Mission College Prep administrator restrains student with choke hold

November 15, 2017

Administrator Russ Griffith with a student whose face has been concealed to protect his privacy.

An administrator at Mission College Preparatory Catholic High School in San Luis Obispo is on suspension after he placed a student in a headlock during lunch on Nov. 3. Several students then shared photos of the altercation on social media. [Cal Coast Times]

Photos show Russ Griffith, a former San Luis Obispo police officer, restraining a star of the football team in a carotid choke hold. In this type of hold, a person’s neck is placed in a V between an officer’s forearm and upper arm while pressure is applied to the carotid arteries on the sides of the neck.

The student was not injured in the alleged assault and played football later that evening, a parent of another student said.

Shortly after 2 p.m., police were dispatched to the school to investigate the altercation. Less than two-hours later, officers listed the altercation as an assault, wrote a report, but did not make an arrest, according to the police department’s summary report.

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Holding penalty, 5 yards and automatic first down.


The LAPD banned choke holds in 1980, and it’s been banned nationwide for a long time. Even if the kid was mouthing off, this was very excessive. Mr. Griffith should not be allowed back to that school – EVER.

Niles Q

LAPD didn’t ban anything, the PD’s civilian oversight committee banned the choke hold, against the advice of the police chief too (Daryl Gates). It led to a spike in the number of people being shot by police and the use of batons, busting heads instead of choking out suspects. Eventually that led to Rodney King getting the crap beat out of him, the police trials and the riots by a population that was fed up with getting the crap beaten out of them by the police.

And I thought Mission Prep was a Catholic school. Do they need Sister Mary Elephant to let go a can of whoop ass on those brats?


Gee, entitled rich kids and a football player to boot? Quell Surprise!

Jorge Estrada

The student was not injured and the issue was defused, good job! Sorry the process requires there to be an administrative suspension, instead it should be rename, kick ass holiday, for a job well done.


Maybe this student will think twice about getting in a fight next time. I am sure the other student appreciates this administrator doing his job.


where does it say it was a fight? or that there were other students involved? on another online article it says kids were cussing at the tables.

Jorge Estrada

So the news article should be titled, Random Choking Incident or We Have A Serial Choker?


Disappointed in CCN – need more details about what the little turd did to irk the administrator? I know that students now-a-days have a LACK OF RESPECT for authority anymore that they are running a muck in our schools. Paso H.S. has big issues with kids DISRESPECTING teachers -badly — cursing them out, destroying their property, making threats and hardly any consequences!! So, they continually do it since they don’t have any thing happen to them. I’m not saying that physical punishment is the answer either but I wish we would have had more details about what this kid did or said to ignite the situation. It may shed more light on why Mr. Griffith responded like he did.


First of all how the hell do YOU know this kid as a “turd”. Also, the term is “amok” not “a muck”. You could use some schooling yourself. See what happens when YOU get put in a choke hold.


‘Former San Luis Obispo police officer’


Looks like ole Russ will be pounding the streets again real soon. I agree copperhead….still clutching that phone after accidentally smarting off to the one dude who was a little cranky pants!


Don’t think you have to worry about this double dipper going hunger, he is likely collecting his 100%+salary pension, this job was just a little bonus from a broken bankrupt pension system, being paid for by the taxpayers.


Did he just place the student in a rear naked choke for fun or was there some type of justification? The kid is still holding his phone, I wonder if he got a selfie off before he went to sleep.


How old are you? 12?


No. I did not grow up in today’s “I am a victim, look at me era”. There is more to this story that the article doesn’t state and the kid likely deserved it.


Read the entire article at Cal Coast Times (link is at the end of the article)


You did not grow up in today’s “I am a victim, look at me era”. Neither did I. How do you know the “kid likely deserved it”?


Because reasonable adults don’t randomly forcibly restrain students, and russ Griffith is a reasonable adult.


Weak argument. Everyone, no matter how reasonable they are make mistakes. So far from the evidence that has leaked out, if true, Mr. Griffith, in that moment, over reacted. It is possible he made a mistake. You said Russ Griffith is a reasonable adult. Do you know him?


if I said he is reasonable it should be inferred that I know him. What I don’t know is what this kid was doing that prompted a rear naked choke be applied to him. That’s what I would like to know.


In California “choke holds” are illegal and “carotid restraint” (which is what Mr. Griffin appears to be using) are considered “lethal force”. He, Mr. Griffin, can’t think he was in a situation where “lethal force” was necessary on this child (yes, this was a child). But, as with all law enforcement, employed or retired, the benefit of the doubt goes their way as, of course, the child HAD to be doing something wrong, right? So wrong to justify “lethal force”? I’m just glad Mr. Griffin wasn’t armed or we’d probably be reading about a dead child…