Another racist incident at Cal Poly

April 18, 2018

Following fresh allegations of racism at Cal Poly, including a new fraternity photo that surfaced, university President Jeffrey Armstrong announced Tuesday that all Panhellenic and Interfraternity Council fraternities and sororities have been placed on indefinite suspension. [Cal Coast Times]

Last month, three members of the Sigma Nu fraternity were photographed holding Corona bottles and wearing outfits appearing to impersonate Hispanics. The photo, which just recently surfaced, was shared on social media with the caption, “When you get he holmes to take a photo of la familia.”

Armstrong responded with a long message to the campus community expressing outrage and providing a detailed list of action the Cal Poly administration is taking in response to recent fraternity activity and other alleged racism. The university president described the Sigma Nu photo as “another incident of racial profiling and cultural appropriation.”

The circulation of the Sigma Nu photo comes days following large protests on campus over a blackface incident at the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. Lambda Chi Alpha members were also photographed dressed as gangsters.

“After learning this morning about another incident of racial profiling and cultural appropriation that occurred at Sigma Nu six weeks ago, I am announcing today an indefinite suspension of all Panhellenic and Interfraternity Council fraternities and sororities,” Armstrong stated. “I understand this impacts Greek Life organizations that have been operating responsibly and with integrity. However, Greek Life is a privilege at this university and until all fraternities and sororities are conducting themselves in a manner that is respectful of all students — as well as holding each other accountable — they will not have a place at Cal Poly.”

In addition to the fraternity and sorority suspensions, other actions university administrators are taking include hiring an independent African-American diversity and inclusion specialist. The specialist, Kimberly McLaughlin-Smith from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, will work with administrators, faculty, staff and students to help the Cal Poly administration better understand the concerns and perspectives of underrepresented students and to improve the campus climate and culture.

Cal Poly will also begin requiring bias training for all hiring committees and certain faculty. Likewise, Armstrong noted that over his tenure, which began in 2011, Cal Poly’s student body decreased from 63 percent white to 55 percent white.

On the question of disciplining students for alleged racism, Armstrong said the university is required by law to uphold free speech.

Also on Tuesday, a Cal Poly professor posted photos of apparent vandalism surrounding his campus office. The images include photos of statements and graphics about race, intelligence and homicide rates; the word “NIGGER” written on a bathroom stall; a ripped poster of a woman in an American flag head covering; and a ripped sign belonging to the professor, stating he works “with and for undocumented students and families.”

The professor, Neal A. MacDougall, responded to the vandalism with a statement criticizing Armstrong for denying there is a racist culture on campus.

“I know that Cal Poly President Armstrong has asserted that a racist culture does not exist at Cal Poly but it makes me wonder what kind of culture these images represent? All of this was centered around my office hallway this morning. I think we have to move beyond protecting the Cal Poly “brand” and start dealing with the Cal Poly reality,” MacDougall wrote in a Facebook post.


Armstrong needs to get a vagina hat and wear it everywhere because he is one big PC pu$$y — with “leadership” like this, it’s no wonder that Cultural Marxism is rampant on college campuses

George Bailey


The race hustlers at Cal Poly almost assuredly produced this fake racial incident to try to elicit sympathy for the Black Lives Matter crowd. The snowflake mentality at Cal Poly is out of control and this once-fine university is declining rapidly.

Why don’t these students get back to work in the classroom and quit wasting everyones time with nonsense? The political correctness is ruining the campus experience, and the taxpayers ought to demand that this all be stopped-after all, it is all happening with our tax dollars.


Boycott Cal Poly SLO


The most harm going on at Cal Poly is not the black face impersonation or the gangbanger impersonation. The worst is this Armstrong fellow impersonating as the president of University.


Armstrong is as dumb as he looks. Those guys with one Asian are dressed up as crips. Many different races in the crips including white. Armstrong needs to be fired. Try joining the Black Engneers if you are white. Friggin moron.


