Any changes to the transportation improvement fee imposed in subdivision (a) that are enacted by the Legislature subsequent to January 1, 2018, shall be deemed to be changes to the base fee for purposes of the California Consumer Price Index calculation and adjustment performed pursuant to subdivision (b).


And I think this SB-1 law is only for 10 years.

What do you expect, when we have politicians who are being termed out but own a engineering company and are promised work from this gas tax, easy to get them to vote for it. Plus they don’t have to pay it.

That will apply to Travis Allen as well, fair is fair, He can be in the State Legislature for only 18yrs total, He has served for 5yrs so far, starting in 2012, He is up for reelection in 2018, 6 down, 12 to go, maybe, or maybe not, as Demographics are changing, plus We here in CA do not gerrymander, districts here are competitively drawn by 5 GOP/Republican Party members, 5 Democratic Party members, and 4 Independents, in the CA Redistricting Commission, which was voted in by the People of California.

2012 Strike 1

2018 Strike 2?


We’ll see after 2018…

where can I sign up? we all know the funds will be diverted.


That’s BS, it ain’t happening.