SLO driver racks up three DUI arrests in one week

July 10, 2017

Iran Jimenez

San Luis Obispo police arrested one man for DUI three times in the span of a week, and they are now warning the driver may be back on the road. [Tribune]

Police first arrested Iran Jimenez on June 30 near his home on the 300 block of Elks Lane.

On Thursday, Jimenez allegedly crashed into a parked car in the same block while returning home. Officers then arrested him for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

Then on Friday, Jimenez allegedly hit another vehicle at Higuera and Bridge streets, and officers arrested him again.

Following his last arrest, he was booked in jail with his bail set at $5,000. Jimenez is not not currently listed as being in jail, according to the county sheriff’s office website.

Police say Jimenez is not the registered owner of any of the vehicles he was driving during the incidents. No one suffered injuries during either of the collisions.

Officers ask that residents call 911 if they see Jimenez driving.


So did he borrow these vehicles or steal them .Also we have to ask is he here legally and if not why has he not been turned over to the proper authorities for deportation. If a American citizen did this in Mexico he would still be in jail for !st offense and never be able to do the other two. Why is it that the US is the most lenient country on crime and protecting illegal immigrants but is always considered the villain? Unbelievable


Three DWI in a week is extreme circumstances.


Not if you are a SLO county medical examiner or police officer.


Where are the rights of law abiding citizens? This is INSANITY!

Do we have to wait until he kills someone for the authority’s to be able detain this man more than a hot minute?

Oh, that’s right…even killing someone will get you a pass if you’re an illegal in a sanctuary city…never mind.


One more occupant for a Baja Penal Colony paid for by Mexico.

Jorge Estrada

California only requires a minimum of $5000 property damage coverage and for those who buy enough insurance to protect the other guy don’t forget to buy uninsured motorist insurance too.

Rich in MB

Listen….when will people finally admit and acknowledge that we as a society just don’t care about drunk driving deaths. Bla bla bla…everone wants to pay lip service but the facts say the elected officials are simply ok with the drunk driving deaths. More important to the politicians and law enforcement is pension benefits and Santuary cities!

Until we admit and accept the Truth….we can fix it.


Driving impaired and/or distracted is an ugly problem. The notion of blood alcohol limits basically state that there is a safe amount of alcohol to drink and still drive. It makes no sense. Anytime they try to change that limit, the bar/restaurant lobby opposes it. The only difference between killing someone with a car and killing someone with a gun are the associated penalties.

Mike Morgan

Why isn’t this guy in jail? My first thought is that he is an illegal alien, and this is a sanctuary county.

Illegals get drunk, and drive, you are safe ye-ha! The cops won’t touch you because their superiors have told them hands off.

I think I might just move to Mexico, renounce my US citizenship, slip back across the border, and enjoy committing crimes unscathed, and privileged, protected by the political correctness that is destroying our country from within.


First, I agree that this guy should still be in jail as a threat to public safety. But you are way off in where you are placing the blame.

Cops do not set bail. They can only arrest someone for a crime they commit. The courts set the bail and they have guidelines on how much for what offenses. Contact your state legislator if you think those are inadequate. (In this case, I agree they are not good enough.)

Why are so many people ignorant of what “sanctuary cities/counties” are? (Neither SLO County nor the City of SLO are “sanctuaries” anyway.) They are not places where someone can get away with ANY crime. They are places that refuse to help the federal ICE enforce immigration offenses. Criticize them for that if you want but lets not use gross exaggerations to make mountains out of molehills for political purposes.

By the way, there was nothing in the article to indicate this guy was an illegal alien in any case — your “first thought” not withstanding. He may be or he may not be. Unless you have other information showing he is, quit speculating based on your prejudices.


What the hell! WTF is wrong with our police force?

This cracks me up: “Officers ask that residents call 911 if they see Jimenez driving.” Why, so they can let him go again. What will they do next time, set the bail at $6,000?

If he kills someone the police dept should be sued.


There are others out there who going through this–because this is what alcoholism looks like and you cannot keep them from the booze–or from driving after they drink and have reduced inhibitions. That said, society is supposedly structured to protect citizens from those that cannot reasonably do so themselves–and keeping this man in jail until he at least detoxes would have demonstrated the police do actually care about the welfare of children and adults on the roads and highways. At any time, it is estimated that about 10-15% of drivers are under the influence of a substance that impairs them while they are behind the wheel. However, once they are in custody–you have decreased that number. Sad to see they don’t care about our welfare–but we pay their salaries.


It’s not up to the cops. Take it up with the legislature.


Amazing, you would think that at least on the 2nd one they would hold him. And only 5k bail for #3? I imagine spitting on the sidewalk would garner most of us a bigger bail.

3 duis, not driving his own car, hitting other cars, hit and run, 5k…

What a chaotic ‘legal system’ we have.

roy in nipomo

Bail is supposed to be to ensure the person shows up in court, not a punishment. Short of extreme circumstances everyone is allowed bail. Major crimes have higher bails as someone is more likely to try to head across a border if they are looking at 10-20 years rather than 4-5 months. OTOH, with the additional charges, he could be looking at some real time if convicted of all of them and an incrementally higher bail would make sense.