Paso Robles men seek sex-for-cocaine deal and underage prostitute

August 15, 2017

Edward Scheuerman

During a prostitution sting in Santa Maria, two Paso Robles men offered cocaine in exchange for sex while another one, who is 61 years old, sought a sexual act with a minor, according to the Santa Barbara County Sherriff’s Office.

Members of the sheriff’s special investigations and criminal investigations bureaus arrested eight men in all during the prostitution sting that took place at a Santa Maria hotel last Thursday. Five of the suspects were from Santa Barbara County. They ranged in age from 23 to 69.

Unlike the Paso Robles men, the Santa Barbara County johns were only charged with soliciting prostitution. The five Santa Barbara County suspects were arrested, booked and then released.

Officers booked the Paso Robles men in Santa Barbara County Jail on a variety of charges. Braulio Cisneros-Chavez, 20, was booked on charges of solicitation of prostitution, possession of cocaine for sale, transportation of cocaine and conspiracy. Officers booked Christian Rodriguez-Ibarra, 23, in jail on charges of possession of cocaine for sale, transportation of cocaine and conspiracy.

Edward Scheuerman, 61, believed he was meeting a female under the age of 18 for a sex act when he arrived at the hotel, according to the sheriff’s office. Officers booked Scheuerman in Santa Barbara County Jail on charges of meeting a minor for a lewd purpose and solicitation of prostitution.

During the sting, investigators place an add on a website known for prostitution related advertisements. The ad indicated a female was willing to engage in sex acts in exchange for money.

An undercover officer then negotiated with johns over the amount of money. Following the negotiation, the johns would come to the hotel where they would be arrested for soliciting prostitution.

The sting was funded in part by a federal grant the Santa Barbara County sheriff’s and district attorney’s offices received in order to combat human trafficking.

Santa Barbara sheriff’s officials say the majority of women engaged in prostitution are victims of different types of abuse and/or human trafficking. Prostitution stings deter johns from searching for prostitutes, according to the sheriff’s office.

Christian Rodriguez-Ibarra

Braulio Cisneros-Chavez

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Good candidate for the old Dateline NBC “to catch a predator” shows.

61? 69?

Proof Viagra works.

One of the 8 arrested, Walter Thomas, 69 of Lompoc, was also arrested back on Oct of 2014 in this county for the same thing!

I get the Human trafficking and exploitation of minors as the impudence for these stings, but never about the Single Mom’s, College Students and others that are just out trying to make a buck of their own free will getting caught up in these Stings.

How can a Woman’s choice to kill a unborn baby be constitutionally protected, yet renting herself out is illegal, I thought it was a woman’s right to do what she wanted with her body!

I guess that’s only true for abortion:(

Law enforcement tends to focus on the demand side (johns) in these situations, and this particular situation, although it was a ruse by the police, has to do with prostitution of children, who, most would argue, should not be allowed to rent out their bodies.

Edward might think he is getting his 15 minutes of fame….but we will watch him grow old on Megan’s List. After he is released, that is.