Supervisor Adam Hill excoriates Democratic leadership

July 10, 2017

Supervisor Adam Hill


In a scathing email to a San Luis Obispo County Democratic party group list, Supervisor Adam Hill has charged Democratic legislators with “taking bribes” and failing to support local elected officials.

Specifically, Hill takes issue with state legislators not supporting his side on the controversial Air Pollution Control District’s dust rule. The rule requires state parks to reduce the particulate matter blowing from the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area or face fines of $1,000 per day.

The rule is based on a contested study that concluded off-road vehicle activity on the dunes has caused an increase in particulate matter blowing onto the Nipomo Mesa.

Hill then refers to Sen. Bill Monning and California Secretary for Natural Resources John Laird as hacks, noting their refusal to support his agenda.

Hill’s July 10 email:

“This column lays out just the latest reason why our Dem legislature is NO friend to our local governments–they take bribes from corporations to pre-empt our control.

“If you saw the Tribune’s Sunday column about the Mesa dunes dust issue and the lack of outrage — this too is another example. We have been dismissed by John Laird who doesn’t want to act to control his own agency, nor will Bill Monning go anywhere near the issue.  Thanks, heroes!

“If we were to list the number of issues on which the legislature does something to hurt or nothing to help local governments, we might stop spending so much time worshiping these hacks.

“(I hope this doesn’t make Pat Harris to purge me yet again from this list-serve…)

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For more than a year, Hill has touted himself as the heir-apparent for Monning, who was elected to a second and final term in 2016. Former Democratic nominee for State Assembly Stew Jenkins questions if Hill’s latest tirade reflects a change in party support.

“It is a sign that legislative leaders have passed over Mr. Hill in favor of others to run for the state Senate seat held by Bill Monning,” Jenkins said.


And here I thought the article in the Tribune with you, Bruce Gibson and the Tribune COLLUDING together against Lynn Compton and her recent announcement for re-election. I had no idea you were anticipating for running for another office, on the State level, and while I would love to you see perform your rants in Sacramento I will alert everyone I know to support whoever it is running against you and dysfunctional existence. Hell, not even the Democratic Party wants you and it is amazing Gibson would support you in any way. Guess when you have no other friends in the workplace, you have to take the trash dealt you!


The only particulate matter polluting the area is Hill.


So Hill and some citizens still want to stop off road vehicles on the dunes, We get that and We heard you and the answer is NO! You will not get your way. How many ways do we have to say it? NO NO NO now go away. Mr Hill stop it. Give it up already. You had your day, you had your say and your opinion was rejected. Your study is bogus your time would be better spent elsewhere.


Did you read the article in the tribune about the pollution and the air quality in the areas surrounding the dunes?


Yea, I think we got, but we don’t want more Fake News, especially coming from The Tribune and A Hill. I am a native SLOian and since I could walk we would go to Pismo Beach, drive on the beach, go clamming, camping, dune buggy’s, etc. Sometimes those winds would blow so bad, it was like fog! My Dad even worked up on the Mesa at the refinery and I remember in the summer taking him dinner and sand all over the roads, blowing in the air etc. I lived in Pismo, about a block from the beach, and everyday we had to sweep out sidewalks, park the cars in the garage, etc.


Are you denying that the air quality is bad?


straddle… Your first mistake was citing the Trib. Dust has been blowing off the dunes for thousands of years. I’m pretty sure the Chumash didn’t ride quads and dune buggies.


You know this how? Where are the records about sand blowing OFF the dunes thousands of years ago?


The answer is still no.


Pot, (Adam) I believe you’ve met Kettle…how dare YOU accuse ANYONE of doing the same thing you have done repeatedly?

It’s time to check yourself in..we will gladly pay.


Is the typo CalCoast or A Hill? Perhaps if Hill spent more time worshipping and less time worshiping he might be a better human being.


Hasn’t the time come for the majority of the Board of Supervisors to censure Mr. Hill. It has become very clear that Mr. Hill has some personal problems that for some reason causes these outbursts that really expose the worst of negativity for the county.

I hope that at some time Mr. Hill will get the professional help that appears he really is in need of.


And why wouldn’t the local Democratic committee dismiss Hill as a replacement for Sen. Monning. They are most likely likely looking for a leader, something that Supervisor Hill is not.

And his continued tantrums prove that. Calling John Laird a hack tells all. John Laird is not a hack.

Adam Hill a douche bag. I’m a life long long Democrat and still believe in Democratic ideals but this time will vote for whomever is running against him.

Rich in MB

Adam Hill is the Republican Party’s best recruiting tool in showing voters just who the local Leftists are and just how dangerous they are for the local community. I for one would like to thank Supervisor Hill for allowing us regular folks to see the Democratic Party Corruption first hand and then vote and give political contributions and support accordingly.


Hill is representative of the local Democratic establishment. There are people to the left of them that are as disgusted with him as you are. Left-Right generalizations are often inaccurate and just serve to polarize people to the point where they can’t work together even when they agree on a specific issue.


A great journalist, i admire what youve exposed with Gearhart etc!