Dan Dow calls Tribune reporting on jail deaths misleading

August 2, 2017

District Attorney Dan Dow

After reading the Tribune’s article, “SLO County Jail is under FBI investigation after 11 inmate deaths,” San Luis Obispo County District attorney Dan Dow called the Tribunes Aug. 1 article misleading and inaccurate. [Cal Coast Times]

In the article, the reporter says that Dow has forwarded multiple complaints about the deaths in the jail to the FBI. Tribune reporter Matt Fountain then links the investigation to a press conference attended by Dow, Sheriff Ian Parkinson and FBI agent Sean Ragan.

“Beware of misleading and sensational news headlines,” Dow said on an Aug. 1 Facebook post. “The timing of and wording of today’s online Tribune article misleads readers to believe that the FBI is suddenly launching a new investigation into the Sheriff’s Office. This is NOT the truth and certainly not new news.

“This afternoon, I asked the Tribune to correct the misleading headline. They declined,” Dow added.

Read entire article at Cal Coast Times.


Dow: “Your reporting is misleading! Please change it!”

Tribune: “we always report exactly what you tell us too…you know that. But this one is so outrageous it might hurt our readership.”


What’s misleading? Is there 11 deaths or not? Does this make SLO county jail the most deadly jail per-capita in the nation or doesn’t it?

Is the FBI investigating or not?

Was Holland strapped in the chair for 2 days or not?

What’s misleading here? Perhaps Dow is upset because for the first time he has lost total control of the flow of information with the mouthpiece of local law enforcement, the Tribune?


Take the 5 million dollar budget that us tax payer are paying and turn the former Paso Robles Youth Authority facility into a facility to house and treat the mentally ill, it could also have been used for the female county jail and would have saved us millions, but we are helping Ian build an IMPIRE…oh……..by the way! how’s the off shore boat to patrol our coast line…


Maybe investigate and prosecute perhaps? ELEVEN deaths…


And Dan Dow is a highly paid individual covering his pension and a**. His opinion is squat.