SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill is at it again

March 9, 2018

Supervisor Adam Hill


Less than a month after blaming his obscene tirade against Mark Burns on his alleged suffering from depression and his taking a leave of absence to get help for his so-called condition, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill returned to his position with a vengeance. Apparently he found a cure in record time.

But in observing his performance at the March 6, board of supervisor’s meeting, Hill’s right back being his old obnoxious self and maligning his fellow members of the board. Just as I thought he took a time-out to hide behind a contrived affliction, only to return to his same old self when the dust died down.

His votes that day at the board on the groundwater issue and the Trilogy appeal were the height of irresponsibility. Voting to give away county control over the North County’s groundwater resources to a few rich plutocrats was one thing, but voting to uphold a NIMBY appeal to reverse long held government approvals for the Trilogy project that had already paid nearly $30,000,000 in fees and improvements was quite another.

Had he succeeded in getting the board to side with his zany votes, it would have resulted in a massive lawsuit by Trilogy to recover its costs that the county would have lost, not to mention the loss of supplemental water to the Nipomo Mesa. Add what that cost could have been to the nearly $10,000,000 county award to the contractors of the Los Osos Wastewater Treatment Plant for charges Bruce Gibson verbally authorized without the legal paperwork. Now that’s depressing!

Then he had the unmitigated gall to decry Lynn Compton’s voting against the NIMBY appeal because she received a campaign donation from the Trilogy sponsors, only to have Compton justly retort with the fact that Hill received donations from Trilogy too. How’s that for the pot calling the kettle black!

Knowing that his votes would not prevail, Hill’s positions were nothing more than political theater designed to harm a fellow supervisor who has been more effective than him.

So Adam, were you really suffering from depression or was it all a ruse? I think we already know the answer to that. But now that you are back, it is the rest of us who are really suffering from depression.

Mark Burns, would you please fire up and circulate those recall petitions now?


I am disgusted to see that KSBY is interviewing Hill on Monday night! He does not deserve a platform to whine about his poor self. Let KSBY know that this is SO wrong!


I’m actually kind of surprised that anyone is shocked or surprised by Adam Hill’s behaviour. For just over a year now, it has been standard operating procedure for all “New Progressives” to show overt contempt for all those who disagree with them. It has also become SOP for the Progressives to blame their opponents for taking big money donations to influence votes, all the while living lavish lifestyles themselves funded by big money contributions. Just like Adam, whenever most other modern Progressives find their back against the wall; they clam to be the victim. I am quite sure that as long as Adam Hill has that (D) next to his name on the ballot, that he will be reelected. I don’t really think he is any different then any of the other modern day Progressives. Now I am just waiting for him to accuse Lynn Compton and Debbie Arnold of conspiring with the Russians. If Hill does somehow doesn’t get reelected, I’m sure he’ll write a tell-all book about all the people who conspired against him, because victims never lose.


“Does somehow doesn’t get reelected?” LOL. Started with one thought, finished with another. Somehow doesn’t I guess I’ll go with.

George Bailey

Playing the victim card is right out of the libetard training manual.


Hey, show some compassion here! He just might be clinically depressed! I know I get depressed whenever I see him.


Where can I sign a petition to get the ant hill out?


The only thing Adam suffers from…….. is being insufferable.

the situation

I can only imagine how this would go down if roles were reversed and it was Compton who claimed to have depression after an unnecessary outburst. I am sure the Tribune and New Times would not be so merciful and empathetic as they were with Hill. Quit lying Adam and resign now.

George Bailey


Actually, I think Adam Hill’s moronic outburst’s have reflected so poorly on the SLO-TT and New Times reputations, that they told him they would denounce him, unless there was a medical reason behind his juvenile antics.

Hence, the lie.

George Bailey

Hill ought to be recalled.


The depression claim was clever but clever, at best. He really should have gone for the Tourette Syndrome defense. He could have really milked that for greater mileage and had tons of fun while doing it. Perhaps a Hail Mary last minute “diagnosis” is in the works?


Most know the only thing Hill is doing is working with County Council to figure out a way for the taxpayers to pay for his upcoming extended vacation or retirement. Until they figure that out he will return to the job and know his actions are just his way to create a basis for the condition he will use to support his workers comp filling, this may just be County Council’s recommendation.