SLO police probe burning of gay pride flag

June 2, 2017

San Luis Obispo police have launched a hate crime investigation into the alleged burning of a gay pride flag.

On Thursday, the police department received a report about the burning of a gay pride flag within the city limits. It is unclear if police have identified any suspects.

“San Luis Obispo is a welcoming city, and the San Luis Obispo Police Department is committed to the safety and inclusion of all its community members,” a SLO police news release states.

Investigators request that anyone who has information about the alleged crime call the police department at 805-781-7312 or Crime Stoppers at 805-549-STOP. Likewise, police encourage any community members who believe they have been victims of hate crime to call SLO police.

Members of the LGBTQIA community who have been the victims of hate crime may call the GALA center at 805-541-4252 in order to received referrals for support services.

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If one bought a “Gay Pride Flag” and burned it, would he or she be convicted of a hate crime?

Ok so the Backs made the South get rid of all the Rebs flags statues and any thing pertaining to the Civil War because it was oppressive.What would happen if all of the American Indians got together and said the Stars and Stipes are oppressive.the Indians were oppressed and still are.Stop looking through Rose colored glasses and go look at the hard scrabble land most Indians were given as reservations.They were robbed and still of their oil and mineral rights.Black hills gold for example.Read the Trail Of aThousand Tears and how they hung the Chiefs for trying to protect their people and property. Where is the hue and cry about that.American Indians was not considered Citizens some tribes 1925 other tribes 1935.

Gotta love “SLO”. The world is coming unglued around civilization and the headliner is a damn rainbow flag getting torched. You people have to much time on your hands. Beelzebub help you if we ever are invaded by an enemy country. You people will snivel yourselves to death.

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