Lawlessness at SLO marijuana festival

August 10, 2017

With billions at stake in San Luis Obispo County’s emerging marijuana industry, questions have been raised about allegations of backroom deals, threats, lawlessness and unequal law enforcement. [Cal Coast Times]

One needs to look no farther than San Luis Obispo’s first marijuana festival in July, to see growers and vendors failing to follow county, state and federal laws regarding events and marijuana sales. Hundreds of people attended and were able to purchase or sample marijuana and marijuana products.

While marijuana is legal under state law, there are requirements for events including permits and following marijuana laws. For example, while medical marijuana is legal, it is not legal to sell pot at festivals.

At last month’s SLO Cup, dozens of vendors sold marijuana and edibles such as THC laced gummy bears and brownies. Other vendors provided free samples of dabs and pot for signing up with their collectives.

However, several county officials said there were undercover officers who bought illegally sold marijuana and who wore video cameras at the CLO Cup.

Read entire article at Cal Coast Times.

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A preview of coming attractions.

RE: “recreational use”

let’s say I have high blood pressure and i go to my physician who tells me to exercise more and lose weight. So far so good.

I ask my doc, “Doctor, what type of exercise should I do?”

The doctor answers, “Find a form of exercise that hurts you, makes you sore, gives you diarrhea and most importantly something you don’t enjoy.”

Shocked, I ask him, “Doc, could I maybe do hiking and swimming and some yoga? Would that be OK?”

The doctor says, “No! Those things are recreational exercise! We want medical exercise. Recreational exercise simply will not help you, because you enjoy it. You need to suffer, or at least be indifferent to your treatment. Enjoyment negates any health benefit you might derive from exercise. Please, don’t exercise recreationally. Recreational exercise is for fun! This is medical exercise and it shouldn’t be fun at all. It should be dangerous and it should hurt.”

That sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

So, let’s say that I have high blood pressure and I learn that smoking cannabis lowers it right down to normal. While enjoying the side effect of lower blood pressure, I also discover that I’m in a better mood and have less stomach and joint pain and I laugh more.

The anti-nature, anti-pot, pro-big pharma crowd wants us to thing that just because we enjoy something recreationally it can’t be good for us medically. Obviously, they’re wrong! It’s a stupid argument with no basis in fact and no logic behind it. It’s just a remnant of the government propaganda regarding cannabis that has been shoved down our throats for decades.

It’s a false notion and should be rejected and repudiated by everyone.

L.A.RamFan Right on! My thoughts exactly!

Well, another lame marijuana investigation after the doobie dozen of 2010. Keep,wasting our tax dollars stupid turds.

Rich have you ever been on General Assitance? Do you know how much they get? Do you know all of these people?

Good god! It’s the law now, it’s legal folks! Get use to it or don’t but stop with all the nonsensical bullshit!

No, we’ll probably never have “recreational prostitution” ’cause if it isn’t that already then what the fuck is it?

I love the term “recreational use” and how it just gets the drinkin’ crowd all up in arms like what they do isn’t “recreational”! Why is that? Maybe you don’t like the thought of folks havin’ fun with a substance you’ve never tried and don’t understand or maybe you see what you do with alcohol as an occupation or profession or some such bullshit.

Yea, maybe pot was sold and used at this event but how did that hurt you? It didn’t! And until it made the news none of you would have cared less because you wouldn’t have been there in the first place, right?

So please, let’s get together and agree to disagree and then go out and have a beer or a bowl full and laugh it all off! Whatya say? I’m buyin’ (not really, too far)!