This thing has gotten way out of control. And I have my doubts about the “racist” vandalism…. I think we’ll find out it’s designed to look like it… to stir things up even more. Happens all the time. Hope they catch ’em.


I am sure there is some reason that I am unaware of, but why does it matter if a University President makes arbitrary judgements against students living off campus? Aren’t most frat houses off campus? Why does a group of people (any people) need the sanction of a bureaucrat to live and behave communally – as long as they are not breaking laws? How can a University President arbitrarily punish a student for non-academic behavior? That, in of itself, sounds like a civil rights violation.



Taking away, or infringing on Freedom of Association is by definition a civil rights violation! But we’re long past rule of law and the concepts of liberty in America. Laws don’t matter…..the only thing that matters is what we feel about laws and how we use them. President Armstrong and those who smoke the same stuff he smokes do not see laws as a means to protect rights, which is what they were designed to do; but instead see them as tools to punish people they wish to punish and to promote people they wish to promote.

This type of “Justice” is arbitrary, unequal in application and subject to the whims of media opinion. It has no basis in the Constitution…..not that anyone cares about that anymore.

Students used to be keen to protect and demand their rights. Now they are keen to fling them away in order to avoid persecution. Again, nothing but trouble is on the horizon when people like President Armstrong are in charge. The students should adopt that old adage:

I do not approve of what you are saying but will defend to the death your RIGHT to say it.


sloweb, usually it is the lack of education (formal or not) that makes one unaware or uninformed. You could google, to find out what you don’t know, before you comment Just saying.

With minimal effort you find that; Frats and Sororities are chartered nationally, and have many bylaws that dictate behavior–which voluntarily limits legal behavior–in order to be accredited. It is similar to Kiwana and Rotarians. They can’t get away “blackface” fundraisers now can they? Free speech says they can, common decency and a few bylaws says they can’t. Oh the horror of PC.

Frats also have to comply with codes of conduct set by each University in which a charter operates. So yes, the bureaucrat gets to make the decision.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking it is arbitrary.


So this woman flying out for indoctrination classes is volunteering her time, right?

California turns out thousands of ethnic and social justice majors every year. Why not bring in a volunteer from Bakersfield or Fresno?

And please, no tacos or pasta. Cultural appropriation. Just cafeteria food or burgers, the American way.


Mr. Armstrong’s allegations and decision making are confusing.

The subjective actions of 3 individuals will affect thousands of innocent students? Please be consistent. So when the next athlete behaves inappropriately, suspend ALL ICA student athletes. Brilliant. Same for professors, TAs, and administrators.

Dressing like a Latino gang member may be a stereotype, but how is it profiling or racist? Will Mr. Armstrong forbid students of color dressing up on St. Patricks Day? Will Latina’s be prohibited from dressing up like sexy German beer servers during Octoberfest? Cultural appropriation I say!

Regarding the student who wore blackface as part of being on the ‘black team’, his sincere thoughts and reply denoted naivete and ignorance, not racism. These are critical distinctions, but Mr. Armstrong appears to be playing to the mob.

Now come the liberal speech code overlords. Well paid, I assume. Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter Williams long ago branded many of these people race hustlers.


When people provide a photograph of something that the media can construe as “racist” the only course of action available is to restrict Freedom of Association.

That’s right folks, if some students dress up ALL STUDENTS must forfeit their freedom to associate with other consenting adults.

Do you see the logic here? Only by flinging away our liberty are we able to create a society that fits the “vision” of people like President Armstrong.

As long as people maintain the right to freely associate with others in a fraternity or sorority, we’ll never arrive at something “fair,” or “inclusive.”

The only thing I marvel at more than these events is the supine, submissive, complacent student body who allow this total suppression of their liberties to take place. Next thing you know, they’ll march in protest of their right to free speech. sheesh. We’ve got big trouble coming folks…..these kids are going to put down the tide pods soon and seek positions of power.