Morro Bay considering allowing two marijuana dispensaries

August 7, 2017

At a hearing on Tuesday, the Morro Bay City Council will discuss the possibility of allowing two medical marijuana dispensaries to open in the coastal city.

A council subcommittee consisting of Councilman Robert “Red” Davis and Councilwoman Marlys McPherson has recommended Morro Bay permit a maximum of two brick and mortar dispensaries. The council will hear that recommendation, as well as suggestions on other marijuana business regulations, during Tuesday’s hearing.

Morro Bay city staff is asking the council to either develop an ordinance regulating marijuana business activity or adopt a moratorium on pot businesses that would effectively postpone the decision on pot regulations until after Jan. 1, 2018. Next year, the state of California will begin issuing licenses for recreational marijuana businesses, something to which Morro Bay officials appear to be opposed.

Davis and McPherson are recommending the city adopt a firm ban on recreational marijuana businesses. Likewise, they are calling for bans on marijuana manufacturing and testing businesses.

The council subcommittee, though, is proposing allowing marijuana delivery services to operate in Morro Bay subject to city permits.

Other recommendations from Davis and McPherson include maintaining an existing ban on personal outdoor cultivation of marijuana and banning all commercial cultivation of cannabis. Likewise, the two council members suggest regulating the packaging of marijuana edibles so that they can be clearly distinguished from other food products.

Morro Bay recently held a community workshop and a public forum to gauge the sentiments of city residents on marijuana businesses. At the workshop, Morro Bay residents indicated they support having medical marijuana dispensaries and delivery services, while they are less supportive of recreational pot businesses.

The city previously had a brick and mortar medical marijuana dispensary. However, law enforcement raided the dispensary in 2007 and shut down the business.

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Any smoker will tell you there’s a big gap in marijuana dispensaries between SB and Monterey, due to lagging civic approval. There is no shortage of customers in this area however.

Which ever city gets a pot shop, its going to be a big deal and alot of incoming money. Looks like MB is going to see a local econ boom. The same thing happened to Colorado and its neighborhood

Ooh, ahh, impressive. Wa to push the envelope. So scary to unleash the marijuana beast in people.

148 alcohol dispensaries and 2 mj ones.

What I think most of you are missing is that these are medical MJ dispensaries and not recreational use ones, which means you have to have a prescription to get your smoke on. Here in Oregon to get a prescription you have to have a Oregon MMJ Card (which costs over $200) and if you do you cannot get any other form of medication prescribed for pain, depression and a myriad of other schedule 1 type drugs.

The conditions you must be diagnosed with are pretty broad…

Prop. 215 lists “cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief.”

I like your sarcasm there abigchocoholic, you know why? I just got my blood work back from my annual and it’s the best it’s ever been! Everything within normal ranges and the only change? More chocolate (nope, not kidding), less beer and more pot! Go figure…

Morro Bay has had many motto’s over the years;

Fishy little sleeping village.

Come on vacation, leave on probation.

Now what, where 420 meets the sea!

Come get your Sea Weed!

I’m sure that someone more creative than I, will come up with a better slogan for our little Stonerville:)

Newsflash. It’s legal. It’ll be in every town in CA in brick and mortar dispensaries within a year. No reason to try and define a place because it sells pot, any more than you’d try to define it because it had a bar or liquor store.

That you even have to suggest it be named after marijuana shows the social stigmatism that still attaches.

Just having a little sarcastic fun:)

Go have a blunt and chill out!!!