Photo of mouse in Nipomo Carl’s Jr. leads to temporary closure

September 12, 2017

A South County woman photographed a mouse on Sunday as it was running around beside a salsa bar inside a Nipomo Carl’s Jr., and a day later, the restaurant was closed and the subject of a public health investigation.

Jennifer Colman posted a photo on Facebook of the mouse in between the salsa bar and a soda machine inside the Calr’s Jr. at 510 W. Tefft Street. Colman took the photo in the restaurant’s dining room, and then informed Carl’s Jr. employees about the mouse, but they ignored her, she said.

“There was an employee on their break right by the bar and while I was pointing and saying mouse they didn’t seem to care,” Colman wrote in a Facebook post. “The manager just looked and didn’t seem to care either. So gross!”

Colman then reported the incident to the San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department and the Carl’s Jr. corporation. On Monday, the Nipomo Carl’s Jr. was closed for a health inspection.

SLO County Environmental Health services supervisor Leslie Terry told KSBY that inspectors found no sign of a rodent infestation. Terry also said the owner is being very compliant, and she thinks the owner is embarrassed and trying to take care of the problem.

Even though the fast food location passed the inspection, Carl’s Jr’s corporate office opted to close the restaurant Monday afternoon.

“We are aware of the image posted online. Carl’s Jr. takes its commitment to food safety and quality seriously,” Carl’s Jr. said in a statement. “Although the restaurant passed a health inspection this morning, we decided to proactively close the restaurant today while further corrective action is taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We apologize to our customers for any concern this has caused.”

The Nipomo Carl’s Jr. has passed recent inspections, but during an inspection in June, the restaurant received a deduction in its score due to vermin droppings being observed under shelves in a dry storage area.

County health officials say the restaurant can now reopen. It is unclear when it will.

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There is major road construction going on right in front of there. Mice always scatter and end up in buildings when this happens, looking for quick cover. I’m sure ever business around there has suddenly seen a few.

Glad to see KSBY providing this important news last night. ***NEWS FLASH**** mouse runs across the counter at Carls Jr!!!!!!!!!!

Probably climate change induced. Either the little bugger was hungry (lack of food from no water), thirsty (same prob) or scared from the thunder( well hell, that’s the same too). Wonder how many of the employees actually wash after using the crapper, are Drug tested, TB tested, AIDS tested, or any of the other 20+ diseases spread thru simple hand to food contact. Yum, yum…

The mouse was fired, but quietly hired back later.

This is stupid. And, a good representation of society’s pettiness.

Tell the manager, call corporate, whatever. You really need to post it to the internet?

I’m glad this lady posted it on the internet. It is a obvious cleanliness issue with the restaurant. How is this stupid? I honestly want to hear your logic on this.

But we need to pay them $15 dollars an hour to care people geez dont you understand!

I dont think, at that level, you get paid enough money to care.

When you feel like you are truly a part of the company you work for, and involved in its future and well-being, these issues matter.

Not to COMPLETELY absolve them of their responsibilities though! If its true that 2 employees just ignored it, thats pretty terrible

If those employees signed on the dotted line of their employment application to maintain a certain standard of cleanliness at the restaurant, the hourly salary is an irrelevant point.

Introducing ‘slider’ burgers on the menu?