No Brown Act violations found in Jim Hill investigation

August 7, 2017

Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill

An investigation into accusations that Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill shared closed session information in violation of the Brown Act determined the accusation was unfounded. However, the report did find that Hill was involved in personnel matters and shared an email from the district’s legal counsel about the personnel issue. [Cal Coast Times]

For the past few years, officials with the city of Arroyo Grande and the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District have been bitterly divided by those who support former sanitation district administrator John Wallace and those who wanted Wallace investigated for conflicts of interest. An investigation into the allegations of conflict of interest resulted in the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney filing three felony and two misdemeanor counts against Wallace.

The controversy surrounding Hill began on Jan. 24, when Arroyo Grande resident Patty Welsh spoke at a city council meeting. Welsh claimed that Hill shared his email password with his wife and distributed an employment contract that had yet to be approved by the sanitation district board.

Read entire article at Cal Coast Times.

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Best example of a Kangaroo Court that I’ve seen. Kangaroo origin may be the act of jumping over justice or having someone in your pocket. If there is shame to be allocated, it belongs fair and square with the Arroyo Grande City Council. The reason the “verdict” took so long is that there was nothing on the Mayor, and the Council, humiliated by the finding hoped to buy time so the public would forget.

“…judicial tribunal or assembly that ignores recognized standards of law or justice, and often carries little or no official standing in the territory within which it resides.”

“A bogus court. …sham legal proceedings which are a set-up in order to give the impression of a fair legal process. In fact, they offer no impartial justice as the verdict, invariably to the detriment of the accused, is decided in advance. Such courts are outside the bounds of formal judicial processes…”

“…sham legal proceeding or trial, one that denies due process and fairness…”

“…self-appointed or mob-operated tribunal that disregards or parodies existing principles of law or human rights…especially one amongst criminals…”

“…crudely or irregularly operated court, especially one so controlled as to render a fair trial impossible.”

Now we know why Sanitation Manager Gerhardt Hubner retired last week. He found out the witch hunt didn’t work!

Witch hunt! A total fabrication!!

Hill is innocent, but slime is not. And Hill was slimmed by this ridiculous legal study costing $15,000 made over six months. Common sense was shelved and political opportunism seized the day to embarrass Hill. This was a dirty business that brought shame on the Council.

For six months a shadow was cast impugning Hill. And during this time Hill was never informed of the charges made against him nor was he consulted or examined on the issues. He was denied “due process” while being hung by the stupid charges against him.

The legal Council for the City should be embarrassed. Patty Welch has exploited the Brown Act and Ray and Barneich appears to be parties to her excess. Where were you, once respected Tim Brown? Barbara fell on her sword on the Mack issue where he, as a respected Planning Commissioner, was also disparaged. .

Hill now stands tall – a giant among Counsel midgets. I thank God the new city manager, Jim Bergman, was not party to this. There is an accounting on this for a good man and outstanding citizen was slimmed. Citizens of Arroyo Grande and clients of the Sewer District take notice.

Speaking of Wallace, last I heard there was a hearing scheduled for Aug 3rd. Any news on that, or is Johnny law wasting some of our tax dollars with another extension?

I worked with the guy – he is a POS.

None of these interviews were taken under oath.

The whole section on deleted emails is a bogus. The city has a record on whatever was sent from the Mayors computer, why didn’t the investigator get the trail from there? They can see what it was, when it was sent and to whom.

I used to think Patty Welsh might be able to help with the many problems in Arroyo Grande, now it is clear she is just one of those people who love to complain, and not for good reasons, just to complain to hear themselves. Have been ignoring her during her comments at meetings.

EXONERATED…..nobody’s playing Patty cake huh?