Who is buying Jimmy Paulding?

March 18, 2018

Jimmy Paulding


Beginning March 6th, and running up to the June primary, candidates are required to file FPPC reports notifying the public of large political donations of $1000 or more given to a candidate. Such donations must be reported within 24 hours of receiving that donation. Reports include the donor’s name, the amount of the donation, and the date received. The purpose is to identify any large contribution, and its source, as the election enters the final months to ensure transparency.

Interestingly, Jimmy Paulding has “sidestepped” this disclosure requirement, first with of a mysterious, unnamed donor, who pledged $40,000 to his campaign, in a contest featured on Jimmy’s Facebook page and campaign website, and then with another who anonymously pledged $10,000.

So, Jimmy claims to have received two anonymous donations totaling $50,000, and both were received only days before the start of the 24 hour reporting period. The precise timing of his contest’s end (right before March 6th), which triggered the $50,000 anonymous match is not coincidental.

Something stinks. Campaign finance laws are intended to ensure transparency and honesty. Nothing should be hidden for months, especially $50,000 in contributions!  Jimmy Paulding…you claim to have received $50,000 worth of anonymous donations…who is buying this race?  o much for transparency.

Who are these hidden donors and what do they expect to get for their donation? Who is trying to buy this race? The voters of the 4th District have the right to know who is hiding behind your curtain.


Just sent my check to Supervisor Compton, not for $10,000, as I am only a hard working little person looking for someone to present the people not all the cronies and special interest groups like PROGRESSIVE EVIL DEMOCRATS! Disgusting people in this County belong to this group, their way or no way!


A politician bought and paid for. Shocking…


WTF, George? Campaign contributions must be reported AFTER they are received, not before. Let’s wait to see what Jimmy reports AFTER he receives these pledges before condemning him.


I really do think they should wear their donor’s logo on a blazer like a NASCAR driver. We really should know who sponsors our politicians. I mean, if things are really transparent, why does it matter? I don’t like shady people on either side of the political aisle.


Is that cannabis pinned to his lapel? If it is, he has my vote (it’s a joke folks, I don’t reside in SLO and wouldn’t vote for anyone with ties to Hill, Gibson or any other in that band of deplorables if I did).


Bruce Gibson gave him money from his campaign committee! So those of you in the 2nd district that gave Bruce money, know that your dollars were funneled to a political operative without your consent. Wow, how’s that for backroom politics! It’s time for Bruce to go. He’s way too entrenched, too political, too stubborn and combative. Jeff Eckles would make a great supervisor- he’s fair, nonpartisan, and listens to all sides. I just donated to his campaign at http://www.jeffeckles.org

George Bailey


I think it is becoming clear to all that Jimmy Paulding is just another unethical politician in the image of Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson. In fact, Hill and Gibson are probably directly behind the unscrupulous donation of developer money that is at issue here.

We don’t need Jimmy Paulding.



He has learned to play the game early. Kind of scary that he has learned the tricks of the trade without ever holding office before. It appears that he has some real experienced tutors educating him? And who could thet be?


If hill,gibson and ray are rallying around him thats a good enough reason not to vote for him